Lead Match

Lead Match captures the identities of many of the people that go to your website, no form fill outs necessary.

WHY SHOULD I CARE ABOUT WHO WAS ON MY WEBSITE? You should be interested because the people who go to your website are interested, looking and shopping for what you have to offer NOW. Today, 96% to 98% of people will check out you out via your website before they call or buy. Prospects would not be on your website if they were not shopping now! Which means being able to know who they are and reaching out to them now, before they buy from a competitor, is vital. Up until now, most of the traffic going to your website has been anonymous. There was no way to know who was on your website unless they called you or filled out a form, which most people will not do when they are shopping around.

This program comes with the Direct Mail Scout Program
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Option 1: If you would want the addresses only - cost is $0.49 per lead. Minimum order of $45
Option 2: address plus name, phone & email as available. Cost is $0.69 per lead. Minimum order $89

Setup charges may apply

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