Printed Brochures For Business…Old Fashion & Boring, Right?

‐ September 28, 2015

In the digital age, are printed promotional materials a waste of time and money? Well, that really depends on your customers.

Let me ask you this, when was the last time you FULLY read product information that was emailed to you? How much do you read the info on a business’s website? If you are like most people, you more than likely just skim the information that is emailed or on the website.

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How many times have you emailed a customer some information and they do not receive it, or have received it and have not reviewed it. Worse yet, the next time you talk to them they misplaced it or accidentally deleted it on their computer and you have to resend the email?

Relying solely on online or digital promotional materials will slow your sales cycle down to a snail’s pace. Nothing is more frustrating for a sales person than prospects who procrastinate and the digital age is ideal for procrastinators. The fact is, people are easily distracted when they are on the computer, and getting your prospect to receive, stop and read the emailed promotional materials is a challenge.

This is why handing a prospect a printed brochure is more important today than ever before. When a prospect receives your printed brochure or booklet, it is physically in their hands and stays in their home or on their desk. A professionally designed and printed brochure helps you to answer questions and handle objections, walking the prospect through the sales cycle to a close.

For most executives and managers, time is the biggest challenge to creating an effective brochure for their business.

When you think of changing or updating your company’s brochures, do you instantly think about the hours that it will take to pull it together? Struggling to get the look you want? How to get the right photos? Who am I going to get to design it? I don’t have time myself

Well it does not have to be a struggle and creating a printed brochure for your business should not take a lot of your time. The easiest answer is that you should hire someone to help you! Don’t try to do graphic design yourself. Seriously, having good quality, professionally designed and printed marketing materials are vital to help you close more sales.

There are different kinds of brochures that are appropriate for specific scenarios. The types can be broken down into leave behinds, point of sale, direct mail, prospect response and sales support.

Your business should not have a one size fits all brochure. I know that is the easy way out, but it is not effective. You want your brochure to be effective. To make pulling together your business brochure easier for you, try to narrow your brochure’s focus to just one category. You should use multiple brochures to promote different aspects of your company’s services.

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There are different printing techniques to help make your business’s brochure stand out and grab attention:

  • Hot foil stamping for a high-class unique look.
  • Custom die cut brochures.
  • Custom folds to give your brochure a unique look.
  • Spot UV coating to make certain elements in your brochure stand out.
  • Metallic inks to make your brochure look classy.
  • Embossing to add a polished touch that grabs attention of customers.

If you have a tighter budget and still want a brochure that piques the interest, you still have many options to create a unique brochure. For example, brochure cuts & angles that are more unique without being classified as a die cut. My favorite example of this is the Angled Stair Step Cut, which is where the brochure is cut diagonally across the top creating a stair step look wherein each panel is a little smaller that the previous. This unexpected look is more modern and stylish, while being very cost effective.

Also the type of paper you use can make a big difference. Often and thicker stock with a silk finish will push your brochure design over the top.

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