7 Mistakes Financial Advisors Are Making With Their Website

Let me ask you a question? How many new clients did you get from your website this year? How many leads came in from your website this week? If your answer is none or never, then your website is costing you new clients and revenue.

Today, the potential clients you are targeting to help are between the ages of 57 to 70 years old. These people, particularly the 57 to 67 age group, represent the younger end of the Baby Boomer generation and the older edge of Generation X.

Financial Advisor Website

What does this mean for a Financial Advisor who is trying to win new clients for their practice? It means if your website is not up to par, you will and probably are losing business.

Why? Because this group of prospective new clients came up with the internet and technology. They may not be as sharp as their children but they are comfortable and accustomed to researching on the internet. This means if your website is just an electronic billboard, then you are losing business from it.

I am going to share with you the 7 biggest mistakes I see on the majority of financial advisor websites. So when you are hiring a company to build a website for your business, you will know what to watch out for.

1.  The number one problem with websites that the majority of financial advisors have is the design of their website is outdated. It looks old and the content is confusing. The website does not engage the viewer and invite participation.

2.  The content is difficult to understand. If a visitor to your website is greeted by strange words, industry terminology, and an alphabet soup of professional designations, they will be confused and quickly leave your website. Think about when was the last time you bought something from someone that you did not understand the product or program?

I know you worked hard for and are proud of your designations, but if you are going to use them, at least define what the letters mean and more importantly why should the visitor care if you are a CEP, RFC, CLU, CFP, LUTCF, etc.

The same way with industry terminology, do not assume that the visitor knows what an IUL is.

3.  Your website is hard to navigate. When a prospect goes to your website they are looking for an answer to a question they have. Every industry can sum up what questions their prospects have to three, maybe four questions.

When people go to your website they should be able to see where to go to get the answer or at least a promising direction for the answer. The rule of thumb is that a visitor should be no more than 2 – 3 clicks away from what they want.

4.  Generic content. The trend in the industry is to purchase one of the canned websites for financial advisors. The problem is your website has no personality and looks the same as a half a dozen other financial advisors in your area. Because your content is the same as other advisors, you get penalized with Google and rank way down on the search list. Google ranks sites based on original or unique content.

While getting one of these pre-canned FMG Suite websites is better than not having a website at all if you have one of these websites you will need to be thinking of the next step and upgrading your website if you want to grow your practice.

5.  Brand yourself. Your clients buy you first and then your company second. Photos and more importantly short videos of you talking to the prospect go a long way to building trust.

6.  No or awkward call to action. Look at what do you want the visitor to do on this page? Do you want the to download a report? Schedule an appointment? The call to action needs to be clear.

7.  Your phone number is hard to find. Your phone number should not be in small print and hard to find. You need and want people to call you, so do not make it hard for them to do so.

direct mail factsheet


The Effectiveness of Direct Mail vs Other Forms of Marketing!

    Printed Business Brochures & Booklets Can Really Rock Your Company’s Sales

    Seems the whole world feels that using electronic promotional materials is the way to go. Are they right? Are digital marketing business brochures and booklets really the way to go?

    If you want to build your business, digital marketing will not do that by its self. Why?

    business brochures

    What is the Biggest Drawback of Digital Marketing Materials?

    The biggest drawback of digital marketing is it is not real. You cannot touch it, hold it, or recall it later. After it is off the screen, it is gone and replaced by another digital message, often your competition.

    The fact is people are inundated with digital marketing and online ads of Google & Social Media, and overwhelmed with spam emails and digital business brochures that sit flagged in their inbox, unread.

    It is too much!! People largely ignore the majority of digital marketing they are exposed to.

    Old school printed marketing materials, such as business brochures, booklets, catalogs, and flyers can be held, touched, and experienced by the reader. Printed brochures and booklets cut through the clutter and put your business in front of your prospective customer with no competition or spam filters.

    direct mail factsheet


    The Effectiveness of Direct Mail vs Other Forms of Marketing!

      Booklets allow you to showcase several products or services and are very beneficial for small businesses.

      Business brochures and flyers allow you to sell specific products and services.

      Where Do You Start When Designing Business Brochures?

      Should you do it yourself and use one of those online design templates? Or hire a graphic designer?

      The benefit of online templates is that they appear easy. The problem with online design templates is they are impossibly generic and terribly bland.

      The purpose of your printed business brochure or booklets is to communicate the benefits of your product or service to the reader to a point where the reader wants to buy something from you. The money you spend hiring a professional graphic designer will be well worth it because your brochure will be unique and will communicate to the reader.

      For there to be a communication to the reader you need to know how to combine the message with the design elements to first capture interest, then to build desire and then to bring it home with a call to action. There are specific tools of the trade a professional graphics designer has that will accomplish this. The online design templates do not offer this know-how.

      Growing your business involves communicating with prospective customers in ways that reach them regularly and often. Also reaching them in ways that will be remembered and responded to.

      Using printed marketing materials combined with digital marketing materials will take your business to the next level. You should use both digital and real printed marketing materials but err in the direction of giving your prospects something real, can be touched, held, and is remembered.

      10 common mistakes in brochures ebook


      10 Common Mistakes and Pitfalls Made On Brochures!

        Have a question about creating a custom brochure for your business or need a quote? Fill out the form below and one of our Marketing Consultants will give you a call.

        How To Drum Up More Business When Trade Shows Are Canceled

        Recent events have caused a paradigm shift in the marketing and promotional efforts of businesses more than anything in recent years.

        If your small business has relied on Trade Shows, Home Shows and other events to drive sales in the door, you are now sitting there and the year is half gone and your dependable moneymaker shows and events have been canceled. What can you do now to drive sales in?

        You have to shift the way you acquire new customers. The following are ideas that you can do to drive new customers in.

        1. Direct Mail. As long as 100% of people in the US have mailboxes and the USPS delivers mail six days a week, there is not a more dependable and reliable way to reach new customers than Direct Mail Marketing.

        The mailing lists we can get today can target ideal buyers to minute details or broadly across general demographics.

        There is nothing else you can do marketing-wise that offers as much ability to reach a prospective buyer as direct mail does.

        Wilson Print Marketing even has a way for you to combine Google and Facebook to your direct mail campaign to follow-up on interested prospects.

        direct mail factsheet


        The Effectiveness of Direct Mail vs Other Forms of Marketing!

          2. Referrals can be a lucrative source of new business for most small businesses. The problem is most businesses do not have a system for soliciting referrals. Referrals sort of just happen. Get on a phone call with your past clients to find out how they are doing or mail them a notecard to touch base with them. In the notecard ask if they have any friends or family that could benefit from your services.

          One thing that Wilson Print Marketing can do is use your past clients to hone in on other similar prospects in your area. What we do is take your client list and do what is called a reverse append on that list. We can identify lifestyle details and other similar traits that your existing customers have and then use that information to buy a more targeted mailing list of people who match the profile of your existing customers. Then we help you with a targeted mailing to these people.

          3. A website is one of the most overlooked and neglected assets of a small business. The Internet has linked people together and given them access like nothing else in human history. Your website is a digital representation of your company. People search for services on the Internet before they buy. Yet most small businesses have a website that is outdated or that was designed by someone who did not understand how people use the Internet and how to get visitors to convert to a buying customer. There is a technology to it.

          4. LeadMatch. One of the programs Wilson Print Marketing offers is a service call LeadMatch. Basically, LeadMatch is like caller-ID for your website. The problem with website traffic is that most of it is largely anonymous.

          96% of the people going to the average website will not fill out a form, do not sign up for the free email newsletter, will not call you, and avoid the free download button. Yet they were looking for something and had some sort of interest, otherwise, they would not have been on your website.

          Now we can help identify this anonymous web traffic you are getting on your website with LeadMatch. The idea is that you develop a sort of hot prospect list that you can do a follow-up drip marketing to.

          The above are just a few ways you can market smarter and get more results.

          direct mail factsheet


          The Effectiveness of Direct Mail vs Other Forms of Marketing!

            If you would like more information about how to market your business smarter with any of the points mentioned above, please fill out your company info below with the best contact number to reach you, and one of our Marketing Consultants will give you a call.


            8 New Year Resolutions That Will Take Your Business To New Levels

            The end of the year is here and with that many people make resolutions for the New Year.

            Unfortunately, most small to medium-size businesses do not make any resolutions about growing and marketing their business. The definition of resolution is “a firm decision to do or not to do something”. The keywords here are the decision to do, it does not say to wish or pray for something to happen.

            Today, we are faced with the strongest economy in the last 50 years. All indications are that it is going to get even better. There are going to be more multi-millionaires made in the next few years than ever before in our country’s history. What you decide to do or decide not to do will have an economic impact not only for you but for your family for generations.

            The following is a list of resolutions because at the base of your company’s growth and the extent of the height of that growth will be determined by the decisions you make about marketing and promotion today.

            1. Decide that no matter what you are going to be consistent with your advertising and marketing. Your marketing budget should be treated like your payroll. It is one of the first things you fund and pay. Lack of consistency in advertising is one of the primary reasons for the huge ups and downs in your company’s income. If you want to get off the cash-flow roller coaster, be consistent with your advertising is the way to go.

            2. Decide that every piece of advertising you send out has a buy now with an offer to buy now. People naturally procrastinate. You want them to buy or call right now and not six months from now. Often a strong special price will get them to take action sooner rather than later. Every customer, client or prospect you will get is a customer of one of your competitors and you are buying customers with your special offer.

            sales letters that sell ebook

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            10 Tips For Writing Sales Letters That SELL!

              3. Decide to include targeted direct mail in your advertising. Why? Because direct mail is the only form of advertising that reaches 99.99% of your potential and existing customers. Think about this…do you know anyone who does not have a mailbox? The answer is no. Everyone in the United States has a mailbox and the USPS delivers the mail every day. Direct Mail is the only way you can put a message directly in the hands of your best prospect. There are 3 things that can cause a mailer to fail.

              4. Include social media in your advertising. There is an easy, inexpensive and effective way to use Facebook that will only target people on your mailing list that you are mailing to. The problem most people have is that the advertising they do is so broad that there are no multiple contacts with the prospects.

              5. It is possible today to use Google the same way, reaching only people who are interested in your service.

              Interested In How We Can Help You With Facebook & Google? Click Here.

              6. Decide you are going to implement a follow-up program. 80% of all sales occur after the 5th to 12th contact with the prospect. The bigger the ticket item, the more follow-up is required to close the sale. Incorporate professionally created brochures, flyers, and booklets. The more things that are real and tangible that you can put in a prospect’s hands, the better.

              7. Harden yourself to stay with your plan even through the ups and downs. This is the hardest one because there will be ups and downs. It takes time for an advertising program to take hold. The natural inclination is to abandon a program when a slow period happens.

              8. Make an investment in your website. Today 96% of buyers will research and shop online before making a purchase. The weak link for most small businesses is their website. They are losing prospects when they go to their website. The navigation is too confusing, the type fonts and layouts are hard to read and there is no call to actions and no special offers. When people go to your website they are looking for answers to questions, solutions to problems and if they do not see it or cannot find it then they are out of there in one to two clicks. You lost a potential new customer because your website did not perform.

              If you have questions or need help with a targeted mailer, Google, Facebook or a new website we have a program that actually ties everything together and gets your advertising working for you.

              direct mail factsheet


              The Effectiveness of Direct Mail vs Other Forms of Marketing!

                For more information call 727-536-4173 or fill out the form below and one of our Marketing Consultants will love to help you!


                How To Build a Customer Loyalty With Business Birthday Cards

                Fact 1: Absolutely everyone has a Birthday!

                Fact 2: Your Birthday is a special day!

                Fact 3: Using Birthday’s as a marketing tool makes sense for most businesses.

                Birthdays, even more than any other holiday, are more special and are more looked forward to, (up to about 40 then you stop counting). Some people even stretch their Birthdays out for a week – turning it into a “Festival of ME!! You can’t spell awesome without ME!”

                As a marketer, Birthday’s present a golden opportunity to build customer loyalty and to get new business.

                Two Ways To Use Business Birthday Cards For Your Business:

                1) Send Your Existing Customers A Birthday Card. This entails getting the birthdates of your existing customers and sending them a Birthday Greeting. The question is, do you send a Birthday email or a physical Birthday card in the mail?

                • Emailed Birthday greetings are better than nothing, but are often lost in a sea of Spam and other Birthday messages and lack a personal touch and meaningful impact.
                • Let’s talk about a mailed Birthday card…they are very personal, have an impact, and gets you noticed. Sure it costs more money for you in postage and the printing of the Birthday card, but your customers see that too and they feel special.

                2) Mail Prospects In Your Area A Birthday Card. Wilson Print Marketing USA can help your business get a mailing list of your ideal prospects and potential new customers with their Birthdays. Each month you will mail a card to the people who are having a Birthday that month.

                • Include in the Birthday card a special offer, giving the prospective new customer a reason to call and do business with you for their Birthday. Mailing a Birthday card is an effective way to create new customers for your business.

                Ideas for Business Birthday Card Incentives…

                When you send out business Birthday cards, sure you want to make the person feel special on their Birthday, but it would also be nice to drive some sales back in your door.

                The following are some ideas to help you drive sales back to you with a Birthday Card mailer:

                • A Birthday discount coupon, 10% off, or a free service. Something of perceived value to your customer or prospect. Put an expiration date on the coupon (the idea is to drive traffic and sales now).
                • If you have a type of business that it’s difficult to offer a discount, you can send the person a gift certificate or a Starbucks Gift Card. A recent survey by the National Restaurant Association found that Birthdays are the MOST popular occasion to dine out, with 7 out of every 10 visiting restaurants to celebrate Birthdays, whether it is their Birthday or someone else’s. Birthday marketing for business is a proven and effective means to get noticed and drive customers in your door.

                The biggest reason why businesses fail to send out Birthday cards is simply the time it takes to do it. There are companies that will mail cards out for you each month. Wilson Print Marketing also offers that service in addition to designing a custom Birthday card that is unique and builds your brand.

                If you would like more information about how your company can send out Business Birthday cards or you would like a free list count of potential new customers in your area and their Birthdays, fill out the form below and one of our Marketing Consultants will contact you:

                  12 Steps To Writing Effective Sales Letters

                  how to write effective sales letters

                  Sales letters are, by definition, a means to market your business and drive sales in your door.

                  Writing effective sales letters means following a simple format and writing in a conversational style that engages the prospect.

                  1. Get attention. You have to get the attention of your prospects. The style and format of the sales letter and envelope is the first step to getting noticed.
                  2. What problem are you solving for the prospect? The first line of an effective sales letter should state the problem you are going to solve for the prospect.
                  3. Build the ruin. What happens if their problem is not handled or otherwise solved? It is the old pain versus pleasure story. People will do more to avoid pain than to gain pleasure. What is the pain they could experience if they do not solve their problem?
                  4. Provide a solution. Demonstrate how you will solve the problem. How are you going to help them?
                  5. Credibility. Tell them why you are the best to help them with their problem. By presenting your credentials, experiences, and successes you are increasing your creditability to your prospect.
                  6. The benefits. Explain the benefits of what you are offering and what is in it for them to do business with you.
                  7. Provide proof of your claims. Anyone can make a claim, but few go the extra step of validating their claims. People see through BS. So do not BS and always back up your claims with proof.
                  8. Give them a reason to act now. Otherwise known as, make them an offer they can’t refuse.
                  9. Limited Time. Imply there is a scarcity or limited time to act.
                  10. Back it up. Always include a guarantee if they are not happy. It is in your best interest to do so. You do not want to muddy up your market with dissatisfied customers.
                  11. Call to action. Ask for the order.
                  12. Remind the prospect. Close your sales letter with a reminder that the offer is for a limited time and that they need to act now.

                  sales letters that sell ebook

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                  10 Tips For Writing Sales Letters That SELL!

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                    Understanding The Reader (Your Prospect) And Handling Objections

                    After writing your sales letter, step back and read it from the perspective of your reader. What objections, concerns or questions would you have about the communication?

                    First of all, please understand that you are never going to overcome or handle an objection, question or concern fully in a sales letter.

                    Your goal is to get attention, build interest, create desire and create questions that need to be answered by the prospect. You have to invoke the urge to CALL or GO SEE to get more information. As a business owner, you will want to have live communication with the prospect! This is the part of the sales equation where objections are handled and questions are answered.

                    Having said that, there are objections your readers will have. For example, when you read your sales letter back to yourself, from the perspective of your potential customer, ask yourself the following:

                    1. Does this company understand the problem I am facing?
                    2. How do I know you’re reputable or otherwise qualified to handle the problem?
                    3. I don’t believe you.
                    4. I really don’t need this right now.
                    5. How do I know it will work for me?
                    6. What happens if I don’t like it?
                    7. Sounds expensive, I can’t afford it.
                    sales letters that sell ebook

                    FREE EBOOK

                    10 Tips For Writing Sales Letters That SELL!

                      Writing effective sales letters is not as difficult at you might think it is. Just keep within the above points.

                      If you have any questions, or would like a quote for printing and mailing a sales letter campaign for your business, fill out the form below and one of our marketing consultants will contact you:

                      OMG! Somebody Moved My Advertising Cheese!

                      Have you noticed that it seems to be getting harder and harder to advertise your business? Things you did a few years ago do not seem to be working like they used to?

                      What has happened is the entire marketing and advertising paradigm shifted dramatically about 6 to 8 years ago. You can blame the Internet for moving your advertising cheese.

                      The Internet changed everything. smartphones came on the scene. Suddenly people have hundreds of choices for just about every product or service sold at their fingertips.

                      Peoples’ shopping and buying habits changed. It use to be that if people had a need or interest they would pick up the phone and call you or come to your business location. Now they go online and research before they do anything.

                      In fact, over 90% of people go online and research before they buy AND according to Google Analytics, 96% of the people who go to your website will leave without taking any further action. Your prospects will not fill out a form; they will not download that free info booklet, and they will not sign up for your newsletter. They just leave.

                      Click Here for 5 x 7 Postcard Sale. Buy 2500, get 2500 FREE.

                      The Internet is an extremely large universe of potential customers for you. The problem is it can get expensive to advertise on the Internet. You have larger competitors who can spend a lot more money than you.

                      We are helping businesses, like yours, get back their advertising cheese with a product called Direct Mail Scout. In a nutshell, what we do is combine a targeted direct mail piece with Google & Facebook to follow up with hot prospects and track every respondent 100%.  Remember the point above about 96% of the people who go to your website and leave?

                      The important thing to remember is that people who are on your website are in the market to buy what you do. What if you could know who these hot prospects were and put a special offer or incentive in their hands now before they went to a competitor?

                      Now we can even tell you the names and addresses of EVERYONE who goes to your website.

                      Direct Mail Scout is changing everything about how you get new customers.

                      If you would like more information, call us at 727-536-4173 or click here to have one of our Direct Mail Scout Consultants contact you!

                      New Parishioner Welcome Packs for Churches

                      Lord willing, your parish is growing and you are spreading the good word to more and more people. The better your dissemination is, the more new members you will attract to your church.

                      welcome packs for churches

                      Click Here For Pricing On Welcome Packs for Churches

                      Let me ask a question: what is the second thing you can do (after a hearty, in-person welcome) to make new people feel welcome to your church?

                      A new parishioner welcome pack can help you start off on the right foot.

                      When someone comes to your church for the first time they naturally have many questions. A welcome kit for your church can answer these questions for them.

                      Your ministry is a vibrant, busy and empowering activity that helps many people. People naturally are attracted to ministries that have a lot going on.

                      Because you have a lot going on, sometimes it is difficult to communicate everything you offer and do. This is where a Welcome Pack helps you fill the information void.

                      What Would You Include In A Welcome Pack For Churches?

                      • List times for your church’s services
                      • Bio on the minister
                      • Your church’s mission
                      • Information about prayer groups and who to contact
                      • Information on youth groups and activities
                      • Special events section
                      • Meet the staff members section, to introduce those who work at your church.
                      • Information on Sunday school and Bible studies.
                      • Information on your church’s school, along with tuition fees and who to contact to enroll.
                      • A bookmark for their Bible.
                      • Special Bible verses to help them through life.
                      • Pens with your churches logo.

                      The above are the minimum to include in a Welcome Pack for churches.

                      Click Here For Free Samples!


                      Promoting Your Church

                      The life of your church, to a large degree, depends on attracting new members. Your current members are usually your best marketing assets. Members want to be a part of a flourishing and prospering congregation. They already speak highly about the church; it’s time to arm them with welcome packs to give to their friends, neighbors and family. In this sense, the welcome pack for your church doubles as an information pack for prospective new members.

                      The more often and the more professionally you communicate with prospective members, the more new members you will attract. The cost to design and print is usually nominal when compared to the worth of adding an active new member to your church.

                      New member welcome packs should be available to your parishioners so they can use to invite their neighbors, friends and family to your church.

                      In this day and age, it vital that you have marketing materials that look professional and communicate the feel, focus and mission of your church. We can help you develop a professional look to your materials—starting with a Welcome Kit for Churches.