How Important is Having Printed Marketing Materials For Your Business?

‐ August 25, 2015

Who could have imagined how much the digital era would have changed everything.

The Internet has changed the buying patterns of Americans. Just about everything can be bought online or at least researched online. Several studies have found that when making buying decisions, the first place people go to for researching their options is the Internet.

The question is, if everything takes place online these days, should you still use printed marketing literature (such as full color brochures, flyers or catalogs) as part of your business’s marketing strategy?

Why Having Printed Marketing Materials Is Important To Your Business’s Success Than Ever Before

Successful strategies for marketing a small business are never about just one medium. Sure, it is easy and cheap to have a digital PDF brochure of a product, and many have cut corners in this direction. What most of them find is that buyers will often need to see and touch something that represents a product before they buy.

Reaches for information from a website or pay-per-click ad are fragile. They have to be coaxed along, nurtured and strengthened. People will often give you their address to mail a brochure to before they give you an email. Mailing a full color brochure to an interested prospect is often what is needed to pull in the sale for your company. Or a salesperson handing the prospect the appropriate printed full color flyer or brochure at the exact right moment in the sales process will help to close the sale.

A good marketer uses many different mediums to generate many different leads, and then nurtures them along with the right promotional piece until they are ready to become customers.

With all the scandals of the Internet, malware, phishing schemes, and spam traffic, many buyers find it difficult to trust a business that is completely virtual. These buyers need to know that you are real, reputable and that you have a physical address, a phone number, and a brochure or other types of printed material to help them feel secure in their decision to buy from you.

If you ignore that you do need a mix of mediums and materials to compete in the business market today, you have just lost leads, sales and a segment of the population that could have been interested in your product or service.

Online marketing should be a very important part of your marketing strategy today, but your plan will not be as effective as it could be without including more tangible forms of marketing and lead generation for your business.

The digital age has brought along many advances in printing technology that has increase the quality and reduced the cost of full color printing. Today, it is very affordable to digitally print small quantities of full color brochures, flyers and product booklets.

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