Lead Generation Made Simple For The Home Service Industry

‐ October 23, 2015

The United State Postal Service had made lead generation a whole lot easier for the Home Service Industry with Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM). Now it is possible for you to target areas and neighborhoods you are currently servicing customers, without buying a mailing list.

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Here’s how it works—you are working a job in a neighborhood and would like to target other potential customers in that neighborhood. You can send a super jumbo postcard to all the neighbors with a special “We’re In Your Neighborhood” offer and give them a reason to call you for an estimate.

Then you follow up with canvassing the area. This is a very effective 1-2 punch that will drive your sales to new levels. Having more jobs in the same area helps cut costs and allows you to maximize your work force.

Here are some examples of a Neighborhood EDDM mailer:

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The benefits of an EDDM mailing to generate leads are:

  • No need to buy mailing list.
  • You can mail up to a super jumbo 12 x 18 postcard
  • Postage rates average between 16 – 19 cents, even to mail a super jumbo postcard.
  • You can target entire neighborhoods for pennies.

The larger the ticket item you sell, the more you benefit by using EDDM to target neighborhoods where you are currently working jobs. You already have your crew in that neighborhood, so with a little marketing effort you can get more jobs in that area.

We have a turnkey EDDM mailer program you can use for your business. It is easy affordable and will drive new customers to you.

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