Corporate Identity – More Than a New Logo

The term “corporate identity” is thrown around by people who are usually trying to sell everything from website for businesses to promotional items. But what exactly is a “corporate identity”?

A corporate identity is how the general public, your prospect and customers, separate you from your competition. Another term that is thrown around is “brand”. A brand is a name, term, design, symbol or other feature that distinguishes one seller’s product from those of another’s. Your brand is part of your corporate identity, but it is not by itself your corporate identity.

You start building your brand with a logo. You logo should at-a-glance be memorable and communicate to your prospects and customers. Your logo will assign ownership of everything you produce and promote. You logo will establish colors and themes that tie all your materials together. Prospects will instantly identify your company and your reputation when they see your logo.

Corporate Identity

Once you have your logo, then you start building your printed collateral, such as sales brochures, printed catalogs, letterhead and business cards. Everything is designed with a theme and overall look. We call this a corporate identity package because everything looks similar and from the same company.

The following are elements of a corporate identity package:

Your Business Website. Your website is your digital storefront and today is vital part of your corporate identity. Prospect may receive a direct mail piece from you and if interested in your offer, in 85% of the cases, will look you up online. What does your current website say about your business? Does the look of it match the theme and overall look of the rest of your promotional materials? In an effort to save money, some business owners may have their son or brother in-law design a website for them. These sites usually look unprofessional and do not match any of their other materials. My suggestion is that you hire a professional company to build your website, as it is too important a piece to your corporate image. You can expect to pay on the low end $2000 to $6500 for a professional website, depending on your business and what you need.

Letterhead and envelopes — In the digital age you may not use a lot of letterhead, but you should still have some on hand for correspondence. Generally, a business’s letterhead should be professionally printed on a heavier text weight paper. Your business envelopes should be printed in full color. Today with digital printing, business envelopes & letterhead can come alive with full color for pennies apiece.

Pocket Presentation Folders — Depending on your business, pocket folders are an important part of your corporate image package. If you have sales people or technicians that give prospects written estimates, a professionally designed and printed pocket folder will separate you from your competitors.

Business cards — Business cards are literally one of the earliest forms of advertising and promotion. You can go with cheap business cards, but similar to your website, you should invest in getting quality business cards made. An essential part of your corporate identity, your business cards should be printed on a quality paper in full color

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Brochures —Brochures should be designed to support your overall theme and look. Brochures for business are important to have on hand because they help you cross sell products and services and to close prospects on service. They also make great follow up mailer for prospects that called or stopped by, but have not purchased yet. Corporate identity packages should include brochures because brochures are personal and effective.


Catalogs and booklets — Not all businesses need a catalog or booklet, but if you have multiple products and services that you offer, then they are important. A good graphic designer of catalogs and booklets can save you hundreds in printing costs. Someone unskilled in graphic design usually cannot design an effective catalog or booklet for a business. Using a company like ours can save you time and money in graphic design. The finished professional look will support your corporate identity and build your brand. So it is definitely worth the investment to hire a professional graphic designer.

Now that you know the basics of corporate identity and have a general idea of what a corporate identity package would consist of, you know the first step is to contact a professional print marketing company.

If you have any questions or need some help developing your corporate identity please give me a call, 727-536-4173.

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How to Purchase a Direct Mailing List

How to Purchase a Direct Mailing ListThe mailing list you buy is one of the most important elements of your direct mail program. A good list will make or break the results you get from your direct mailer.

 1.  Be careful when buying from an online source. A mailing list is something that you should buy from a company you know or were referred to. Many online mailing list providers sell stale mailing list. I say stale because they are old and not keep up-to-date. Sure the direct mail list may be cheap, but buying a mailing list is not something you should cut corners on.

2.  Do not buy a direct mail list from someone who resells unless that can demonstrate they are providing current data. The list we provide are refreshed and updated once a month so that we are providing the most accurate data possible. A lot of resellers in an effort to increase their profits only update their list data once a quarter and others once every six months.

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3.  Keep undeliverables low by running a NCOA on the list before mailing. Today people are fairly transient and can move easily. Running a National Change of Address (NCOA) will remove any additional undeliverable addresses before mailing.

4.  Know about the “selects” you use.  Selects are a mechanism by which we hone your list in directly to who you want to reach. Basic selects are age, income and area. You can also select new movers, or specific car owners for example. We have helped health companies target people with specific health ailments. The more you know about your target audience the more accurate the selects can be defined.

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A good direct mail list makes up easily 65 – 75 % of the possible results from your direct mail piece. Not all mailing list vendors are identically and as I said earlier, cheaper mailing lists do not mean a good mailing list for business.

Direct mail is the most effective way for most businesses to get new prospects because it is so targetable and easy to hone in. There are basically three parts to a direct mail campaign, the mailing list, the ad and the frequency that you mail the list. That’s it! Simple and effective—direct mail works.

How To Get Better Quality Customers

What is your definition of “quality customers”? To some a quality customer means someone who can afford to pay for their services. To others it means a customer who actually needs what they are selling. To someone else it means working with customers who are not a pain in the ass.

How To Get Better Quality Customers

I don’t know if you have noticed in your business, but there are a lot of crazy people. People who demand that you sell them something below cost, or customers who are never happy. The rule is that 20% of your customers will give you 80% of you headaches and 2% of your customers cause you 98% of your stress. How would you get better quality customers?

  • The first step is to simply define who you want to work with. Who is this person? What services do they buy from you? How often do they need your services? How easy are they to work with? Then you have other criteria like age, income and local.
  • Don’t be afraid to fire a customer. Most of the time businesses get into a mindset that they do not want to lose any customers. The stress level and overworked feeling is caused by trying to please people that you will never be able to make happy. Why? If you are like me, your attention is spread out over your business and those 2% clients cause most of your stress.

I fired a client the other day who had been buying from us to 7 years. Every time she called there was something she was not happy about. She caused upset with the sales person working with her and other people she came in contact with. She always wanted discounts even thought the price was already quite low. She never paid her bill in a timely manner. She was rude to my employees. I finally fired her as a customer.

  • Stop servicing break-even customers. You cannot afford to do what you do and not make money. Charge what you are worth and give better than expect service, but stop catering to the bottom feeder customers.
  • Now you know who you want to work with, it is time to purchase a good direct mail list and send old-fashioned letters or postcards to your ideal prospect list. Getting better quality customers is a question of identifying who you want to reach. Once you know, you can purchase a mailing list with those exact prospects.
  • Implement a referral program for your business. Get in touch with your regular good quality customers and ask for a referral, or do a note card mailing to your existing customers asking them to referral someone to you. Most people are more than happy to send you a referral if asked.

Getting better quality prospects and customers for your business is simply a matter of identifying who you want and raising your standards of who you will work with.

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How to Save Money on Catalog Printing

Save Money on Your Catalog Booklets

Catalogs and their first cousins, booklets, are an important tool for many businesses selling multiple product lines. There are usually two stumbling blocks for getting a catalog for a business printed:

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  • Time. It takes a considerable amount of time to pull together content for a catalog.
  • Money. Printing cost can be considerable depending on the quantity you buy.

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    The following is a short list of things that will help you save time and money pulling together your catalog or booklet.

    1. Define who the catalog or booklet is targeted to. This will save you a lot of time in design and money to creating an effective catalog. You may want to have a couple different catalogs based on the markets you are trying to reach. Printing fewer pages and smaller print runs will save you money and make your catalog more appealing to the reader.
    2. Write a brief outline on what you want to promote. This will act as a sort of action plan and will help you keep focused. This will also save you hours of time in designing your catalog or booklet.
    3. Take photos of the products. This step, depending on what you are promoting to, may make sense to hire a professional photographer. Your photos will look sharper and work better for the overall printed piece. You may have an eye for it, in which case you can take your own photos.
    4. Hire a graphic designer or work with a company like Wilson Printing USA that can take your project from design to print, saving you time, money and a headache.
    5. Proof read thoroughly the catalog of booklet before you print it. This will avoid costly errors.

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    A catalog is an invaluable marketing tool for your business. The best designs are often the simplest being that they are easier to read. Even business like Chiropractors, or HVAC companies could use catalogs or booklet to promote and cross sell services. Today with digital full color printing, the prices for printing have come way down and the quality has gone way up. No longer do you need to order thousands of catalogs or booklets to get a great price.

    How To Build A Fool Proof Dental Marketing Plan

    When you started your dental practice you were aware that you needed new patients. You may have also had the idea that it might take a while to build the dental practice of your dreams. No matter how big you want to make your practice, your continued success depends on two things: 1) the quality and caliber of your employees, and 2) the quality and consistency of your dental marketing plan for your practice.

    The idea that building something takes a long time is false. It takes as long as you want it to take. Bringing in new patients is vital and of course there are many ways you can market your dental practice. To be honest with you, all the ways you have to market your practice work to varying degrees.

    The best marketing vehicle would give you:

    • Easy to use.
    • Easy to target whom you want to reach.
    • Gives you the ability to consistently reach your target patients.
    • Has the least amount of vias to get your message directly to your target new patient.
    • Is easily trackable.
    • Is affordable. Affordable is really a relative term, because it does not matter what you pay to advertise your dental practice if it works. Some of the cheapest forms of advertising can be the biggest waste of money.

    For the money, direct mail postcards for dental practices are usually the best for the above reasons. Still any marketing plan you create should be a multimedia approach. The basic rule of thumb is you have three streams for patient acquisition. These streams can be from traditional media or from digital sources. The only caution is to not put everything you do into a digital media, for example email marketing. The reason is with email advertising you have spam blocks and screens in getting your message to your prospect. Also you are limited by the list you have. With direct mail there are no spam filters for you to get through or virus threat concerns, only your postcard in the hands of your prospect.

    Effective means to a dental marketing plan are:

    • Direct mail
    • Website
    • Email blasts
    • Pay per click ads, with Google remarketing.
    • A patient referral program. Your existing patients can be a very good source of new patients.
    • A dedicated patient recovery person who calls and mails a note card with a coupon, inviting the patient to come back.

    Direct Mail for Your Dental Practice.

    It is proven to generate substantial returns on your investment. It is easily trackable. It puts your message directly in the hands of your prospect.

    You may have tried direct mail in the past. You may have gotten mixed results. The reason for that is that there are basic tried and true rules for designing a dental postcard mailer, in which if you did not design your postcard with these rules in mind, the postcard will not pull the response you want and are looking for. The mailing list you use will also have a lot to do with the results you get. If you use a company like ours, you can get the best design and the best mailing list and in return you will get a good return on your investment.

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    A Note On Mailing Lists

    You can cast your dental marketing net to reach potential new patients within a 3 to 5 mile radius of your practice. If you have a pediatric practice, you can target households with children. You can target new movers to your area. You can target people who are older or younger. People who have interest in cosmetic or reconstructive procedures. You can target people who have dental insurance. If you can name who you want to reach, we can build a list of potential prospects.

    What Are The Returns I Can Expect From My Dental Direct Mailer?

    A basic essential for developing a dental marketing plan for your practice is to know how much an average new patient is worth to your practice a year. How many years does and average patient stay with you? This information will allow you to set realistic returns on your advertising investment.

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    The fact of the matter is, when it comes to advertising you are buying new business through your advertising. To look at it any other way is short sighted and will lead to failure. Knowing what an average patient is worth will give you the information to make a decision on how much you can spend to get a new patient.

    Whatever and however you decide to market your dental practice, make a plan and stick to it, be consistent and repetitious. It usually takes a person seeing your message three or four times before you get them interested.

    Being consistent in your marketing is one of the keys to your success for the simple reason that there is no way you can to tell how many people will be in the market for your services at any given time. Over the course of three to six months many, many, many people in your area will have a need for your services, but if they are not at least aware of you, they will go to your competition.

    I hope this information helped you. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at 727-536-4173.

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    What Offer Works Best For Direct Mail

    The offer you promote will play an important role in the success of your direct mail piece. If your offer is weak, your results will be weak.

    In coming up with an effective promotional direct mail offer, the basic stumbling block to get over is the idea that you are going to make money from your promotional offer directly. The purpose of the offer is to be such a good deal that people will call or come to see you.

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    Buying New Customers

    When you advertise your business you are basically buying new customers. The offer is part of that equation. Is it worth it to have a fantastic offer if you lose money on it? The answer to that question lies in what a customer is worth to your business overall? How much will a customer spend in a lifetime with your business? The answer to those questions will determine what your direct mail offer is and if it is worthwhile to present a fantastic offer.

    More Than Just Freebies

    A good offer is actually much more than just freebies or giveaways you throw in. Your offer should be part of a package of elements. Your offer adds value, creates desire and causes action. A good offer will help the fence sitters to get off the fence and make a decision.

    The only roadblock to a great offer is imagination and knowledge of what your customer’s needs and wants are. Will your prospects find your offer of value; will they find it useful and helpful; and, will your competition scratch their heads and wonder how you can do that?

    Your offer should always be tied to strings that tie into other parts of your campaign. It has to make sense with what you are promoting and to who you are promoting to.

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    Direct mail is a direct response media. With direct mail, you can target directly and exactly who you want to do business with. The direct mail offer you use has to make sense and I’m not suggesting that you have to lose your shirt to get results. What I am saying is you have to be realistic and you have to know what your customers and prospects will find of value.

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    I had a dentist run a postcard campaign and his offer was a $150 special on tooth cleaning. His competition was promoting $50 tooth cleaning special. His campaign failed. This dentist did not do his homework to find out what was already being offered in his area. He was too concerned with not losing money on his teeth cleanings. He lost sight of the fact that every new patient to his practice was worth an average of $1500 per year and usually patients stayed with him five years or more, which means every new patient was worth an average of $7500 in revenue. The question is would investing $45 in promoting a special teeth cleaning offer be worth it?

    The offer promoted makes all the difference in the success or failure of your direct mail campaign.

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    The Basics of Direct Mail Marketing My Dental Practice

    Direct mail for dental practices is simple and for it to be successful will depend on three things:

    • The type of dental direct mail piece you mail.
    • The content of your message.
    • The quality of the mailing list you use.

    The simplest and easiest type of dental direct mail piece is a postcard. What size postcard should you use? Your budget of course would dictate to a certain degree how big of a postcard you would use. Your goal is to stand out and get noticed for this purpose a 6 x 9 or a 6 x 11 postcard is a good size, yet is not expensive to produce.

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    Another type mailer that is very effective is a note card. Today we can print a variety of graphics on the envelope very affordably. A note card allows you to present a personal message. We also utilize a handy insert card, which is inserted into the note card and gives the recipient a special offer and reason to come see you.

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    It’s All About the Content

    The content of your message is an important part of your dental direct mailer. Do not feel like you need to list every possible service you offer in your direct mail piece. Pick one item, (at most two) and promote that. To do otherwise will clutter and confuse your message, resulting in NO RESULTS from your mailer.

    The service you promote should be something that is needed, wanted and of value to your target patient. You should make a special offer for this service that is a fantastic deal. Look at it like this, you are fishing and to catch the fish you want to bait your hook with the type of bait your fish like and season the bait with a special offer so that it is irresistible to your target patient.

    How Do You Get The Best Dental Direct Mail List?

    The mailing list is the 3rd part to your dental marketing triad and it is easily the reason for 70% of your success or failure.

    There are many places you can buy a mailing list and not all dental mailing lists are equal. Start by asking the right questions of your vendor you choose for a mailing list.

    1. Do they guarantee the deliverability of mailing list they sell? They should guarantee at least 90% deliverability.
      2. How often do they update their mailing lists? They should update their database at least once a month.
      3. How was this list compiled?

    Before you start the process of selecting a direct mail list you have to know who you want to reach. You can buy a mailing list targeted to any degree you need. The more defined the better. The basic criteria are age, income and area. For dental marketing purposes we can also get list of people who have dental insurance or are new movers to your area.

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