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    10 Easy Tricks To Make Business Brochures Effective

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    What will make your business brochures more effective?

    The following are 10 powerful techniques that will improve the look and effectiveness of the sales literature you provide your customers.

    Brochures have been used by businesses to sell products for decades, yet most brochures designed for business are ineffective.

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    Every piece of sales literature a small business sends out leaves an impression on your prospects. Your sales literature either gives the impression of competence and professionalism or it leaves the impression of a small-time operation and possible incompetence. Your prospects and customers will make a value judgment about your business based simply on what they see. If they have in hand a nice full color, professionally designed brochure from your competition and your brochure that was designed by your wife on Microsoft Publisher or PowerPoint, which one do you think will give a better first impression?

    So, what can you do to make your business brochure stand out and more importantly make it effective? By effective, I mean the result of selling your products and services. The following are eleven important tricks of creating powerful sales literature and brochures:

    1. Create from the reader’s point-of-view. Before you sit down and slap together a brochure, spend some time to look at the end user. Who are you trying to influence with the brochure? Why would they want to buy your product? What is in it for them to have your product? What are the problems your product or service can solve for them? In the end, people have an interest in your product based on what they need and want. If you are not sure exactly what they want, ask them the above questions and find out.

    2. Plan your brochure so that it communicates to the reader. Before you can communicate to the reader, you have to get their attention. This can be done with graphics & the wording of the brochure. Then ask yourself what will create interest with your reader? What can you say that will make them desire your product and finally how do you what them to respond?

    3. Avoid being cliché. Keep the focus on how your product helps the prospect. If you have some feature about your business always tie it to a benefit that the prospect will get from using your product. Avoid saying things like “conveniently located”, “in business for 50 years” and for god’s sake, do not put a photo of your building on the cover of the brochure, unless some how your building is of some benefit to the reader. Most people do not care, which leads me to my next point.

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    4. Everyone listens to one radio station, WII-FM. Another acronym for WHAT’S IN IT – FOR ME. Your customers and prospects aren’t really interested in your company or products. They are interested in the benefits they will receive from owning your products. To get their attention, your brochure should focus on the benefits they will enjoy by making a purchase from you. Here is an example to illustrate this point; last year Home Depot sold one million ¼-inch drill bits. None of the people who bought these ¼-inch drill bits wanted to buy a drill bit. They all wanted a ¼ hole. They bought the benefit of having a ¼ drill bit.

    5. The headline you choose is the single most important element of your brochure. When the average person sees a piece of promo, a postcard, brochure, the reader takes less than 2 seconds to glance at the cover of a brochure and decide whether or not it is worth it to read the rest of the brochure. The purpose of your headline is to grab attention and to create enough of a mystery that the reader desires for more information. If your headline or graphics on the cover of your brochure are boring, few recipients will bother opening it.

    6. Continue to use benefit-oriented subheadings inside your brochure. Our society has ADD and people tend to quickly scan over promo materials. So once you’ve gotten the brochure recipient to open the brochure, the next thing they’ll do is quickly scan the subheadings inside the brochure. Use these inside subheadings to hold their attention, and move them through the copy.

    7. Call-to-action is the second most important element of your brochure. You have to tell them what you want them to do after reading the brochure. After you interest the reader in what you sell, you have to direct them to take the next step. Tell them exactly what they need to do to acquire your product. Do not just assume they’ll look for your phone number and call or search out your website.

    8. The third most important element of your brochure – the buy now offer. Unless it is an emergency, people are procrastinators. If you do not offer them an incentive to call you now, they will throw your brochure in a pile to get to later. A buy now can be as simple as an extra discount, a bonus offer or some sort of giveaway. IMPORTANT: always include and expiration date for your offer. You don’t want to give them forever to respond, you want the business now. So tell them what’s in it for them to buy from you now.

    9. Do not make it difficult to respond. Your business name, phone number and website URL should be listed in several places on your brochure. I suggest having your phone number somewhere on every page of your brochure. Smart phones will account for 75% of web traffic in the next three years so it is a good idea to include a QR code that takes people directly to your product page or product reviews. The majority of buyers today will go online and check the reputation of a business or check reviews for product quality before they buy. Using a QR code to link to a review site or to link to a social media page will help your buyer make his decision.

    10. Hire a professional to design your brochure. Graphic design is not as easy as you think. Graphic design is a specific skill set that involves mastery of combining several elements and techniques. Eye trail, color balance, combining fonts with graphic elements to compelling headlines and call-to-action buttons that all come together to create the finished product of a full color brochure that will make your business look like it’s in the Fortune 500.

    10 common mistakes in brochures ebook


    10 Common Mistakes and Pitfalls Made On Brochures!

      You have invested time to pull the elements of your brochure together. Do not waste it because you do not have the specific skill sets and design software to put it over the top in professionalism and effectiveness.

      Is it time to update your sales and marketing literature? Make the first impression prospects have of your company a good one. Mind blowing sales material will have a positive effect on your sales give us a call at 727-536-4173.


      The Marketing One-Two Punch for Small Businesses—Handwritten Note Card Mailers

      Blue paper envelope in handsThis morning I had 200 emails in my inbox and 180 of them had nothing to do with business. As you may have noticed we are a heavily advertised to society. Most of the marketing that is sent out by most businesses is electronic (aka paperless), which is ignored. As a result, it is getting more and more difficult to cut through the clutter and get a response.

      A growing number of businesses are experiencing problems in getting their message to prospects and customers. The amount of Internet advertising traffic, flashing banners, competitive websites and spam emails is just plain noise! This makes it difficult for interested prospects to find you. The amount of noise on the Internet makes the main drag in Las Vegas look like small town USA. I am not suggesting that you do not advertised on the web. What I am saying is the web is part of your answer, not the total answer.

      Combine Google & Social Media With Your Postcard Mailer, Learn More!

      The question is, how do you cut through the advertising clutter and get noticed?

      The solution is to market in a way your competitors are not. That way is to include a Note Card Mailer in your mix. A Note Card Mailer gets noticed and gets a response.

      The Note Card Mailers we create for our clients have a handwritten note with a 3 x 5 insert card enclosed within the mailer.

      The card comes in the mail and it does not look like junk mail—it looks like and invitation or personal note from a friend—so the card gets opened and read. The secret weapon with this mailer is the insert card, which drops out of the mailer and gets read as well. It is very effective at getting the attention of your prospects or customers.

      Note Card Mailers bypass all the competition on the Internet and goes directly into the hands of your prospects.

      Looking for Pricing on a Note Card Mailer? Click Here

      What Do I Say in a Note Card Mailer?

      It is important that the message is personal and directed to a need. For example an insurance company did a message like this.

      The note card sets the mood and plants a seed that maybe they should look at their current coverage. The insert card would be used to deliver the product information. The handwritten Note Card Mailer is a very effective direct mail piece. The insert card would be designed much like a mini postcard, including all the elements like strong headline, special offer and a call-to-action.

      What Types of Businesses Would a Note Card mailer Be Effective For?

      • B-2-B Marketing: Any business that markets to other businesses. Note Card Mailers are very effective at getting around the gatekeeper and into the hands of the decision maker.
      • HVAC Marketing: to sell new AC Units or to sell maintenance agreements.
      • New Car Sales: market to customers who bought a car three or more years ago. You already have a relationship, you just need to get through. Also very effective for marketing the service department.
      • Dental Practice New Patient Marketing: few things are as effective as a hand written note from the doctor to get new patients to arrive.
      • Chiropractors: This mailer is very effective at reactivating former patients.
      • Plumbing and Home Service Business: Much the same as the HVAC. Personal Note Card Mailers cut through the clutter and get the attention of the homeowner.
      • Home Remodeling Business: Note Card Mailers allow you to promote specific products to specific customers.
      • Insurance Agencies. Nothing is more effective than a handwritten note from your agent.
      • Pest Control. Cuts through clutter and delivers a reason for prospect to call. Also is a great recovery tool to mail to former clients.

      These are just a few of the business types that have benefited from this type of direct mail piece.

      If you are looking for a way to cut through the marketing clutter and generate results for your business you should call us about a handwritten Note Card Mailer. They work.

      ©2005-2014 Mark Hale, All Rights Reserved.

      What is a Legal Practice Portfolio?

      Young lawyer, insurance agent or attorney working in his officeWhat is the biggest challenge you have as a Lawyer? Is it winning a case? Or is it getting the new client to represent?

      There is a balance between time spent on casework and time spent acquiring new clients to represent. As I am sure you understand, if you want to grow your practice both of these things are vital.

      I want to share with you a tool that will save you time on the front end of getting new clients. That tool is a Legal Practice Portfolio.

      For most attorneys, winning the case is important, but before you can win a case and get a judgment, you have to find and sign up a new client. Acquiring new clients can be time consuming and expensive. First, you have to find someone who needs your service; then, you have to educate them about your firm, your services and how you can help them; and lastly, sign them up as a client.

      The cornerstone of signing new clients is trust. Trust is purely based on emotion. A new client has to trust that you can do what you say you can do before they will sign with your firm.

      As an attorney, as I am sure you are very aware that you have more direct competition than almost any other business type. Because of this, people are skeptical and are concerned about getting the best representation. The printed materials you give your prospective clients will either contribute to building trust or tear it down.

      A Legal Practice Portfolio will help you build trust by enlightening your prospective new client on your areas of expertise. It will also save you time in the process. And best of all a Legal Practice Portfolio is very affordable.

      What Should You Include in Your Legal Practice Portfolio?

      • Inside the Legal Practice Portfolio, there is usually a bio of the attorney or attorneys.
      • A section on the areas of practice specialty.
      • Any awards or recognition you may have received.
      • It is also a good idea to have a commonly asked question section as well. This will save you time in answering questions and also will allow you to educate your prospective clients.
      • You should also have a section with some of the verdicts you have won.

      It does not cost a lot of money to have nice and professionally designed and printed Legal Practice Portfolios. If you want to expand your practice a Legal Practice Portfolio is a vital part of the tools you have at your disposal.

      • Do you want a tool that will help you take your practice to the next level?
      • Do you want a way to close more new clients on your service?
      • Do you need a tool that will save your time educating prospective new clients?
      • Do you want a way to stand apart from your competition?

      A Legal Practice Portfolio will help you do all of the above. We have a team of graphic artists who will help you develop the look and feel that represents you and your firm. Our state-of-the-art printing facility will help print the highest quality. Get started today – call Wilson Printing USA.

      Click Here to Get a Free Sample of a Practice Portfolio

      ©2005-2014 Mark Hale, All Rights Reserved.

      Should I Hire a Copywriter For My Brochure?

      Should I Hire a Copywriter For My Brochure?Should I Hire a Copywriter For My Brochure?

      This is a good question and the answer is one of two; one, expertise and know-how and two, the time.

      Copywriting is a different skill set from graphic design. Copywriters use words to create interest and invoke action. A graphic designer takes the words a copywriter writes and arranges them with art and graphic elements so that the materials attracts attentions and is pleasing to the eye.

      Need Help Creating A Brochure? Click Here!

      You may very well be able to write your own copy and save the expense of hiring a copywriter, but unless you know what you are doing and have the time to do it you would be advised to hire someone to help.

      The copywriting always comes before the graphic design. The simplicity of copywriting is being able to look at a product or service and identify the benefits of owning it, and then describing those benefits using a combination of words that make a person want the product or service. The words you use in your brochure are every bit as important as the photos and other graphic elements.

      There is such a thing as “word pictures”. The phrases used should create mental images in the mind of the prospect. If the copy you write invokes the imagination, your piece will be very effective.

      10 common mistakes in brochures ebook


      10 Common Mistakes and Pitfalls Made On Brochures!

        Common errors in copywriting are as follows:

        1. Writing over the head of the reader using nomenclature that the layman cannot easily understand. This is particularly a trap if your industry has buzzwords. Just because you know what if means does not mean the reader will.
        2. Using too many words. If your copy is too long, too detailed, and/or too descriptive your reader will not read it.
        3. Trying to sell too many ideas in one brochure. Often in an effort to save money, business owners will try to include everything they do or sell in one brochure. The end effect is that the brochure is confusing to the reader or has too much data and as a result, the reader loses interest in the brochure.

        Wilson Printing USA employs copywriters, as well as, top-notch graphic artists. This allows us to create marketing materials for you that are effective.

        Looking For Pricing For Your Brochure?

        ©2005-2014 Mark Hale, All Rights Reserved.

        What Do I Put in a New Customer Welcome Pack?

        Depending on the value and the opportunity for repeat or ongoing service your “Welcome Pack” can be a great way to build a new client relationship.

        In life sometimes it’s the simple things that can make a difference. A “Welcome Pack” can say something very specific about you and the type of relationship that you want to establish and maintain with your clients.

        Click Here For More Information On Creating a Custom Welcome Kit

        Welcome Packs for Businesses

        What Are the Benefits of Customer Welcome Packs?

        The benefits of giving a Welcome Pack to a new client include:
        • Creating a positive first impression for the customer in a way that helps manage a good perception of your business.
        • Provides a mechanism to cross promote other services.
        • Gives you a way of presenting useful information to them that they can store in a convenient and accessible way (including your terms and conditions, etc.)
        • Depending on the contents of your Welcome Pack, they give you a way of keeping your company name “front-of-mind”.
        • Welcome Packs can also help to differentiate you from your competition.
        • A Welcome Pack can be an inexpensive and practical way to help start a new client relationship.

        What is a New Customer Welcome Pack?

        A New Customer Welcome Pack can be many things. It can be as simple as a tabbed presentation file folder with flyers and other relevant information. On a more extravagant scale they can include gadgets, trinkets, note pads and pens as well as other relevant information.

        New Customer Welcome Packs help you to build your company brand with a new customer. The important thing is that your New Customer Welcome Pack communicates something about the nature of the relationship that you want to establish with the customer and is aligned with any of your key values—such as “high quality” for example.

        Need Pricing For Your Welcome Pack?

        As a point on quality, I have seen a business that is selling a quality product that wants to be known as the quality provider in their industry, but they will include a cheap pen or other cheap gadgets in their welcome packs. What does a cheap pen communicate about that business? If you include gadgets and trinkets in your Welcome Packs, you have to invest a little money to get a little better quality.

        After spending a little time thinking about what image they wanted to build about their business, this business finally came up with a Welcome Pack that consisted of the following:
        • A high quality, leather-look zip folder that is branded on the outside with their company logo and contains a branded notepad with a space to hold business cards and a pen.
        • A flash drive with their logo on it, which also had their terms and conditions and a few other relevant documents pre-loaded on it.
        • A stainless steel clock and barometer that was branded with their logo.

        Obviously this company was selling a larger ticket item and it made sense to spend a little more money on premium items for their Welcome Pack. Your New Customer Welcome Pack does not need to be as extravagant as the example company mentioned above. With any New Customer Welcome Pack you would want to include branded items that will give the customer something that they can use and see on a regular basis.

        How Much Should I Spend on a New Customer Welcome Pack?

        A good rule of thumb is you should invest 7% – 10% of the value of first year’s revenue you would receive from that new customer. Depending on your circumstances (in terms of the relationship, the product or service and the life time value of a new customer) you might choose to spend more or less than this.

        We can help you put together the right combination of materials, gadgets and trinkets that make sense for your business and your budget.

        how to create a welcome kit guide

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        Quick And Easy Ways To Create A Welcome Packet!

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