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    Can Cheap Brochures And Low Cost Marketing Materials Hurt Your Business?

    You work hard everyday and you have built a good business. You want your business to grow to the next level. You decide now is the time to add a color brochure to help sell a new product or service. You didn’t build your business by being extravagant and spending money needlessly. So, of course, you are going to design the new brochure your business needs yourself! If you can save a few bucks on graphic design, then why not?

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    The why not is that no matter how good you are or your son-in-law is at using Microsoft Word or Publisher, the brochure you design will probably, more than likely, not look as good or be as effective as if it was designed by a professional using a professional design software.

    A poorly designed and ineffective brochure will waste your money because it does not sell a product and ends up sitting on the shelf collecting dust. Sure, you save a couple hundred bucks doing it yourself, but you lose thousands of dollars in lost sales because the brochure you designed does not SELL or convince anybody to do anything except throw it in the trash.

    How your marketing materials, brochures and flyers look does communicate something about your business! I am sure you want your customers to feel that your business is professional and worthy of their patronage. In many cases, one of the first impressions a customer will have of your business is the brochure you designed yourself. I am sorry if I am hurting your feelings and I don’t mean to. I only want you to be successful and somebody has to shoot it to you straight.

    So look ahead a few months, there is a new customer who is comparing your business and your biggest competitor for price, service and quality of products. The brochure you designed yourself and a brochure from your biggest competitor are lying side-by-side. Does your brochure look better, worse or about the same as your biggest competitors? From my viewpoint, the only answer is that your brochure looks better AND communicates better than your competition, period.

    • Does that brochure that your secretary or brother-in-law designed instill confidence in your business?
    • Looking at your brochure and other marketing materials from the eye of your prospective new customers, do you feel confident about what is being promoted?
    • Does your brochure create want or desire for your products or services?
    • Is your brochure easy to read or is it confusing?
    • Do the photos and graphics you used make sense and support the copy content?
    • Does your brochure pull the reader along, creating desire or does it create a yawn?

    In my career, I have seen thousands of brochures designed by do-it-yourselfers. Honestly, 85% – 90% of do-it-yourself designed brochures fall far short of looking professional. (I’m being very nice). Not to mention that these DIY brochures do not do the job of creating want. Poorly designed brochures can and will stop the growth of your business and the worse part of it is, you will probably not even know it. You will just find it more difficult to get sales and you will have boxes of brochures and promotional materials sitting gathering dust.

    How can you tell if your current brochure needs some work?

    • You have boxes of unused brochures sitting in a storeroom with a quarter inch dust on the box.
    • You can’t remember the last time the brochure was updated, but you’re a pretty sure it was sometime after the Bush administration.
    • The pictures look dated.
    • Your customers do not seem that interested in your brochure.
    • Your sales people and other personnel do not use your brochure when working with customers.
    • If you get a slight tinge of embarrassment when you see your brochure sitting next to your competitor’s materials.

    A well-designed and effective marketing brochure gets used. They do not sit in boxes. Why?

    • Because the professionally designed brochure is effective.
    • It sells products and services.
    • It answers questions your prospects have.
    • It creates desire for the product.
    • It validates buying decisions.
    • It communicates to the intended recipient and it sells product.

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    Nobody spends money to have a marketing brochure designed just to have it sit in a storeroom gathering dust. If you have some brochures or marketing materials sitting in a storeroom somewhere, I am sorry. Lets move on—one, it is not the end of the world and two, you can do something about it.

    It does not cost a lot of money to have a company like Wilson Printing USA design something for you. (Also we can help you recycle your old unused brochures.)

    The cold hard facts are that to survive and grow your business today you need professionally designed brochures and marketing materials. If you think you can go paperless and email a PDF to a prospect as the only means of promoting your product, you are making a huge mistake. There is nothing you can do that is more effective than putting a nice printed piece in the hands of a prospect.

    Your customers see the quality of your brochure and will make evaluations about your businesses. Don’t skimp on the design part of the process. We offer specials on design and can help you save money on both the printing and the design of your marketing brochures.

    ©2005-2016 Mark Hale, All Rights Reserved.

    Keeping in Touch With Your Customers, Newsletters Help Keep The Sales Rolling In

    Part of the challenge of getting repeat sales from your existing customers is staying in front of them on a regular basis – without being to salesy and pushy. There are several things at your disposal today that will help you stay in front of your customers. What is the best way? That really depends on your business, but one marketing tool that works for almost every business type are newsletters.

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    Newsletters are a great way to stay in front of your customers, to establish credibility and to cross promotes products to your customers without being a pest. People today want information, but also want to be entertained.

    To make pulling together your company newsletter easier for you, start out with the proper prospective by considering that your newsletter is your company’s mini magazine. Magazines entertain, educate, inform and sell products and services.

    Usually it is better to hire a company to design, print and mail your newsletter. If you want to DIY the design and mailing of your newsletter, the following are a few tips to help you:

    • Start with the idea that the purpose of your business’s newsletter is to entertain and then sell your customers. Dedicate no more than 25% to 30% of your newsletter to advertising your products and services, to do otherwise, people simply will not read it.
    • Today it is fairly easy to get content for the entertainment content of your newsletter. Some topics could include travel and entertainment news. Depending on how much you know about your customers you can target your articles on the interests of your customers.
    • Avoid using specific words and terms of your industry. It is easy to assume that your customers know what the big words of your industry mean, but most will not. Using big and unfamiliar industry terminology will ensure that your newsletter will end up in the trash.

    sales letters that sell ebook


    10 Tips For Writing Sales Letters That SELL!

      • Include ads for products or services. Your newsletter is your company magazine and it is ok to have ads promoting particular services. Use all the rules of an effective ad to create a hard-hitting advertisement that will sell your products.
      • Invite participation by including an “Ask an Expert” section where readers can submit questions and then an industry expert will provide an answer in an open forum for all to see.
      • Create an archive section on your website that makes all previous newsletter issues available to online visitors.
      • Always mail a printed newsletter. Sure you can email a newsletter, but email is not intrusive and there are too many obstacles and spam filters to getting your newsletter read in an email. It is relatively in expense to design, print and mail your company newsletter and the return is far greater.

      Need Help With a Custom Newsletter of Your Own?

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      Because it is Cheaper to Keep ‘Em: Basic Dental Marketing Techniques You Can Use to Grow Your Practice.

      The national average for Dental Practices is that roughly 30% – 45% of patients “fall through the cracks” every month. Over time this can erode the profitability of your dental practice making it difficult to get ahead. After a while you may get the feeling that when it comes to your practice that you are like a gerbil running on a never ending treadmill.

      There are five ways that you can retain most all of your patients each month and get off the treadmill. These five simple mechanisms can help you to grow and expand your dental practice.

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      One: a robust and repetitive patient recall program. Some dental practices over the years, in an effort to cut costs, only send email or text messages out to their patients. This is good, but to be effective you need to do the following:

      • Oversized appointment cards. We recommend the card being 2.5” x 4”. This is big enough that it stands out and will not get lost.
      • Sending out dental patient recall cards. There are ways to save on the postage and mailing costs we can help you with.
      • Call in. Yes, the phone is still one of the most effective means of getting patients to show up for their appointment.
      • Then, of course, send them email and text messages.

      Click Here For Pricing on Dental Recall Mailers

      Two: Regularly mail a newsletter to your existing patients. By regularly I mean at lDental Newsletter Sampleeast once per quarter and for best results you should mail a newsletter every two months. We can help you develop a newsletter that your patients will look forward to reading. With most of your patients being on the 2x a year cleaning schedule, a newsletter is a vital tool to help you stay in front of patients in between visits.

      Three: A referral program. Dental Patient Referral Programs have many names, but the most common is Care to Share Cards. To be effective, your patient referral program needs to involve more than passing out care to share referral cards. Your front desk person needs to drill on how to ask patients for referrals. You may want to consider paying a reward to your staff for asking for and getting referrals from your patients. Your existing patients can be a rich source for getting new patients for your practice.

      • Patient follow-up calls. Some dental offices still do this today, but years ago the most successful dental practices called patients three to four days after a visit to follow up with the patient. This is a nice personal touch that is missing today. Patient follow up calls are an easy way to boost patient loyalty.

      Four: Google reviews. On the back of your oversized appointments cards, put a QR code that goes to your Google Review page. Most people have smart phones nowadays and by including a QR code link is an easy way to boost your positive reviews.

      Five: Send a thank you note to the patient. Thank you notes are still another way to build patient loyalty, cross promote other products and stop patient attrition. You can have preprinted thank you notes or have one of your staff write a personal note to the patient.

      The personalized note card is more effective, but with high patient visits it may be a challenge to do, which is why created a program to automatically send out handwritten thank you notes.

      Putting in the above steps and combined with a regular new patient direct mail program, your practice will be able to achieve double-digit growth that year.

      [box type=”bio”] About the author: Mark Hale is a marketing guru with 30 years experience in direct marketing and broadcast marketing. He has helped businesses expand and grow by using direct marketing techniques. His company Wilson Printing USA offers robust and effective dental marketing programs. We operate as your marketing division helping you to position your practice against and ahead of your competitors. Our purpose is to help you build the dental practice of your dreams through comprehensive dental recall and new patient marketing solutions.[/box]  

      ©2005-2016 Mark Hale, All Rights Reserved.