New Parishioner Welcome Packs for Churches

‐ March 22, 2018

Lord willing, your parish is growing and you are spreading the good word to more and more people. The better your dissemination is, the more new members you will attract to your church.

welcome packs for churches

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Let me ask a question: what is the second thing you can do (after a hearty, in-person welcome) to make new people feel welcome to your church?

A new parishioner welcome pack can help you start off on the right foot.

When someone comes to your church for the first time they naturally have many questions. A welcome kit for your church can answer these questions for them.

Your ministry is a vibrant, busy and empowering activity that helps many people. People naturally are attracted to ministries that have a lot going on.

Because you have a lot going on, sometimes it is difficult to communicate everything you offer and do. This is where a Welcome Pack helps you fill the information void.

What Would You Include In A Welcome Pack For Churches?

  • List times for your church’s services
  • Bio on the minister
  • Your church’s mission
  • Information about prayer groups and who to contact
  • Information on youth groups and activities
  • Special events section
  • Meet the staff members section, to introduce those who work at your church.
  • Information on Sunday school and Bible studies.
  • Information on your church’s school, along with tuition fees and who to contact to enroll.
  • A bookmark for their Bible.
  • Special Bible verses to help them through life.
  • Pens with your churches logo.

The above are the minimum to include in a Welcome Pack for churches.

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Promoting Your Church

The life of your church, to a large degree, depends on attracting new members. Your current members are usually your best marketing assets. Members want to be a part of a flourishing and prospering congregation. They already speak highly about the church; it’s time to arm them with welcome packs to give to their friends, neighbors and family. In this sense, the welcome pack for your church doubles as an information pack for prospective new members.

The more often and the more professionally you communicate with prospective members, the more new members you will attract. The cost to design and print is usually nominal when compared to the worth of adding an active new member to your church.

New member welcome packs should be available to your parishioners so they can use to invite their neighbors, friends and family to your church.

In this day and age, it vital that you have marketing materials that look professional and communicate the feel, focus and mission of your church. We can help you develop a professional look to your materials—starting with a Welcome Kit for Churches.

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