How To Choose the Best Online Printing Company To Print Your Brochures, Booklets & Other Marketing Materials

You can buy almost anything online today. You can also buy the printing of your business’s marketing materials, such as full color brochures, flyers and booklets. When the economy tanked a few years ago online printing companies gained momentum due to promoting cheap printing prices and convenience for small businesses.

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You can buy a full range of printed products online from cheap business cards to full color flyers, brochures and booklets. When you from a cheap online printing company, you will give up some things in exchange for a cheap price on printing. When buying printing online you give up personal service and having someone who cares that your job is done right.

The pricing for an online printing company is often very cheap, but beware of the a la carte add on. These online printing companies will lure you in with cheap prices, but you will be charged any service that requires them handle your job more such as for proofing. Shipping is also charged at an inflated price.

These cheap online printing companies want you to pay via credit card, upload your file or use one of their templates. They do not want to handle your job anymore than possible and they definitely would prefer not talking to you. You usually have no guarantee of quality and turn around time can be a bit up-in-the-air depending on which online printing company you choose.

We cross paths with customers everyday who have boxes of old printed promotional materials on shelf they bought online and now can’t use because the quality was off, or their was something wrong with the printed piece such as a typo. They went to Vista Print or one of the other online printing companies that promotes cheap printing for businesses and ended up paying way more because they were unaware of the a la carte additions. When they received their materials there was a typo they missed and since the client had used one of Vista Print’s online template, Vista Print and other cheap online printers usually will assume no responsibility for reprinting due to the mistake.

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If these businesses had looked beyond a cheap price, they would have found a full service local commercial printing company who would have proofed the file and caught the error before printing and would have not charged them for proofing. Many local printing companies have in house graphic designers who could have done a more professional job designing than the business owner using an online template.

If you need better service, choose a company that is local to you. Buying local today is a relative term and it can mean in your city or area or statewide. You may pay a little more for those full color brochures, but it will be done right and done when you need it. You are not just a job number at your local commercial printer, they have an interest in your business doing well and will work hard for you. Your local printer, being part of your community, will stand behind their work and make sure it is right the first time around. Many local printers are online—so we are easy to find.

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    The last five or six years the economy has been tough on local printing companies. The commercial printers who provided poor service went out of business—only the strong are left standing. The printing companies who are left standing are still in business because they provided good service, a good quality product for a fair price and stood behind their work

    When you buy from a local, full service printing company you are supporting your local economy, and in return there may be an opportunity for your local printer to buy something from your business.

    So it would seem to be good business for you not to buy your printed materials from a cheap online company, but look to someone who has an interest in your company’s success.

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