Final Check List for Having a Successful Home Show Booth

Now it is the day of the home show, are you ready? The following is a final checklist for your home show booth: 1. Neatness counts. Make sure your display is organized and tidy; customers will be turned off by…

Best Booth Set Up to BOOM Your Sales from Home Shows and Trade Shows

Home shows, events and trade shows are a great way to market your business to a specific public. How you have your booth set up and how you work the public that come to your booth is the difference between…

How to Get More Sales Directly from Home Shows and Trade Shows

Participating in a home show or trade show usually involves considerable investment finance, materials and time.Most business people don’t go into a home show or trade show as a vendor with the goal that they are going lose money…

How to Hit a Moving Target with Direct Mail

Does it ever seem that you are trying to hit a moving target when it comes to advertising your business? There are so many ways to advertise your business—television, radio, magazines, direct mail, the Internet not to mention newspaper billboards.…

How to Save Money & Time by Marketing Your Small Business with a Newsletter

Is publishing a printed newsletter an old fashion way to market? Isn’t printing and mailing a newsletter going to be too expensive? What would I put in my business’s newsletter? People probably won’t read it anyway and I would waste…

ABC’s of Increasing Your Sales

Whether you are a retail automotive store selling your wares to the general public, a real estate agent, pest control company or selling business to business there is a basic technology to increasing sales during a recession. The following are…

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