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    Mini Skirts and Mini Brochures Have One Thing in Common – They Get Noticed!

    What is a Mini Brochure?

    A mini brochure is small enough to fit into pockets and wallets. Mini brochures also provide enough marketing real estate to pack a huge punch for their size.

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    When everyone else is handing out a business card, here are a few tips for using mini brochures to set your business apart:

    • Provide helpful tips, how-to information, industry resources, a calendar of events, etc. For example, a real estate agent should include home selling tips in their mini brochure.
    • Consider including a tear-away portion, such as your business card, coupons, sample vouchers, etc. A tear off is a great way to include a referral card.

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    • Consider leaving a space blank to handwrite your own message when distributing pocket brochures.
    • Include web links or QR codes for easy access to additional, detailed information.
    • Create mini brochures as a convenient way to offer your warranty policy or service department information for quick and easy retrieval.
    • Offer mini brochures with every purchase to provide store hours, upcoming promotions, and other important information.

    The design of mini brochures should be for quick reading, due to the size. If you need help designing a creative marketing piece that packs a big punch in a little package, we’re here to help!

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    10 Common Mistakes and Pitfalls Made On Brochures!

      Envelope Design The Key To Sales Letters – Selling More of Your Stuff

      Sales letters have been a staple of small business marketing for as long as humans have been sending written communications. Yet the envelope is the most overlooked part of sending sales letters to prospects. Envelope design is key to getting your prospects to open and read your sales letter.

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      The following are 6 things you can do to make your sales letters more effective by increasing your open rate with your envelope design:

      1. Get out of the box on size. Who says you have to send your sales letter in a #10 regular envelope? Why not go big? Why not mail that sales letter in an 9 x 12 booklet envelope or a 6 x 9 envelope? A larger envelope looks less like junk mail and more like something important and it gets opened.
      2. Sometimes smaller is better. A note card mailed in a small announcement envelope create a mystery, it looks like an invitation. What is it? It gets opened.
      3. Color stands out. Chose a different color envelope. There are several available and it does not add too much to the cost.
      4. Control the reader’s eye; use a headline to get interest. People are naturally curious, so build a mystery by printing a headline with a deadline on the outside of the envelope.
      5. Go totally subtle. Make the outside of the envelope look professional and important. Depending on your target audience, this tact can be very successful.
      6. If mailing bulk, insist on mailing with a stamp. Nothing says “I am junk mail” more than an indicia printed on the envelope.

      Direct mail envelopes are the key to improving your return rates with sales letter. Give us a call and find out how we can help you with your envelope design to increase open rates of your direct mail campaign.