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    Printed Business Brochures & Booklets Can Really Rock Your Company’s Sales

    ‐ August 25, 2020

    Seems the whole world feels that using electronic promotional materials is the way to go. Are they right? Are digital marketing business brochures and booklets really the way to go?

    If you want to build your business, digital marketing will not do that by its self. Why?

    business brochures

    What is the Biggest Drawback of Digital Marketing Materials?

    The biggest drawback of digital marketing is it is not real. You cannot touch it, hold it, or recall it later. After it is off the screen, it is gone and replaced by another digital message, often your competition.

    The fact is people are inundated with digital marketing and online ads of Google & Social Media, and overwhelmed with spam emails and digital business brochures that sit flagged in their inbox, unread.

    It is too much!! People largely ignore the majority of digital marketing they are exposed to.

    Old school printed marketing materials, such as business brochures, booklets, catalogs, and flyers can be held, touched, and experienced by the reader. Printed brochures and booklets cut through the clutter and put your business in front of your prospective customer with no competition or spam filters.

    direct mail factsheet


    The Effectiveness of Direct Mail vs Other Forms of Marketing!

      Booklets allow you to showcase several products or services and are very beneficial for small businesses.

      Business brochures and flyers allow you to sell specific products and services.

      Where Do You Start When Designing Business Brochures?

      Should you do it yourself and use one of those online design templates? Or hire a graphic designer?

      The benefit of online templates is that they appear easy. The problem with online design templates is they are impossibly generic and terribly bland.

      The purpose of your printed business brochure or booklets is to communicate the benefits of your product or service to the reader to a point where the reader wants to buy something from you. The money you spend hiring a professional graphic designer will be well worth it because your brochure will be unique and will communicate to the reader.

      For there to be a communication to the reader you need to know how to combine the message with the design elements to first capture interest, then to build desire and then to bring it home with a call to action. There are specific tools of the trade a professional graphics designer has that will accomplish this. The online design templates do not offer this know-how.

      Growing your business involves communicating with prospective customers in ways that reach them regularly and often. Also reaching them in ways that will be remembered and responded to.

      Using printed marketing materials combined with digital marketing materials will take your business to the next level. You should use both digital and real printed marketing materials but err in the direction of giving your prospects something real, can be touched, held, and is remembered.

      10 common mistakes in brochures ebook


      10 Common Mistakes and Pitfalls Made On Brochures!

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