Product Hang Tags & Packaging Pop Outs

‐ April 14, 2015

Product hang tags and packaging pop outs are the perfect way to add a finishing touch to your product and gift packaging. In many cases, the packaging you choose for your product will either cause your product to jump of the shelves or become lost to the eye of your prospective customer. There are a couple ways to create eye-catching product hang tags and packaging pop outs, which one you choose really depends on how much money you want to invest.

Product Hang Tags

The simplest option is to turn your business card into a folded hang tag that allows you to not only provide a personalized message, but also incorporate your contact information.

  • Consider stringing them with elastic for use on irregular-shaped items such as jar tops or gift baskets.
  • Rounded corners will add a more finished look and is inexpensive to do.
  • Add a QR code that can be scanned to link to additional information, such as a voice mail, personalized message, or a promotional video.

A more detailed option is the die cut your hang tag or packaging pop outs. We can create a custom die to stamp out different shapes for eye-catching packaging.

  • With die cut shapes, literally almost anything you can think of can be die cut and created.
  • Foil or embossed logos.
  • Water-resistant paper for special uses.
  • Special tear resistant synthetic paper when the hang tag needs additional wear and tear.

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Hang tags and pop outs can be used to promote selling features and can also:

  • Reinforce your brand and use corporate colors, as well as your logo to effectively represent your brand.
  • Give directions (such as if products have multiple uses), explain your product guarantee, suggestions for care, etc.
  • Consider using a famous quote, inspirational message, or humorous caricature that your recipients will remember.
  • Keep it simple with clear visuals, a strong message, and easy-to-read fonts.
  • Design tip, a common mistake can be forgetting to leave space for the drill hole. Be sure your designer takes it into account to not distract from the purpose of your hang tag.

Wilson Printing USA has designed and printed thousands of product hang tags and packaging pop outs. We can save you time and money by designing the perfect hang tag or pop out that will help you to sell your products.

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