Note Card Mailers

Note cards are a highly effective form of direct mail marketing for business. Wilson Printing USA specializes in this type of direct mail and offers turnkey programs, graphic design, printing and mailing services. We can also help you get a list of qualified prospects for your business to mail the cards to.

The reason note card mailers work so well is because they do not look like a direct mail piece, but more like a personal invitation.

Note card mailers are particularly effective for business-to-business marketing programs if you are trying to reach the decision makers who have people screening the junk mail out, so it never reaches the person you are trying to target.

They also work well for consumer marketing programs for the same reason; they come in the mail looking like an invitation or announcement card and they get noticed, opened and read.

These mailers are simple and come in the mail looking like an announcement card.

You can mail them using a 3 x 5 insert card or just by themselves.  The insert card gives you extra room for special offers. Or you can simply insert your business card for future reference.

We can even print your cards so they look handwritten or by using a handwritten font to make them personal.

The note cards come in 2 standard sizes 4 x 6 and 5 x 7 fold-over cards and come in two basic styles, personal note card or holiday themed cards.

There are several holidays throughout the year, which depending on your business, can give you an extra bang for your advertising buck. Below is a list of opportunities you have throughout the year to send out a person note:

  • Valentines Day Cards
  • Spring Cards
  • Mothers Day Cards
  • Fathers Day Cards
  • Memorial Day Cards
  • 4th of July Cards
  • Fall cards
  • Thanksgiving Cards
  • Christmas Cards
  • Holiday Cards
  • New Years Cards

We could also get mailing list of people with birthdays in a month and mail birthday cards as well.

A Wilson Printing USA marketing consultant can help you select the exact type of mailing needed to generate a flow of qualified prospects for your business.

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