What Is The Best Way To Reach New Patients For My Dental Practice?

‐ July 27, 2015

What is a fast, easy and effective way to affordably grow your dental practice?

The growth and expansion of your dental practice depends to no small degree on creating a steady stream of new patient traffic into your dental practice.

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If you have too few new patients coming in the front door, you will experience steep down turns in your patient visits along with your cash flow. It is in your power to stop slow periods in your cash flow and put your dental practice on a steep upward trajectory. You can stabilize your dental practice’s income and create a constant, manageable and steady growth in your practice. This can only happen if you have a plan to do so!

The facts are:

  1. Located within a five-mile radius of your practice are thousands of potential new patients.
  2. Direct mail offers an effective means to reach the most qualified new patients living and working around your practice, directly with little waste.
  3. The USPS delivers dependably and reliably mail to these potential new patients everyday and people DO get their mail regularly.
  4. There are no spam filters or delete keys on a mailbox, making direct mail your most reliable way to reach qualified new patients.
  5. Direct mail offers easy tracking.
  6. There is a high return on your investment compared to your cash outlay.

When it comes to direct mail for your dental practice you can go it alone, buy some postcards and send it out and see what happens, OR you can work with a company who works with dental offices across the United States, like Wilson Printing USA, and put together an effective new patient campaign. You are a dentist and are an expert in helping people keep their teeth in great condition. Your practice manager is an expert in running the day-to-day operation of your practice so you have time to treat patients. More than likely, neither you nor your practice managers are experts in marketing. So it would make sense to hire a company to handle the marketing for your dental practice.

Our automated New Patient Direct Mail Program is custom to your practice and is turnkey so you can do what you do best—treat patients.

Would you like to get your practice off the cash flow roller coaster?

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