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    New Movers Mean New Patients For Dental Practices

    We live in a very mobile society. People move an average of 11 times in their lifetime according to the US Census. The same report showed that people with a higher income tend to move more than people with a lower income. National Board of Realtors report that despite existing home inventory being low, home sales increase of 1.7% over the last two quarters.

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    This presents a big opportunity for marketing your dental practice by reaching new movers in your area. A new mover patient marketing program does not need to take up a large portion of your marketing budget, as it should account for 10% to 15% of your total marketing budget.

    We work with several dental offices around the country helping them reach new patients and have developed a formula that is effective. The success of your practice depends, to a great extent, on your ability to reach new patients and motivate them to call or become a patient of your practice.

    An ideal and successful media mix for dental practice marketing today would look something like this:

    • 25% to 35% of your marketing budget invested in Internet marketing including your website, SEO and pay-per-click ads.
    • 65% to 75% of your marketing budget invested in direct mail.

    I know some of the so-called “dental marketing experts” are telling you to put all your eggs in the Internet marketing/social media basket. They say the Internet is the wave of the future. It has changed the way people shop. They are partially right.

    Here are the simple facts on Internet marketing:

    • Can if work? Sure? If you use direct marketing principles and stay on top of it. Google changes their search algorithms two or three times per year. What worked last year may not work this year.
    • Do you understand Internet marketing? Most of our clients, business owners and managers do not understand all the Internet terminology, conversion rates, optimization, and bounce rates, etc. All of theses terms do not mount to a hill of beans unless they can put butts in your dental chair from it.
    • There is a ton of competition and a ton of distractions on the Internet, which means if you don’t understand it, you are going to spend a lot of money and have a hard time making it work for your practice. A recent study showed that 75% of businesses felt they were wasting money on Search engine optimization and pay per click ads. Why because they don’t understand it and the people selling the optimization and click ads don’t understand it either. The basic marketing rule I follow is if it can’t be explained easily and it can’t be tracked – I avoid it.
    • Do you need to market your dental practice on the Internet? Absolutely! Most people these days will search the Internet before they buy, so you need to have a presence. A website is a good first step. Make sure your website is loaded with articles and information that your prospective patients will be searching for. But most of all, your website should give the reader a feel for your practice.

    The best, most trackable, easy to understand and most often used advertising media available to you to market your dental practice is direct mail. Direct mail works for reaching new movers, new patients and marketing to your existing patients. Why? Direct mail puts something in their hands with no distractions and no extra vias. Correctly designed and used direct mail will put more butts in your dental chair than anything else you can do to promote your practice.

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    Manchester New Home Postcard

    Manchester New Home Postcard2

    Here are some facts about direct mail:

    1. Direct mail puts your message and offer directly into the hands of potential new patients.
    2. Direct mail is easily to use. There are no ambiguous, meaningless terms to understand.
    3. The United States Post Office does not change their “algorithms.” They just deliver the mail, period.
    4. Direct mail for a dental practice is very trackable.
    5. The way you “optimize” direct mail is to define your prospect and use that information to select your mailing list.
    6. Every home in the United States has ONE mail box and gets their mail delivered regularly and often by the United States Postal Office.

    Can direct mail fail, of course. One or more of three things causes the failure of a direct mail program. All of these things are in your control and are easily fixed.

    Your marketing budget for your dental practice should be broken out and invested by investing 75% of your budget marketing to get new patients to your practice and 25 % your budget marketing to your existing patients.

    New mover direct mail programs, new patient mailers, patient referral programs and your website will be your best bets for getting new patients to your dental practice. If you would like more information about how you can target the new move in’s in your area, call Wilson Printing USA.

    ©2005-2016 Mark Hale, All Rights Reserved.

    Business Envelopes Are The Biggest Missed Opportunity to Market Your Small Business

    Business envelopes – boring right! Not if you bring them to life with full color graphics.

    Business envelopes have been a staple in business communication. If you are simply printing your business return address on your business envelopes you are missing an opportunity to market your business.

    Missed Business Opportunity

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    Your business envelopes presents an opportunity for you to cross promote products, services and promote specials. Your full color business envelope does not need to look tacky and the envelope design can look professional and still promote and sell.

    Several studies have shown that business envelopes printed with a message across the envelope have a much higher open rate than just a plain business envelope or an envelope that is printed in black with a simple return address.

    Simple messages printed in red across the envelope like, “URGENT” or “Save 25% Details Inside” can be very effective. For example a heating and air business sending a note to a customer that says on the outside of the envelope “Your AC System May Be Poisoning Your Homes Air” can create interest and increase the open rate of a direct mail piece.

    Today, it is affordable to print business envelopes in full color for your sales letters. All types of businesses have used sales letters for centuries to sell their products and services. Many direct marketing companies have used messages printed across the front of their envelopes since the 1950’s. Why? Because it is effective.

    You should put some thought in the message you put on the outside of your business envelopes. Your message should create a mystery or entice the recipient to open the envelope.

    If your business uses thank you notes or note cards adding matching envelopes printed in full color is a great way to put your message over the top. Again, because of high-speed digital presses adding full color to your business envelopes is very affordable. Today, you can order full color business envelopes in small quantities, giving you flexibility.

    Do not be boring, have your business envelopes printed in color. Extend your marketing efforts to include your business envelopes.

    ©2005-2016 Mark Hale, All Rights Reserved.

    Encourage More Direct Sales By Using Printed Booklets For Small Businesses

    I am sure you have found that advertising and marketing your small business is expensive! Many times I have felt with our own marketing that I am wasting good money. The truth is, if you want to grow your business’s sales you have to market and advertise.

    Marketing your business’s products and/or service you probably will encounter four basic challenges:

    1. How to get noticed?
    2. How to get your prospects to read your marketing materials?
    3. How would you establish your credibility and authority on the matter being promoted?
    4. And the biggy, how to get a return from the money you invested in advertising?

    Your sales people can sit in front of a prospect or customer and tell them your company is the bomb, that you do what you do better than anyone else, or more effectively, your sales people can show them!

    Direct Sales By Using Printed Booklets

    Buyers today are very savvy. They have seen it all and have been told and promised all sorts of things. There are very few things you can do marketing wise that do a better job of the above three points than printed booklets or brochures for business. Your customers and prospects love and rely on tactile to help them to make a decision. Printed booklets and brochures provide the tactile your customers and prospects need.

    There is nothing that pushes direct sales better than printed booklets or full color brochures. Normally, the so-called experts will tell you to advertise and promote several different products or services in a booklet. This is okay IF your prospect is likely to buy all these products and services. Most of the time your prospects will have different interests and a one-size-fits-all approach will not work.

    Brochures for business should almost always be dedicated to selling one product or service. The next time you go into your bank, look at the various brochures they have displayed. Bankers discovered a long time ago that printed brochures are needed to get you to part with your money. Bankers are some of the cheapest business people you will find. They would not waste money on printed brochures if they were not able to get a return from them.

    Now you may be thinking, it’s the 21st century—every thing is digital! Printed materials are passé. You are correct, we are in the 21st century and digital media is a big part of our lives. My point is digital does not and can never provide the tactile that your customers need to make a decision.

    When was the last time you looked for a PDF brochure or flyer someone sent you via your email? Digital brochures get lost in a sea of digital marketing. I am not saying do not use digital means to promote your business, that would be stupid. There are many customers that prefer email communication. There are others that prefer holding, touching and feeling communication. There are many others that if you ever are going to have a chance of getting their attention and selling them something you are going to communicate to them both digitally and with hard printed materials.

    You may have printed material that you feel is not very effective. In fact, you may have boxes of printed booklets and brochures sitting in a room somewhere, collecting dust. The reason marketing materials don’t get used is one of two reasons, 1) poor design and/or they look bad, or 2) because they didn’t and don’t work mostly because of poor copywriting and/or bad graphic design.

    Your printed booklets and other marketing materials for business should help you create sales—if they did they would not sit in a box and you would use them up.

    Printed booklets for business allow you the space to do a very good job of direct sales. You have the space to get attention, tell your story, show how your product or service helps your prospect, use testimonials for validation, promote a special offer and give an urgent buy now incentive.

    Road Map For Creating a Direct Sale Printed Booklet

    • Keep your printed booklet on topic. In other words, do not try to cross promote EVERYTHING you sell. Yes, I mean one booklet for each product or service you offer.
    • Use stories that present a problem and demonstrate how your product or service solves that problem.
    • Explain the benefits of owning the product or having the service fully.
    • Present tips on how best to use the product and give ideas to your prospects.

    Closing The Sale With Your Printed Booklet

    Once you have gotten attention and built interest with your booklet, it is now time to close the deal and you do this by giving the prospect a reason to buy now. To create a “buy now” in your booklet you can have a 5.5 x 8.5 card made that you can insert into the booklet easily. The purpose of this card is to give your prospect a special price and a buy now offer, complete with an expiration date. By separating the booklet from the special it allows you to change your specials and offers without having to reprint the entire booklet. The 5.5 x 8.5 insert card is very inexpensive to design and print, so you can test different specials and offers to see what would work best. It allows you flexibility in handling competitive pressures quickly.

    The printed product booklet with the special insert card can be a powerful tool to help your business close more sales. The design of your booklet does not need to be complicated; in fact, the simpler and more straight forward you make it the more effective it will be. Hiring a copywriter to help write to content will be worth it or team up with a company like Wilson Printing USA who can help you with copywriting, graphic design and give you a great price on printing.

    ©2005-2016 Mark Hale, All Rights Reserved.