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    Tips for Door Hanger Marketing in the Digital Age

    Almost thirty years ago, when the first personal computers were being sold, the experts said that PC’s would eliminate the need for paper and printed materials. In fact, PC’s created the need for more paper. Now they are saying in this new digital age that for sure you can eliminate paper and print.

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    It may be true in some instances, but nothing is more intrusive than print marketing. Direct mail and door hangers put your company’s material 100% of the time in the hands of prospective customers. There are no spam filter/blockers and email delivery problems in the mailbox or on the doorstep. And BAM your prospect has your door hanger and with it your message DIRECTLY in their hands.

    Door Hangers Offer Better Targeting

    You can target service areas and maximize income by eliminating drive time. For industries like HVAC, pest control, landscaping and lawn care, alarm and home security and other similar type industries door hangers offer a way maximize income.

    The Five-By-Five Door Hanger Marketing Strategy

    The five-by-five door hanger marketing strategy consists of marketing in the area or neighborhood your company is currently working in. When your service personnel have finished working in a neighborhood, they take 15 minutes and distribute door hangers to five homes on either side of house they just serviced. This allows you build service areas and saturate customer visits in a particular area. Your service people are not making money when they are driving to a customers house, so by having multiple customers in neighborhood they can service more customers in one day.

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    How to Incentivize the Distribution of Your Door Hangers

    One of the complaints I hear from business owners is that they cannot get service employees to go out and hang door hangers. The way to get employees to distribute door hangers is to give them an incentive to do so. For example, design the door hangers so that there is a space in which the employee can write their name. When a prospect calls in from the door hanger the employee passed out, give them a cash reward—let’s say $10—and if the customer buys, give the employee $50 cash. Of course you would have to adjust the reward based on your industry, but this is a very effective way to get your door hangers distributed. At every staff meeting be sure to praise and reward employees for passing out the door hangers. This will get everyone’s attention and put the proper emphasis on the importance of distributing door hangers to help promote and grow the business.

    A Note on Design of Your Door Hangers

    You have as much time as you do with a direct mail postcard as you do with a door hanger to get the attention of the prospect. They prospect needs to be able to look at your door hanger and see instantly what is in it for him. A strong headline with a compelling special and a buy now offer is vital.

    Also, be sure to include a QR code on your door hanger. QR codes allow you take advantage of smart phone shoppers and direct them to a landing page on your website. Another way to combine digital and print marketing on door hangers is to lead customers to your social media pages with QR codes. Give prospects an incentive to “like” or “follow” you on Facebook and Twitter.

    Vital Information on Cost of Door Hangers

    Never has it been more affordable to print full color door hangers than in the digital age. With full color, digital printing you can create and print door hangers in quantities as low as a couple hundred to thousands. The most common sizes of door hangers are the standard 3.5 x 8.5 or the jumbo 4 x 11. Keeping with these two sizes you can save money on your printing and promotional costs.

    ©2005-2018 Mark Hale, All Rights Reserved


    Types of Brochures for Small Business Marketing

    Attract, Convert, Retain Business Concept

    In today’s fast paced society people still buy on impulse, but generally are more informed than ever before. The Internet has made it easier than ever for people to research companies, products, prices and service history of hundreds of businesses before they buy. What this means to your business is that you definitely need to have a website and some form of Internet marketing, but it also means you need to be prepared to follow-up more often and even better than ever before.

    Need Help Creating a Custom Brochure or Booklet? Click Here!

    The modern buying cycle consists of:

    1. The prospect gets an idea that they want or need something. The idea could be caused from a TV or magazine ad, a direct mail postcard they get in the mail, or even a friend referring a product or service.
    2. They now have a mild interest in your company.
    3. They go online and look up your company from the advertising you sent them.
    4. They also look for other companies who might sell the same thing.
    5. They call or send you an email wanting more information or prices. (They also call or email your competitors.)
    6. You either have something to send them or you don’t. (You can assume that your competition is going to send them something that looks nice.)
    7. The prospect will decide usually based on a feeling more than a logical reason as to which company they are going to buy from.

    10 common mistakes in brochures ebook


    10 Common Mistakes and Pitfalls Made On Brochures!

      Having a professionally designed brochure can be the make-or-break part of the sales cycle. Knowing what type of brochure you need in order to promote your products and services is critical to turning your prospects into paying customers (and also saving you money on printing costs).

      Want to See Brochure Samples? Click Here.

      The Leave Behind Brochure

      This type of brochure is designed to be left behind after meeting a potential customer. This brochure’s content has informationVet Brochure Sample about your company and product and might contain success stories from other customers you have serviced. You will want to include the reasons why your company is the best choice and the benefits of doing business with your company. Generally the leave behind brochure is a broad-brush stroke of your business and products by design. You want the content and design to pull the buyer into the buying cycle.

      The leave behind brochure is generally used for the prospect that is mildly interested. They are also good handouts for trade shows and other high traffic areas where you can hand out brochures to hundreds of people at a time. The leave behind brochure’s print and paper quality will be the least expensive because the intention is to pass them out like tissue paper.

      The Point-of-Sale Brochure
      The point-of-sale brochure is designed to cross sell different products and services you offer. Banks and financial institutions have brought the concept of point-of-sale brochure to a highly effective state. When you walk into a bank, you will see various well-placed racks with an assortment of brochures promoting specific financial services that bank offers.

      Optometry/Ophthalmology Brochure Sample

      The idea is that you have the person already in your store and they may have previously purchased or used your product or service. The logic is since they have already bought from you, they are also potential buyers for other products or services you offer. This type of brochure should be called the up-sell brochure because that is exactly what they are designed to do. The point-of-sale brochure will help you to maximize sales from your current customers.

      The point-of-sale brochure is designed to attract attention and create interest from prospects and current customers. They can be built around presenting a problem and demonstrating your solutions to that problem the customer may have. Your goal is to generate curiosity in the prospect so the pick up the brochure to read about it.

      Brochure Self-Mailers

      This type of brochure is designed to mail without an envelope. It can be the same as leave behind or point-of-sale brochure, but the self-mailer brochure is designed to be mailed.

      You may consider that you can use your website as a type of brochure and save money on printing costs. This is true to a certain extent. After all, your website is a kind of brochure and depending on your level of web expertise it might work for you. The challenge is the amount of competition that is on the Internet. It can be easy for your company to get lost in the competition clutter.

      In order to grow your business, you need to get hundreds of people calling or walking into your business. Sending them a printed brochure by mail allows your company to stand out from your competition and pull the prospects attention away from competing products. A well designed and printed, full color brochure will allow you to sell more of what you sell because you are putting something real in there hands to help them make the buying decision.

      Click Here for Brochure Pricing

      There is the belief that people tend to lie on the Internet and do not trust what they find as much as something that is printed, real and directly in their hands. If you have a sales team making calls to prospective customers, printed brochures and sales materials are a vital necessity to your business.

      Printing full color brochures is not very expensive to do in this day and age. Our graphic designers at Wilson Printing USA can help you design the type of brochure you need to expand and grow your business.

      The Death of the Unique Selling Proposition

      Unique Selling Benefit

      I’m going to make a bold statement. When it comes to advertising your small business I think you are frustrated, feel that you have been BS’d, taken advantage of and feel that you have wasted your hard earned money on postcard mailers, direct mail letters, television ads, and radio ads that did not work! Does that about sum it up?

      Part if the reason you have had that experience is that when it comes to advertising and marketing everyone has an opinion, which is usually based on false information that is outdated and in incorrect.

      One of these outdated points is the concept of a Unique Selling Proposition. I’m sure you have read books or attended marketing seminars where the speaker stands up on a stage and with the pitch and presence of a Baptist preacher on Easter Sunday he tells you that if you are going to successfully market your business today that you have to have a “Unique Selling Proposition.” Horse hocky! This advice was outdated and unworkable 20 years ago, especially in today’s fast paced Internet age.

      What is an USP? “The unique selling proposition (USP) or unique selling point is a marketing concept first proposed as a theory to explain a pattern in successful advertising campaigns of the early 1940s. The USP states that such campaigns made unique propositions to the customer that convinced them to switch brands.” Theodore Levitt, a professor at Harvard Business School, said that, “differentiation is one of the most important strategic and tactical activities in which companies must constantly engage.”

      The term USP goes back to a time when selling and marketing revolved around the “sales pitch.” Today, having and using a sales pitch does not work and with it, the concept of having and promoting a USP (pitch) does not work.The Death of The Unique Selling Proposition

      Why? People are over advertised to, they are “pitched” from the time they wake up until the time they go to bed. They block out 99% of the pitches they hear because they are not interested in being pitched. What your customers and prospects want is honest information and enlightenment about solutions to problems they have. A wise marketer presents these solutions as the benefit of doing business with his company.

      We are now in the era of the Unique Selling Benefit or USB. If you want your advertising and marketing to be effective it has to be focused on selling the solutions to the problems your customers have. You should enlighten and present solutions to the buyer by showing the benefits of your product or service. Actually this is not a new concept, the majority of the effective USP’s of years past were built around solutions to problems.

      Nowhere is having a USB more important that in direct mail marketing. We create a lot of direct mail campaigns for many different types of businesses. The direct mail campaigns that are most effective are built around presenting solutions to problems. Campaigns that use the outdated concept of Unique Selling Proposition almost always fail.

      How do you come up with a USB for your business?

      First look at what problem your customer is trying to solve with your product or service? Problems can be broken down in three major categories:

      • Freedom from
      • Avoidance of (usually pain)
      • Gaining of (more pleasure)

      A USB is phrase that simply and clearly explains how your business provides the solution to the problem of freedom from, avoidance of pain or the gaining of more pleasure.

      McDonald’s, back in the late 80s, ran an ad campaign with the USB that said “You deserve a break today” The tag line hit at the heart of what McDonald’s was offering, which was and is the freedom from having to cook and the pleasure of dinning with family and friends.

      Four steps to developing a USB for your business:

      1. Identify what problems your customers are trying to solve.

      Make a list of problems your customers want to solve. Talk to your customers and ask them what they most like about doing business with your company. Along about the 30th customer you talk to you will start to see a common thread of a solution of a common problem.

      For example, we have a client who owns a dental practice who did a brilliant job of building his business around a USB. The name of the business is the “Walk In Dental Clinic.” The USB they use is “We are open when you need us. No appointment necessary just walk in.” Other dental offices close at 6:00pm, while this dentist stays open until 9:00pm and is open on weekends. The problem he is solving is the inconvenience of going to the dentist. So Dental Walk In Clinic is there for your convenience.

      1. Choose a problem your company solves and brain storm a USB – benefit.

      From your list of problems your company solves, identify which is most important to the customer. You may have to do a follow-up survey to find out exactly. Then write a statement that promotes the solution as your unique benefit.

      1. Write your USB

      The key to writing a good USB is to clearly state the solution to the problem the customer wants to solve. It usually is a good idea to conduct a survey with some of your customers and prospects in order to get feedback about your USB. You want to make sure it communicates to them and that what it communicates is important to them.

      1. Make your USB known – PROMOTE!

      Now that you have an USB for your business, it is time to let people know about it. Make sure the marketing material you use is built around your USB. Every piece builds on the solution to the problem you solve, it educates, it enlightens AND it sells your USB.

      Our marketing representatives can help your create marketing support materials the help present and position your USB. The important thing is that all your materials have a uniform look, everything from your letterhead, business cards, brochures, booklets and pocket folders to direct mail, postcards to magazine and internet ads.

      Need a Quote? Click Here.

      ©2005-2014 Mark Hale, All Rights Reserved

      New Automated Direct Mail Campaigns for Dental Practices

      New Automated Direct Mail Campaigns For Dental PracticesThe Fast, Easy & Affordable Way to Grow Your Dental Practice!

      Do you want a more profitable dental practice?  There is a fast and easy way for you to grow your dental practice. The cornerstone of a prosperous dental practice is having a mechanism in place that consistently delivers new patients to your door. If you have enough new patients moving into your service lines you can grow your practice. Without a new patient marketing program the laws of attrition will grind you and your practice down to the ground.

      Combine Google & Social Media With Your Postcard Mailer, Learn More!

      The law of attrition states that every year you will naturally lose patients, patients will move away, patients will die or one of your staff will upset them and they will find a new dentist. Whatever it is, you will lose patients and there is little you can do about losing them. Some years your attrition might be as high as 30% – 40%. Other years it might only be 15% – 20%.

      The only thing you can do to counter attrition to out create it by creating new stream of new patients coming in that is bigger than what have lost through attrition.

      Is your practice being affected by attrition?

      To find out, take the test below by answering yes or no:

      • Does your sales have very high peaks followed by steep valleys?
      • Do you have times of the year that are very slow?
      • Are your sales flat from last year to this year?
      • Do you feel your revenues are unpredictable?
      • Does it feel like it is too hard to make the money you need from your dental practice?

      If you answered “yes” to 3 of the 5 questions above, your either do not have a consistent new patient marketing program in place or you need a more effective new patient marketing program for your dental practice.

      We have helped many, many dental practices get off the patient roller coaster using a program the U.S. Postal Service came out with a few years ago. The program is called Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) and with this program your practice can mail a jumbo postcard for just 17 cents postage.

      Why does EDDM work so well for dental practices? Well, because around most dental practices there are thousands of people who live and work and the good news is…THEY ALL HAVE TEETH! Up until the EDDM program was released, your choice was to buy an expensive mailing list and the cheapest postage you could get was 27 – 28 cents for standard bulk postage.

      Click Here for Pricing on a Dental New Patient Program

      EDDM is a good choice for dental practices because you can mail based on your budget. Wilson Printing USA will design and print a targeted postcard and even handle the mailing for you. The important thing is that you be consistent.

      Our automated Dental Practice Program will put your practice on an upward path so you can beat attrition. We will help you put your new patient acquisition on automatic so you can do what you do best—treat patients.

      The program is simple, we sit down with you, work out a new patient marketing budget that makes sense for where you want your sales to be. We develop the creative design, print and handle the mailing for you. We also have available simple to use tracking sheets and 800# tracking numbers so you can see how many calls and how your staff is converting the calls to patient visits. This is a vital part of our program because the best marketing program can fall on its head if staff members do not handle the new callers properly. The program is tailored to your practice and goes from simply generating new patient leads, to tracking where the patient leads are coming from, to new patient welcome kits. It is up to you how far it goes.

      Our new patient program is turn key and affordable. If you would like more information click here and schedule a time to talk to one of our marketing representatives.

      ©2005-2014 Mark Hale, All Rights Reserved

      How to Get More Prospects to Read Your Brochure, Not Trash It!

      A recent study showed that up to 75% of traditional sales brochures wind up in the trashcan. There can be many reasons for this, but the most common reason involves some form of error in targeting, for example:

      How to Get More Prospects to Read Your Brochure, Not Trash It

      • The brochure incorrectly targeted content information,
      • The brochure was sent to the wrong public, or
      • The brochure was used for the incorrect purpose.

      Click Here For More Information On Creating An Effective Business Brochure!

      Many brochures are written and designed by folks who are creative and articulate, but ironically have never personally sold anything. The full color brochure looks great, but does not effectively sell the product or service. At the end of the day, a full color brochure for a business is a sales tool. If it does not cause someone to want to buy something or at least want more information it is a waste of money.

      10 common mistakes in brochures ebook


      10 Common Mistakes and Pitfalls Made On Brochures!

        A marketing brochure for a small business has two basic purposes:

        • One, is to generate leads, and
        • Two, is to help close interested prospects.

        These two purposes should not be mixed in the same brochure. Trying to combine these purposes to save money has caused many businesses’ brochure to end up in the trash. The reason is that the brochure usually ends up with too much information and becomes burdensome to read.

        Need Help Creating A Custom Brochure? Click Here!

        The Lead Generating Brochure

        The first purpose of generating a lead is you have to sell the idea of AND the need of what you sell.

        By design, this type of brochure always creates a sort of mystery sandwich for the prospect causing him to want reach for more information. The main goal is to get the attention of your prospect and cause him to reach for more information.

        A lead generating marketing brochure purposely leaves the reader with more questions than answers. What happens when a person has a question? They reach for answers.

        The Closing Interested Prospects Brochure

        The second type of brochure has the purpose of helping to close the prospect. It provides the answers to questions, builds creditability and validates claims. This type of brochure is designed as a tool to help your sales team close the customer or to reinforce claims made by your company. There is an adage that says if it is not written – it is not true. People tend to believe what they see in print. 

        *A special note here—the information on your website does not count as print. Due to the nature of the Internet, people tend to believe less of what they see on the Internet. The feeling people have is that people lie on the Internet all the time. Anyone can create a webpage and call it truth.

        Keeping in mind the two purposes above, the effectiveness of your brochure will depend on the message it contains and how well that message is written.

        Step 1: Knowing your prospect is the first step to creating an effective marketing brochure.Heating & Air Brochure Sample

        What problem are they solving with your product or service? What are the benefits of doing business with your company?

        Step 2: Keep your purpose true.

        Keeping in mind the two different purposes, what type of brochure are you creating? Is it to generate a lead or to help close interested prospects?

        If you intend your brochure to be a lead generating piece then you would focus on the problem the customer would be wanting to solve with 85% of the copy content. After presenting the problem you would say something to the effect of, “There is a low cost solution to this problem. We have helped others solve this problem.”

        This brochure would also contain the ten points of an ad such as headline, color, call to action buttons and a strong offer. You have to make a strong offer that gives them a reason to call you now.

        The brochure that is intended to generate a lead would usually be printed on less expensive paper. The idea is to keep the cost down because you are going to pass the brochure out like it’s tissue paper. Full color printing is a good idea because you can use color to help pull the eye in and sell your message.

        The lead generating brochure has the purpose of generating leads so it would be the one you would pass out at trade shows or home shows for example. You would use them wherever you had exposure to a lot of people. The lead generating brochure is made for giving out to people with a mild or passing interest or otherwise known as Tire Kickers.

        Looking For Free Brochure Samples To Get More Ideas? Click Here!

        If you intend on using the brochure as a closing tool with your interested prospects then you would focus more on the benefits of your product or service with the intention of answering questions and validating their decision for buying.

        You would still touch on the problem the customer wants to solve, but most of the content is answering common objections and validating their buying decision. People want to be right in the decisions they make and anything you can give them that demonstrates that they are making the right decision is vital in closing the sale.

        This type of brochure might be printed on nicer paper in full color and maybe a larger size. You would invest a little more money on this type of marketing brochure because it is used in the sales cycle to close the sale. You want to give the impression that your business is established so quality counts. You would also be distributing less of this type of brochure overall.

        Creating an effective brochure is much easier when you have clearly defined your purpose. Wilson Printing USA can help you create a brochure to help you increase your leads and close more deals.