Tabbed Presentation File Folders – Replace Expensive Pocket Folders

‐ April 28, 2014

Saving ConceptI know that the practical side of you likes to save money. While the entrepreneur in you wants a little flash accented with professionalism, we have developed a product that will appeal to both sides of you. This product will help generate sales, build your corporate identity and give you a professional presentation of your products and services while being easy on your pocket book.

Any business that has a sales force, sells business-to-business, sells a product or service that is a larger ticket item or a product that has a potential of a repeat sale, probably uses a pocket folder to put sales materials in. Let me ask you this – if you use pocket folders in your business, would you like to know how to save 30 to 70 percent of the cost of printing them?

The new product we developed is called Tabbed Presentation File Folders.

Traditionally, pocket folders were used to keep sales materials together. They look great, have pockets to put stuff but can be expensive, especially if you want a full color folder. You would also need to order quantities from 500 to 1000 to keep the cost per folder down. A full color folder could cost over $1.30 per depending on the quantity you order. As useful as pocket folders are there are a couple of problems with them:

  • One, they will not fit in a standard file drawer, which means your customer will take your materials and put the contents in a file folder and throw your $1.30 pocket folder away. Boom, your pretty pocket folder is done, in the trash and with it your money.
  • Two, the cost of a pocket folder (especially full color) makes them impractical to print in quantities smaller than 1000 or 1500. The solution is a Tabbed Presentation File Folder. These folders are printed in full color on both sides. They have a tab where your company name and phone number is.
  • Three, these folders cost 30-70 percent less than a traditional pocket folder, saving you a lot of money.

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We can print Tabbed Presentation File Folders in quantities as low as 100 giving you more flexibility. This makes it affordable and possible to create different folders for different divisions or product lines.

Your sales or service materials, flyers and proposals fit neatly inside.

The folders come with die cut business card slits.

Tabbed Presentation File Folders fit in a standard file drawer. Stop wasting your marketing dollars.

They look very professional and will separate you from your competition.

Tabbed Presentation File Folders are versatile and have a longer shelf life with your customer than a pocket folder. This makes them more economical.

In today’s competitive marketplace it is about presentation and perception. Anything you use must make your company look more professional. Everything must work together to generate more sales.

When you have sales people who are making sales calls on clients, it can get expensive if they use a pocket folder for every sales call. You need something that serves the same purpose that they can pass out like tissue paper. Tabbed file folders serve that purpose. Professional and inexpensive, you can pass out in mass to customers and prospects.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to talk you out of using pocket folders, we print tens of thousands of them a year. Part of what we do at Wilson Printing is to make suggestions of how you can save money on your printing. Tabbed Presentation File Folders will save you money and make your company look good.

Uses of Tabbed Presentation File Folders:

  • They make great service folders.
  • Customers can keep all information about the product you sold them in a folder for easy reference.
  • You can cross promote other products and services.
  • Tabbed Presentation File Folders are an effective sales tool. Designed as part brochure – part presentation tool, your sales people can walk customers through the buying process.

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