Types of Dental Postcards

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Postcard marketing for dental offices has been a staple for many practices for years. What types of dental postcards are best for your practice? The answer to that depends on what goal you have for your practice.

Most practices use postcards to acquire new patients. Postcards are inexpensive and allow you to target your best patients.

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The two ways to target your dental postcard mailer:

  1. By geography. A few years ago the US Post Office came out with Every Door Direct Mail or EDDM as it is commonly referred to. EDDM allows you to target prospective patients living close to your practice. The benefits of EDDM are that you do not need a mailing list, the postage is cheap usually .17 – .18 cents per card and you can mail up to a 8.5 x 14 postcard for that postage. It is a very affordable way to market your dental practice.
  2. Targeted mailing list. If you have a specialty practice or you want to target a specific age, income or demographic group, such as senior or people who just moved to the area, a postcard mailer with a targeted mailing list is your best bet. The benefits are obvious, you can target exactly who you want. You will need a mailing list and if a company like Wilson Printing handles the mailing, we can get the postage down to .26 – .27 cents per postcard for you.

Aren’t postcard mailers old school, why are you suggesting them? You’re correct, they are old school. The first postcard was mailed in the US over 200 years ago. The reason postcards are recommended for dental marketing is that they work! Postcards are easy to use, easy to track and get noticed. Something you can’t say for 21st digital and Internet marketing.

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