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    Professional Presentation Pocket Folder for Business

    Close More SalesOne of the most important things you can do in sales and marketing is put on a professional presentation for your clients and prospects. How you present your proposal and how the materials you leave behind look and are arranged will definitely have an impact on your prospect’s impression of your sales person and your company.

    The easiest way to arrange your materials and proposals is with using a professional presentation pocket folder. Pocket folders allow you to leave behind something that makes your company stand out and look professional.

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    In today’s rush-rush of the digital age, it is easy to underestimate the value of a good first impression. If you or your sales people make a proposal or give job estimates and you have a lot of competitors you need a presentation pocket folder.

    Let me ask you a question. What materials do you normally hand to or send to your customers? How do you organize the data in your proposal? Is it organized with your business card paper clipped to the front? Do you try to send everything out via email digitally? How does sending out a PDF of your proposal affect your sales?

    What Is Your Basic Goal In Making A Presentation To A Client?

    What is your basic goal in making a presentation to a client? It’s to make a good impression and to make a sale, right? Then a basic tool in your marketing and branding arsenal should be a pocket presentation folder. Pocket folders will help you brand your company and help you look more professional.

    Basic specs of a pocket folder:

    • Standard sized is 9 x 12
    • They are printed usually on one side in one, two or full color.
    • Pocket folders are die cut and glued with standard 4” pockets with business card slits.
    • The paper stock will depend on your type of businesses: for example for a lawyer or accountant a nice linen cover stock would be the best; for a construction company a heavy gloss cover stock.
    • For real estate and legal applications your pocket folder can be 9 x 15 to hold legal documents.
    • Also, smaller 6 x 9 pocket folders are sleek and less expensive than larger folders.

    What types of businesses benefit from having custom made presentation pocket folders?

    • Home Builders
    • Roofing Companies
    • Service companies
    • Heating & Air
    • Lawyers
    • Accountants
    • Tax Preparation services.
    • Any business that sells B2B
    • Dentists
    • Orthopedic surgeons and medical offices
    • Stock Brokers
    • Real Estate Brokers & Agents
    • Manufacturing
    • Advertising Agencies
    • Radio Station Sales
    • Television Sales
    • Any Media Sales company

     New Client Welcome Kits

    Presentation pocket folders are also a key part of new client or new patient welcome kit. For more on what to include in your companies welcome kit click this link and read this article on what to include in your welcome kit.

    Trade shows

    Industry trade shows allow you to meet potential clients in mass. A presentation pocket folder should be an essential to your overall marketing presentation to prospects at the trade show. Giving interested prospects a folder with all pertinent information of your company’s services and products will make you stand out in a crowded field. From an attendee’s point of view, the problem with trade shows is you get all this seemingly random promotional pieces from the participating vendors and few of the things you receive are organized. So you end up with a mess when you get back home. Get ahead of your competitors and give your prospects something that helps them to keep your information separate and organized.

    Press kits

    Communication with media outlets is important and pocket folders help you disseminate your information to the press in an organized fashion. Reporters and media outlets will promote more of your information if the information you give them is easy to read and is organized.

    Customer service

    This is an almost forgotten use of pocket folders. Put all of your warranty and company information in a pocket folder. Another tool we offer is a tabbed file folder. These smaller folders are inexpensive and fit into a file drawer. For more information on tabbed folders click here.


    All of the presentation pocket folders we produce are custom to our clients. The folders are designed to build your brand and to help you stand out from your competition. For more information about how a pocket folder can help your business, give us a call at 727-536-4173.

    ©2005-2016 Mark Hale, All Rights Reserved.

    It’s Easy Printing Green

    Helping to save the environment is of concern for most people today. Printing is one of the most planet friendly industries around. You may think that going entirely digital is good for the environment but the amount of energy and toxic manufacturing of materials needed to use digital means as promotion will astound you.

    Paper comes from trees and trees are a 100% renewable thing. Paper companies have huge farms where they plant and grow trees for paper production. Paper is easy to produce and is easy to recycled. In fact, most papers produced already contain at least 30% of recycled materials.

    Here are a few printing green tips to help create products that are environmentally sustainable without sacrificing quality or price:

    • Choose nontoxic inks, such as soy or vegetable-based inks, which are biodegradable.
    • Consider nontoxic coatings, such as water-based or aqueous coatings. These provide a full-gloss finish without worrying about potentially toxic chemicals.
    • Use up-to-date mailing lists that accurately target your audience. We can help you clean up your mailing list or get a good quality direct mail list.
    • Choose a printer like Wilson Printing USA who can combine your mailing and printing projects at one location to save energy and reduce your costs.
    • Select a printer that is committed to recycling all scraps, inks, and plates for less waste in landfills.
    • Print smaller quantities on a run. Today the cost for short run printing has came way down. So no longer do you need to print thousands of brochures or booklets to save money.

    We can help you conserve your costs and save the planet the extra pollution.

    ©2005-2016 Mark Hale, All Rights Reserved.

    Product Catalogs the Best Thing Since Sliced Bread, Really?

    Have you ever wondered why printed product catalogs have remained a marketing tool even when so much of the world has gone digital? Isn’t it cheaper and easier to put a PDF of your company product catalog on your website? Yes, it probably is easier and cheaper, but is it more effective? Does an online catalog produce more sales than a printed product catalog for a business? That depends on the business model, target customer and the products you are selling.

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    Why are printed product catalogs still around? The answer is easy…because they sell products. Usually people feel more comfortable holding and reading something, than scanning through an online PDF. It makes your company more tangible. Today anyone can put up a website and plop a PDF on the site, but it does not mean that the company is reputable or will stand by their products. On the Internet the crowd of your potential competition is so immense that anything you can do to put your company in front of the prospect directly and without competition interference will make the difference in closing more sales.

    It is also about how many times you can touch an prospect at the height of the their interest. Mailing a printed product catalog is another way you can reach out and touch your prospect.

    Would You Like To See Some Samples? Have Free Samples Mailed To You!

    Here are a few tips for creating a product catalog that will increase your sales and not break your pocket book:

    • Use the basic principles of AIDA. Attract Attention, build Interest, create Desire and Ask for the order often.
    • Include a commonly asked question section to address common questions and objects.
    • Provide detailed information, high-quality product photos, and policy guidelines as well as contact information. You can also include a QR code or a link to your website for more information.
    • Feature your best-selling/most popular products in the upper right corner, where the eye is naturally drawn when flipping through a catalog.

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    • Cross-sell products using suggestions in product copy, call-outs, or by placing companion products together.
    • Portray a consistent brand image through the use of your company logo and corporate colors that are visible through all print materials, website, etc.
    • Include call-to-action inserts that can be easily updated for seasonal sales and offers.
    • Include a mix of customer testimonials that give readers a customer-centric insight into your products.
    • If you have a frequently changing product line, consider a mini-catalog that offers a brief overview of your product line with colorful product photos to pique interest.
    • Make sure your phone number is easy to find. You may want to direct people to your website to order, but many people like to talk to someone.

    The last tip I can offer you is to invest the money and hire a professional graphic designer. Do not try to save money and do it yourself. Professional graphic design will generate ten-fold your sales from your product catalog over the money you save by trying to do it yourself.

    ©2005-2016 Mark Hale, All Rights Reserved.

    Does it Make Sense to Use Direct Mail Today

    Is it worth it to send out direct mail today? What returns can I expect from using direct mail? The answer to those questions depends on your business and whom you are trying to reach.

    The returns for direct mail can be very good provided you don’t get confused between return and response. Response is getting 100 phone calls, but no one buys anything. Return is you get fewer calls, but get 10 new sales. Getting sales is more important than random activity, wouldn’t you agree?

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    The fact is that standard postage averages around .26 – .27 cents per piece. Ask yourself how else can you put your message directly into the hands of your best prospects for just .26 cents? The answer to that is not many.

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    Then why did you fail to get a return the last time you did direct mail? More than likely there are only a few reasons why:

    • Your direct mail list was old or incorrectly targeted
    • Your ad was poorly or incorrectly designed. Your ad either had:
    1. Wrong message to the wrong audience.
    2. You promoted to many things on one card – see shot gun marketing
    3. Weak offer on your ad caused your audience to yawn.
    4. The overall design was confusing and failed to get attention.
    • Insufficient or non-existent tracking. You did not have a good system for tracking inquiries so you don’t know for sure what you got.
    • Unreal expectations. You did not know what a customer was worth to your business. Not knowing this leads to confusion between response and return. The idea is to get a return on your investment not a bunch of activity with no sales.

    Direct mail for most businesses provides good returns at a low cost. For the best results team up with a company that knows what they are doing, make sure your mailing list is targeted and fresh, that you have a good offer and that you mail multiple mailings to the list.

    ©2005-2016 Mark Hale, All Rights Reserved.

    USPS Rolls Postage Rates Back to 1981 With Every Door Direct Mail

    Over the years, postage rates have increased, making many feel that postage rates are too high for their budgets. The truth is, the United States Postal Service rolled out Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) for businesses a few years ago and effectively rolled postage rates back to the 1981 level. You can mail a super large 8.5 x 14 postcard to potential new customers for just .18 cents per card, a rate that has not been seen for 35 years!

    EDDM Facts

    With Every Door Direct Mail you can mail to entire carrier routes hitting every address and you qualify for the discounted postage rates. You do not need to buy a direct mailing list and this saves you more money. Is Every Door Direct Mail right for your business call us at 727-536-4173 we can answer your questions.

    Combine Google & Social Media With Your Postcard Mailer, Learn More!

    The follow is a list of business types that are ideally fitted for Every Door Direct Mail:

    • Restaurants and night clubs
    • Retail stores
    • Home furnishing stores
    • Dentists, Eye Doctors, Chiropractors
    • New Car Dealers
    • Medical Offices, Health Clinics, Emergency Clinic & Hospitals
    • Dry Cleaners & Personal Service businesses
    • Churches
    • Tax Preparation Centers
    • Gyms, Health Clubs & Fitness Centers
    • Storage centers and movers
    • Real Estate Agents
    • Home and auto insurance agents
    • Beauty Salons & Health Spas
    • Florists
    • Auto Repair Centers
    • Car Washes
    • Carpet Cleaning Services
    • House Cleaning Services
    • Pest Control
    • Landscaping
    • Heating & AC
    • Plumbers
    • Electricians

    These are just a few business types that can benefit greatly from using EDDM to promote their businesses. Basically, any business that does business in a geographical area can use Every Door Direct Mail to deliver a high impact postcard, brochure, newsletter or booklet and save thousands of dollars.

    Want to See Pricing on EDDM? Click Here.

    More Every Door Direct Mail Facts You Need to Know

    • Your direct mail piece does not need to be a postcard. You can use EDDM to mail newsletters, brochures, booklets and catalogs.
    • Your mail piece must be taller than 6.125″ or longer than 11.5″ and smaller than 12″x15″
    • You must be mailing only to zip codes in city routes
    • You must be willing to accept a delivery time of 7-14 business days. So plan your promotion and allow for appropriate lead-time.

    Every Door Direct Mail can be a powerful tool to increase your businesses sales. It is easy and affordable. We can help you develop an effective direct mail piece that fits your business’s needs and also the USPS regulations for Every door Direct Mail. Call us at 727-536-4173 to get started.

    ©2005-2016 Mark Hale, All Rights Reserved.