Get Your Foot in the Door – Marketing With Door Hangers

‐ November 12, 2015

Door hanger marketing is an effective, yet inexpensive way to ensure your message reaches your targeted audience! If you have serviced people in a particular area or neighborhood, door hangers are an inexpensive way to broaden your reach in that area/neighborhood.

Here are a few creative ways to consider using door hanger marketing:

  • Make it double sided—you double your space and the cost is not much more.
  • Include a tear away discount card or coupon with a unique coupon code, QR code, or web URL to track the results.

* Attach a business card magnet on the door hanger.

  • Use door hangers to promote a grand opening and let area residents and businesses know you are new in the area.
  • Provide a save-the-date announcement for an upcoming event. Consider including a removable sticker for recipients to add to their calendar as a convenient reminder.
  • For service industries, door hanger payment envelopes while residents are away from home. You can also use door hangers as rent envelopes or donation envelopes for nonprofit organizations, fundraisers, or other local charities.
  • Develop a door hanger survey with a prepaid postage detachable postcard.

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Door hangers really are a versatile way to connect with your customers or interact with your prospects. If you’d like more ideas or help creating the perfect door hanger, give us a call today!

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