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    How to Boost Advertising Response Rates 40% to 50%

    The problem of marketing a small business today is that people are so busy and in motion that they are hard to pin down. Yet most sales occur after the 10th exposure to an advertisement.

    Question is, what is the best way for a small business to advertise to reach the most prospects—the greatest number of times—in the shortest period of time.


    The Problem With Most Advertising

    The problem with most advertising mediums is that it’s difficult to reach a prospect 1x let alone 10x.

    direct mail factsheet


    The Effectiveness of Direct Mail vs Other Forms of Marketing!

      Email marketing for business is pretty much dead because of spam filters, plus people do not read emails, they skim them.

      Television advertising? Ever heard of a remote control? No one watches TV to watch commercials.

      The same is true with radio.

      Billboard advertising? Tell me how much can the prospect read and absorb in 1 second while driving at 60 miles per hour, drinking coffee?

      Ah, you say how about pay per click advertising? That’s the way to go, let’s go all digital. Well, you are jumping into a very big pond where you can spend a lot of money with absolutely no return.

      Direct mail for small business is the only advertising medium where you can target exactly who you want to target; putting your message directly in the hands of your best prospects.

      • There are no spam filters in the standard US mailbox.
      • There are no remote controls to zap off your ad.
      • Everyone you mail to receives your ad – looks at it, even if for a brief second, and makes a decision whether to call you or not.

      Fact is the majority of people who receive direct mail advertising and have an interest in the service will go online to research the business.

      Now, are you sitting down? Here’s a statistic that will blow your mind: according to Google, 96% of people who go to a business’s website LEAVE without taking any action. Which means, 96% of the potential customers you could have gotten are lost and gone, with your money wasted.

      What if there was a way for you to capture 40% 50% of those leads?

      There is…with Direct Mail Scout.

      Direct Mail Scout is our new product line. What this program does is combine online Google and social media follow up that works with your direct mail campaign. It also allows you to seamlessly track your mailing schedule, the calls received from the campaign and tracking on your online follow-up. Direct Mail Scout ensures that no lead is left behind with online and social media follow up, keeping leads warm until your prospects are ready to buy.

      Direct Mail Scout is state-of-the-art, turnkey and an easy way for you to generate more sales for your business. Would you like more information about the program? Click the blue-button below or fill out your information below!

      Find Out More About Direct Mail Scout!