The Fact About Life Your Competitors Do Not Want You to Know

‐ January 31, 2014

The determining factor of your company’s survival boils down to one thing – “Attitude”. The attitude of you and the attitude of your staff toward conditions you face has more to do with success than anything else, period.


If you and/or your staff have a doom and gloom attitude about the economy, life or business in general do you think people will want to do business with your company?  The fact is there is no down economy there is just “the economy”. It is doing whatever it is doing and you, yourself can handle the cards you are dealt in one of three ways. One, you can run from it. Two, you can hide from it. Or, three, you can attack it and handle the hell out of it.

The fact is, with a positive outlook, you will be able to find solutions to problems more easily than you can with a negative attitude. How you approach the challenges you face determines your success. How can you improve your attitude?

Your production and income will improve with a proactive/positive attitude. Why? Because when you are hiding and running from the situation you are not confronting it. When you confront the situation you mentally are better able to handle the situation. There are only so many ways you can hide and the planet is only so big, so eventually you are going to be running in a circle with your problem still nipping at your heals.

If you and your staff have a “let’s get it done”, “we can do it”, “let’s make it happen” attitude, things will seem to happen magically. Your marketing will need to be better, smarter and more focused than ever.  The following are five areas you need to look at in order to increase your company’s sales today.

Defense may win games in football, but in business offense wins games. A strong offense starts with a positive attitude and continues with the quantity and quality of your marketing and promotion.

1. How are you promoting? When things tighten up many businesses cut all forms of promotion and look for cheaper ways to promote, like just sending out emails because they are cheap. The problem is email and web marketing alone is not enough to carry most businesses to the sales level they need to survive today. A media mix is more important than ever.

2. Focus on message. Your message has to be focused more than ever on benefits you offer to the customer. These benefits have to be benefits that are real and important to your customer, not what you think the benefits are. To find out what is actually important to your customer you should talk to them, ask them how your product or service has helped them, what they like most about what you offer. This is a simple survey and the answers will give you what you need to create a more effective advertising message.

Have you ever noticed that when you are bitching and complaining people really don’t care. They have their own problems and just want to get away from you. When people are optimistic, upbeat and happy they can do incredible things. When you are in a positive frame of mind mentally,  you naturally see opportunity. Positive people win in life. There is nothing to it really except the decision to look for the opportunity in a situation you have.

If you feel like you need help to generate more customers for your business, you should call us and talk to one of our marketing consultants. Sometimes an exterior point of view can help pull you out of the woods.

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