Email Marketing For Business

‐ June 5, 2017

The last ten years email marketing for business has grown tremendously. Many people use email as a mainstay for marketing their business. You may be one of them. Why not use email to marketing your business, after all, it is cheap to do and is usually easy to get out.

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Enter the last four years and particularly the last year and a half; malware, viruses, phishing schemes and ransom ware have made getting results from email marketing for business unreliable.

The two main issues to get around to make your email marketing for your business more effective are:

  • What can you do to get around spam filters?
  • Once your email arrives, how do you get your customers or prospects to open it?

Most of the old rules for email marketing, like using an opt-in list, do not make much of a difference right now. People are wary of inbound emails and web advertising. Have you ever clicked on a link or article on Facebook and have your phone or computer light up like a pinball machine?

You want to create a flow of prospects coming to your business via inbound marketing techniques. Inbound marketing can be done using social media or by using proven, old school marketing techniques like direct mail.

Direct mail to delivers your message directly into the hands of your prospects. The observable truths are that the majority of Americans have a mailbox, which is serviced by the United States Post Office, and people receive their mail on a regular basis. There are no spam filters to get through to get your postcard or letter delivered to your prospects door. There is absolutely no risk of your prospects computer catching a virus from direct mail. It gets delivered, its gets read period.

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When you send out a direct mailer to your prospects they will get your mail piece. Now whether or not they respond to your offer depends on the offer you are giving, the design of the mail piece and the mailing list you use. Three things that’s it!

Direct mail does cost money, yes. It is not free or cheap like email marketing. My question to you: is cheap or free marketing getting you to where you need to be?

Direct mail still outperforms other forms of media in deliverability and results.

We can help you improve the quality and volume of prospects coming in your door with a targeted direct mailer. Call us for more information.

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