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    Business Expansion – The Overlooked Power of Printed Marketing Materials for Small Business

    Having a digital marketing program is important today. Digital marketing allows you to find new customers and follow up with existing customers. Digital marketing should be one part of your business’ marketing. Relying on only digital marketing with no supporting printed marketing is dangerous for most businesses and business expansion.

    Why? Because there is so much digital marketing nowadays, that your customers ignore most of it. The Internet is a barrage of popup banners and ads that cause a dispersal of attention in your prospect and also presents a risk of malware infecting your computer. Email open rates have steadily declined, that is, if you can get past the spam filters and blocks. You can spend a lot of money on your website, but you still have to drive traffic to it. The PDF product brochure you emailed to your client sits in an inbox, unread. The biggest challenge with Internet and email marketing is that you are lost in a sea of competition.

    I am not saying that you should not do Internet or digital marketing. What I am saying is you need to do more than just digital marketing if your goal is business expansion and growth.

    Printed marketing materials offer you the options for promoting your products and services, directly to your customers and prospects. When someone inquires about your services, mailing them a printed brochure often will make more of an impact than emailing a PDF because the prospect will hold in their hands your brochure or flyer free from competitive distractions. Printed materials are more real to your prospects and customers, and because your company and it’s products are more real the customer it is, in turn, more comfortable buying from you.

    Types Of Printed Marketing Materials:

    • Business Cards: obviously a standard for most businesses. Often the first impression you make is with your business card, so do not skimp on quality.
    • Pocket Presentation Folders: if you are giving prospects estimate or making a presentation, a nicely designed and printed pocket folder will make your company stand out.
    • Postcards: a staple of business marketing. Postcards allow you to directly reach prospect and put an offer in their hands without the distraction and spam filters.
    • Brochures: when that new prospect calls, a printed brochure will help you answer questions and close the sale.
    • Point of Sale Posters: retail sales posters can help increase impulse buys from your customers.
    • Flyers: for trade shows and homes shows, flyers offer an inexpensive way to promote specials.
    • Door Hangers: still one of the most direct things you can do to generate sales.
    • Product Catalogs: sure, you can save money by just putting your catalog online, but numerous studies have found that for most products, consumers much prefer perusing a printed catalog.

    Do You Need Something Designed or Created? Click Here.

    Graphic design is the most important part of creating an effective printed piece. Many try to save money by doing the design work on their own. I am sorry for being blunt, but most of the time the finished piece you designed looks like you designed it yourself. Not because you don’t have natural talent, but because you don’t have the tools at your disposal, the time and experience to design a great looking piece.

    My suggestion is to hire a professional in the long run, it will save you money, time and generate more sales for you business.

    ©2005-2016 Mark Hale, All Rights Reserved.

    Direct Response Marketing For Small Business

    There are so many ways for you to advertise your small business, but which way is the best? Do you emulate the way large businesses advertise? Do you put all your money into Internet marketing? What is the best way to advertise and get a return on your advertising for your small business?

    First, it is usually a fatal mistake to emulate the advertising of fortune 500 companies. Why? Because most of the fortune 500 companies invest heavily in image advertising. They hire Madison Avenue advertising agencies to create those big beautiful ads that win awards and make their board of directors happy. With these large advertising budgets, if you throw enough money against the wall, something will stick, eventually. The problem is a small business cannot afford to keep throwing money against the wall until something sticks. You need leads. You need the return on the money you invest. Image advertising does not create direct sales, never has and never will.

    Find Out How To Increase Direct Mail Response Rates 40% – 50%!

    The fact is 80% to 90% percent of those beautiful ads you see do not drive sales into stores. The only thing that works for small business advertising is direct response marketing. You spend a dollar. You should get 5x return for the dollar you spend.

    Let me go out on a limb here by saying I am sure that you do not have unlimited advertising funds to promote your business. And the money you spend has to produce a return. So any and all of the advertising you do has to produce a result. It has to be direct response advertising. The postcard you mail has to get someone to call. The full-color brochure you have has to cause someone to buy. Period.

    What is direct response marketing? Simply, you run an advertisement with a fantastic offer, give them a deadline to respond and offer them something special if they respond by that deadline. That is all direct response marketing is.

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    Having said that, you have to know your customer and whom you are marketing to. You need to know what they find valuable and what they are most likely to respond to. You should also know what your completion is offering in your marketing area.

    If you want someone to respond to your advertising, do not skimp on your offer. You are buying customers. The offer you are presenting is an investment in buying that customer.

    What is a customer worth to your business? The value of a customer can be calculated by looking at what this customer will potentially spend with you in the next 12 months and over the next five years. Very seldom is the value of a customer calculated by a one-time purchase.

    Why do you need to know what a customer is worth to your business? You need to know this information because you are going to be making marketing decisions on this information. Decisions like, how good to make your offer and how calculating what your return on your advertising investment should be.

    For example, we had a dental client who wanted to run a $179 new patient special. He thought it was a good deal. It was for him, his prospective patients had a different opinion on it. However, his competition was running $69 new patient specials. When we got him to look at what a new patient was worth to his practice he decided to change his special to $49. A new patient was worth on average $1500 to $2000 per year. Patients usually stayed with him for 5 to 7 years. So that meant that an average new patient was worth $7500 on the low end and $14,000 on the high end. So the question became would you offer a $49 special to get $7500 to $14,000 in business? “All day, every day,” was his response!

    Direct response marketing is a lot like fishing. Where you fish and what bate you put on the hook will determine how many fish you catch. Know what the fish you are looking for will bite on is the first step to creating effective direct marketing for small business.

    Direct mail is the most usual and most effective way for a small business to use direct response advertising. Direct mail put directly in the hands of your best prospects and they will get your message. Where direct mail fails is the mailing list was bad or the offer was not compelling. Tell them what it is. Why they need it. How they can get it. Why they should buy it now. And, what is in it for them to buy it now.

    Direct response advertising is very simple to do if you do the above things. You will drive business into your door.

    ©2005-2016 Mark Hale, All Rights Reserved.