What Is The Most Profitable Way To Advertise A Small Business?

‐ August 25, 2015

Direct mail postcards are one of the most profitable ways to market your business. It sounds easy to mock up a postcard, buy a mailing list and send it out. Then wait for the phone to ring. It is almost that easy but still, there are secrets to postcard marketing success that marketing pros employ to boost response rates.

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The differences between a professionally designed and amateur postcards are sometimes minimal, yet what accounts for the dramatic difference in return on investment? The following is a list of tips you can use to make your postcard marketing more effective:

Write Your Copy With The Correct Point-of-View

Your message should be written from the point-of-view of your customer. Why do they need what you are selling? A human being is going to receive your postcard, so write your message in way that person will relate to and understand.

Keep It Simple

Tell them what it is, why they want it and how it will help them. Give them a reason to respond today.

If you want more response from your postcard marketing get the idea out of your head that more is better. More content in a postcard or any other form of direct mail marketing kills response. A postcard advertisement is different from your website (where you will want more content). An effective postcard has just enough information to attract interest and engage the reader, creating want for more information.

The most powerful postcard delivers a singular message to a targeted audience. Keep your message simple by promoting one product or service and delivering one offer to one customer. Even when you send out a sales letter or brochure, focus on one product or service and sell the hell out of it. Do not laundry list your services hoping someone will need something you sell. It does not work.

Offer Something Extraordinary

Make no mistake when you are advertising you are buying customers. How much are you willing to invest to get a customer? The answer to that question depends on how much a customer is worth to your business.

To get prospects to respond you have to offer something truly extraordinary to them. If you’re offering 10 % off or a free consultation, guess what so is your competition! The prospect will look at your offer and yawn. THINK MAN! What can you offer that will get attention? What can you offer that is of value to the prospect? What can you offer that will make your competition gasp and think, “How can they do that?” and make the prospect call you?

If your offer is extraordinary, you mail to a targeted mailing list a well thought out and design postcard, you will get responses.

Direct mail marketing and postcard marketing are one of the most effective ways you can advertise. You can go about it with a lazy attitude and get mediocre response or you can do your homework find out what your prospects need and want and combine it with an extraordinary offer, hire a professional marketing company to design it for you and get a good return on your investment.

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We, as marketing professionals, employ a host of techniques to boost postcard response rate, but compelling copy, intelligent design, a targeted mailing lists, and an outstanding offer are the essentials you need to launch a remarkable postcard direct mail marketing campaign.

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