How Can a Business Improve Customer Loyalty?

Every business has an interest in building customer loyalty. Repeat business is a huge benefit. Lets look at the types of customer loyalty a business can experience:The first type of customer loyalty is convenience. This type of customer loyalty…

Printed Brochures For Business…Old Fashion & Boring, Right?

In the digital age, are printed promotional materials a waste of time and money? Well, that really depends on your customers. Let me ask you this, when was the last time you FULLY read product information that was emailed to…

How Every Door Direct Mail Changed The Way Direct Marketers Market

If you want more customers for your business it’s time to go old school marketing, but with a twist. Sure, you have many ways you can advertise your business today. The Internet is obviously one way you can advertise, but…

Business Promotional Calendars For 2018

Here is a riddle for you: You see me every day, I sort of hang around. I never speak but always communicate. I track time but am timeless. What am I? The answer to that riddle is probably the most…

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