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‐ November 12, 2013

Most businesses today have an Internet presence of some sort. You want to make the most of this investment and use your website as a tool to get more business. The Internet presents two problems, how to drive web traffic and how to direct people away from your competition. You can do what is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you can buy ads on Google or use some other listing service to drive web traffic. This is good to do, but you should not rely on it as your sole traffic generator. When you rely on SEO or purchased ads, your ad or website will be listed with a long list of your competitors and you may or may not get calls.  It becomes the game of who has the best “Geek” employed to get their website listed higher in the Google ranking. Also, believe it or not, many people still do not have access to the Internet or are computer-challenged.

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Because this audience will not likely seek out your website online, a “web card” is a great way to highlight your site benefits and entice prospects to visit.

If you want to increase your web traffic and avoid competition on the web, you have to get people searching for your business directly. The idea is to direct them to your website where you can educate them about your offer and get them to call and buy something.

What are Web Cards?  Web Cards are postcards that are designed specifically to drive traffic to a website. The purpose and design are a little different than with a regular postcard. The purpose is to increase web traffic to a website. The Web Cards are mailed to a targeted mailing list. Direct Mail is still the best bet for targeting and response.

You can easily track the results two ways.

The first way is by Google Analytics, which is a free service. You can see how many people went directly to your web site. The second way is by the number of phone calls and or sales you are getting from your website. You will see more calls coming in after you do the mailing.

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Because the Internet experience level of your audience may vary, web cards are a great, unique way to announce a new (or re-designed) website to your web savvy audience, and can also help pique interest among those who are new to or still learning how to use the Internet. Web Cards are a proven web traffic generator. Using them will help you generate more direct traffic to your website. This gives you a way to bypass search engines and all of your low cost competition that is on the Internet because people are typing your website in directly. This does not mean you should not use Search Engine Optimization on your website, but it does mean Web Cards give you another tool to use as a traffic generator.

Many businesses use email blasts to announce websites as a means of a traffic generator for their websites. This is okay but it cannot be the only method you use to drive traffic to your website. There are three problems with relying on email as your main means to increase web traffic, 1) spam filters stop a good portion of emails from getting through, 2) people do not pay attention to emails like they used to, and 3) with can-spam laws it is difficult to get enough emails on a list to actually make a meaningful impact on your website traffic. Most people simply scan email, deleting as they go.

Direct mail may sound old fashioned and is more expensive than email for sure. But the fact is, if it is inexpensive and it does not produce results, you have wasted your time and energy and you are more than likely fooling yourself if you are depending on email alone to increase your sales. People still like getting snail mail. Direct mail works and believe it or not has a longer shelf life than email. Direct mail generates interest by directly reaching your target market, by passing competitors and creating a high value lead.

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The Effectiveness of Direct Mail vs Other Forms of Marketing!

    A Web Card can be mailed as an oversized or folded postcard, as an enclosure in a standard #10 business envelope along with a cover letter, displayed in public areas, handed out at trade shows, enclosed in packages, distributed by partners and handed to customers and prospects that are browsing or making a purchase.

    When creating a Web Card, keep the message simple. It is good to define the primary benefit of your website and direct readers to it by using colorful visual images. You should also have something that entices readers to make the trek to your website with some kind of special offer not offered anywhere else or a simple register to win program also works well.

    When created to mimic the design of your site, Web Cards can highlight functionality and new features of your website. For example, a car dealership’s Web Card could show their home page and say, “Check out photos of new vehicles, view pricing and get detailed information instantly.” If you want to highlight multiple site features, consider creating subsequent Web Cards that can be mailed to your mailing list over several weeks or months, which will also increase your top of mind awareness. The Web Cards we print for you are full color digitally printed. In addition to digital printing, we offer direct mail mailing lists.

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