Welcome Kit for Business

‐ November 17, 2017

Welcome pack or welcome kit for business are a big interest these days. There are many misconceptions as to what a welcome kit is or is not. Some try to make it a big event and often go overboard with the concept of a welcome kit. Most of the time, you do not need to get carried away to create the effect of repeat business.

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A welcome kit for business is basically a larger and more impressive form of a Thank You note. You are thanking your customers, new and old, for doing business with you.

The welcome kit can be as simple as a letter and business card or as complicated as folder with flyers, brochures and novelty items, like pens.

Below are some ideas for your welcome kit:

1) Folder with slicks. You have a pocket folder with insert slicks informing the customer of other services and products you offer. You can also include warranty forms.

2) Fold over envelope. This is a smaller version of the folder. TheĀ envelope contains tiered insert sheets. There is also a place to include a business card magnet.

3) Box of goodies welcome kit. There are several services where you can send new customers a box of cookies. This makes for a good impression. You can also create a box of your own including novelty items.

4) Simple letter or Thank You note. Sometimes you may just not want to over complicate it. Thank You notes have been around for hundreds of years. A handwritten note with a personal message will do more than your competition probably has done. *Tip: include a small insert card with coupon to encourage repeat business.

Some things to always include in your welcome kits:

  1. Referral card
  2. Google review card
  3. Coupons toward future purchases


A welcome kit for business are important and will go a long way to ensure repeat business for you. The most important thing I can share with you is to not over complicate it. Make it fun. Make it simple.

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