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We design and print Postcards in full color for business direct mailers. Our postcards are designed specifically for your business and more importantly the people you want to reach.

Postcard are fast and inexpensive to print and mail and for most businesses they are perfect.

The most common sizes for postcards are;

• 4” x 6”
• 5” x 7”
• 6” x 9”
• 6” x 11”

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    What is the standard size postcard? 

    Standard sizes for postcards are

    • 4 x 6

    • 4 x 9

    • 5 x 7

    • 5.5 x 8.5

    • 6 x 9

    • 6 x 11

    How much does postcard printing cost? 

    That depends on the size of card and the number of postcards you need.

    Contact us and we can give you a price for what you need.

    Do you have postcard design templates?

    All or our postcards are customer designed for your need. We have found cookie cutter postcards are generally not very effective.


    How do I get a mailing list for my postcard mailer?

    List are a specialty of ours. We can get you a list of exactly who you want to reach.

    Can I make my own postcard?

    Yes you can if you like. Often it is a good practice to hire a graphic designer or let us design your postcard for you. Our designers are experienced, have the design tools and know how to make your post card effective.

    What type of paper is used for postcards?

    Postcards are printed on heavy cover stock is most ideal because they hold up in the mail better. There is also an economy option which is a thin cover paper.

    Should postcards be printed matte or gloss?

    It depends on the message and design of the postcard. If you have a lot of photos in your design typically glossy is best. A lot of text on the postcard and matte is easier to read. We can guide you through the process and recommend what is best for your situation.

    How can I create a lay out in Word?

    Microsoft word is not the best design program to lay out a postcard. You generally will spend and lot of time with your lay out. The best graphic design software for postcards is Adobe Indesign.

    Can I DIY postcard design?

    Is usually not a good idea to design postcard your self unless you have the software and skill. Postcard design sounds simple but there are design and graphic techniques our designers use to get attention of the reader.

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    Amanda Septimo
    Amanda Septimo
    My business is located in Wisconsin and I have been a bit frustrated with my local design/print options. I was searching on youtube and came found the Wilson Print Marketing youtube page and I was impressed. I gave them a call and they assisted me in designing a remodeling dream book that I could send to interior designers and general contractors. I am so happy I reached out. The design is AMAZING and the print quality is top of the line. I am so impressed and they will be my go to company for all of my design/print needs.
    Vicki Gailzaid
    Vicki Gailzaid
    I just had a book of poems printed by Wilson Printing and they did more then a fine job! They did it fast and competitively prices as well. Their service is friendly and truly unbeatable. The Owner Mark Hale is top notch also-He listens to what you need and want-Is not robotic but genuinely interested in you and your requirements. I highly recommend this company.
    Jomgg B
    Jomgg B
    Wow, how refreshing. I saw the YouTube they put out on brochures and liked the information so well I looked up their phone number. I talked to Kelsi and she was so helpful and professional. Real professional company that I plan to align with.
    Alan Holmes
    Alan Holmes
    I have found Wilson Printing to be comprised of friendly, punctual, and dedicated team members. We have utilized them for several projects over the years and will continue to do so in the future. Thank you!
    Roei Azoviv
    Roei Azoviv
    Great service
    Jennifer Stepanek
    Jennifer Stepanek
    We have been very happy with Wilson printing. They have been helpful, professional and easy to work with getting our mailers out quickly at a good price. Highly recommend this company.
    Fabrizio Beltran
    Fabrizio Beltran
    Amazing team; I haven’t seen a company with such great customer service in years; from the office front desk to production to delivery. Reliable, organized, and high quality.
    Ulan Nutritional Systems, Inc.
    Ulan Nutritional Systems, Inc.
    LOVE this place! They always print everything perfectly, onetime (usually faster) and they are very friendly. Don't go anywhere else for printing!!
    Marcy Sargeant
    Marcy Sargeant
    Wilson Printing staff are professionals who are easy to work with, fast, friendly and competent. I'm so pleased our promotional products. I highly recommend them.
    Jennie Polson
    Jennie Polson
    We recently were looking for an alternative for our printing needs. The staff at Wilson Printing helped me from design concept, pricing to fit our budget, difficultly with addresses, and etc. I could go on and on. Every question I had was researched and answered. They will walk you through the process and help you determine exactly what you need and work within your budget. You can not go wrong with them. It is family owned and operated and their customer service is 10 stars not just 5!!
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