8 Ways To Save Money On Invoices And Estimate Forms For HVAC Business

‐ June 23, 2015

Carbonless forms are a staple of many business environments. None more vital than in the HVAC business where job carbonless estimate forms and invoices printed on NCR paper are a mainstay of professionalism.

Let me define the two terms I just used. Carbonless and NCR mean the same thing, they are special paper used to print business forms. NCR is just a brand name and I use it here for convenience.

Sure carbonless, or NCR forms, are a low-tech solution in a high-tech world. But when your techs are crawling around in an attic installing an air handler, the low-tech of NCR estimate forms is the affordable option.

NCR forms provide a simple and effective way to record transactions, or in the HVAC and Home Services industries a simple means of providing invoices, estimates and warranties. Your custom NCR estimate forms and invoices can be branded to your business, designed for efficiency and will leave your customer with a clean and professional looking document, that provides legal protection for you.

What Is The Easiest Way To Save Money On Your Carbonless Or NRC Forms?

  1. Decide how many copies you actually need? Who needs a copy? What is the purpose for each copy? Who gets it? What is done with it when they get it? The more copies you have the more the cost will be. Print exactly the number of copies you need.
  2. How big does your job estimate form or invoice need to be? The size should be just large enough to record all the information you need no bigger.
  3. The standard sizes for NCR forms are 8.5 x 11 or 5.5 x 8.5. Sticking with standard sizes forms allows for the least amount of wasted paper and will save you money.
  4. Have a graphic designer design and layout your form. Professional designers use special design programs that allow them to condense size and still allow for functionality and readability.
  5. Do you need full color business forms or will black & white business forms due? Full color printing is more expensive than B&W printing. So if the form will work printed in B&W you will save money.
  6. Lose the tabs and perforations, if possible. Forms with tabbed perforation take up more paper and tend to cost more. If there is no reason to have a perforation or a tab leave it off and save money.
  7. Only number your forms if you absolutely use the numbers for tracking and invoicing. Numbering is an additional step in the production process and will add to your cost.
  8. Do your business forms need to be printed on one side or two sides? Forms that are printed on one side are less expensive than double-sided business forms. This is where a graphic designer can help you condense the contents of your forms and save you money.

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Custom made carbonless NCR forms for invoices, estimates, contracts, agreements and warranties are vital tools and will make your business look more professional. We have created thousands of forms for the HVAC and Home Services industries and can help you create the perfect form for your business.

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