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    Personalized Direct Mail Postcards For Small Business

    targeted direct mail postcardsPersonalization of direct mail postcards or other mail piece can boost your returns dramatically.

    Consider which you, personally, would notice first:

    1. A postcard with your name in the headline and in several other places on the postcard?


    1. A generic postcard. Your name is only on the address section of the card.

    The majority of peoples notice the personalized postcard more.

    The term used in the printing and marketing industry for personalization is Variable Data Printing (VDP).

    It used to be that you printed and mailed 5000 postcards and they all looked the same. They had the same headline, the same message and same photos.

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    With variable data postcard printing you can put the prospect name in the headline, and tailor the rest of the message to each individual prospect on your mailing list. Now you can send out 5000 different cards or direct mailers that have a custom message to each person.

    Is it more expensive? Sure it is, but the response can be 50% higher, while the cost to personalize the postcard is nominal.

    Direct mail today is very much alive and is more effective than ever. Personalization of the postcard direct mailers improves your readership, response and with that, your sales increase.

    I have spoken about personalized postcard mailers before, but there are several other direct mail applications for VDP as follows:

    • Variable Data Direct Mail Postcards.
    • Variable Data Check Mailers. Nothing gets attention like mailing faux checks. There is a whole technology behind it.
    • Variable Data Birthday Card Mailers for Business. Everyone has a birthday. We can get mailing lists with birthdays and nothing is more personal than sending a prospect a birthday card with special coupon.

    The ways you can personalize a mailer and mail in mass are limited only by your imagination. Variable data postcard printing is made possible by digital printing technology.

    If you are looking for a way to personalize your marketing with variable data printing and how it will work for you, ask your sales representative for more information.

    Looking for a way to make your direct mail marketing more effective AND a way to track results? Watch the video below to learn more about our Direct Mail Scout Program:


    The Cold Hard Truth About Why Your Marketing is Not Working

    My company designs and prints hundreds of thousands of postcards and other types of direct mail. The majority of the time our clients are extremely excited about getting their mailer designed and out in the mail.

    I am going to be blunt here for a moment. Many times, I would say 85% of the time our clients are their worst enemy when it comes to getting a good return on their direct mail.

    Example: Joe wants to promote his HVAC business. He buys a 20,000-piece direct mailer and wants to reach new customers. He even signs up for Direct Mail Scout, our service that combines Google with Facebook (an excellent way to boost your direct mail response by 40% – 60%)

    We design a kick ass postcard for Joe, based on years of experience and best practices for getting results.

    Joe, being excited shows the proof to his office manager, his wife, three of his service guys… And surprise every single person who has seen the proof offers a suggestion “to make it better”. Yet none of these people, while meaning well, has any design or marketing experience. Joe is quite resolute in making the changes to the card his people suggested.

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    The result is a postcard with too much verbiage on it, with a message that is watered down and is confusing to the reader and that gets no results.

    In the end, we can and will make suggestions to help you. Our only interest is that you get a great return from your mailer. At the end of the day – you are the customer and we will do whatever you want us to do, even if it is suicide for your results.

    The next area that can cost you sales is not having a good landing page or website. You see today that 90% of the people who have an interest in your product or service after receiving your postcard will, as a first step, go online and check you out. Yet, 96% of the folks that go to your website will leave your website with out taking any further action; they don’t fill out a form, they don’t call – they just leave. Gone!

    There are some things you can do to capture more business from your website:

    1) Make sure you are sending them to a landing page with information about the product or service you are promoting. If you are sending people to your website make sure on your home page there is information about the product or service you are promoting and is clearly visible. Don’t make them hunt for it because they wont.

    2) Include our Direct Mail Scout program with your mailer. It uses Google and Facebook as a follow-up tool and will generate dramatic sales for you.

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    3) On your website have free downloads. Offer them something of value in exchange for their contact information. 80% of all sales occur after the 5th – 12th contact with the prospect. So follow-up and follow-up on your follow-up.

    4) Utilize a live chat service on your website. Most people who go to your website are seeking information. These people are hesitant to fill out forms or do a lot of clicking around to find what they want. If they can’t get their question answered quickly they are out of there and go to the next business on the Google search list.

    There a many live chat services, they can be linked to your smart phone and/or desktop so you will never miss an incoming lead. They offer people an easy and safe way to ask questions. Having a chat service on your website will allow you to have a conversation with a HOT prospect and you will sell more as a result.

    5) Realize that when someone calls you in this day and age, they are hot prospects. Most people do not call, they just do a Google search and shop around to find what they need. Make sure whomever answers your phone handles callers professionally and gets them the answers the prospects need or transfers the prospect to someone who can help them.

    I had one client recently who had a receptionist answer calls, when the prospect asked a question, she directed them to the website to download a pamphlet…bad, bad, bad, did I say, BAD mistake. When they call they are hot, they are reaching for service and the receptionist blows them off to the website. Answer their questions never ever send them back to the website – you can email them a brochure – but talk to them, try to close them on your service.

    You have to talk to the prospect. You have to follow-up with the prospect. You have to follow-up some more, and again and again with the prospect.

    1) Very few products of services have few or no competition.

    2) It is easier than ever for people to shop you and your competition.

    Follow-up is vital for your marketing to succeed.