Corporate Identity – More Than a New Logo

The term “corporate identity” is thrown around by people who are usually trying to sell everything from website for businesses to promotional items. But what exactly is a “corporate identity”? A corporate identity is how the general public, your prospect…

How to Purchase a Direct Mailing List

The mailing list you buy is one of the most important elements of your direct mail program. A good list will make or break the results you get from your direct mailer. 1.  Be careful when buying from an online…

How To Get Better Quality Customers

What is your definition of “quality customers”? To some a quality customer means someone who can afford to pay for their services. To others it means a customer who actually needs what they are selling. To someone else it means…

How to Save Money on Catalog Printing

Catalogs and their first cousins, booklets, are an important tool for many businesses selling multiple product lines. There are usually two stumbling blocks for getting a catalog for a business printed:Time. It takes a considerable amount of time to…

How To Build A Fool Proof Dental Marketing Plan

When you started your dental practice you were aware that you needed new patients. You may have also had the idea that it might take a while to build the dental practice of your dreams. No matter how big you…

What Offer Works Best For Direct Mail

The offer you promote will play an important role in the success of your direct mail piece. If your offer is weak, your results will be weak. In coming up with an effective promotional direct mail offer, the basic stumbling…

The Basics of Direct Mail Marketing My Dental Practice

Direct mail for dental practices is simple and for it to be successful will depend on three things:The type of dental direct mail piece you mail. The content of your message. The quality of the mailing list you use.…

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