New Patient Welcome Kit for Dental Practices

New patients are the life and blood of a modern dental practice. With lots of new patients coming in the door, your dental practice grows and flourishes. How you indoctrinate and orientate a new patient when they first visit will determine to a large degree your patient retention.

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New Patient Welcome Kit

One very important tool for creating a good impression of your dental practice is a New Patient Welcome Kits. Patient Welcome Kits serve a very important purpose in modern dentistry. They help you to create a good first impression, make new patients feel wanted and like they are part of a family or a community rather than just a customer.

New Patient Welcome Kits are a great way to make your practice come across as personal yet professional.

The purpose of your New Patient Welcome Kit is to inform patients about your practice, but also to endear them to it. A good New Patient Welcome Kit walks the balance between being useful without being too dry, while also making sure the new patient goes away with a good image of your practice.

To help you out, here are a few of the things you need to bear in mind when designing welcome packs for your dental practice:

Starting Point: How Do You Want To Come Across?

How do you want to present your practice? Do you want to create a feeling of fun? Professional? Casual? Business-like? The contents of your welcome kit can go a long way towards improving the image patients have of your practice if you do it right. A good graphic designer can help you build your New Patient Welcome Kit so it will come across how you want.

What Information Do You Want To Include?

  1. Include all of the information they need to be treated at your practice with no issues. There are a few things you will need to include:
    • Your opening times.
    • Your contact information is a must; your patients need to know how and when they can make an appointment.
    • Financing options.
    • Payment terms.

Welcome Kit Sample

Beyond the above, the contents of your welcome packs are up to you. Some idea starters are:

  • You might find that you want to give your patients a bit of background information on your practice, or describe its ethos and values. If you feel that a certain piece of information would be interesting to your patients then include it.
  • Use a lot of photos of staff helping patients. Nothing helps build a feeling of warmth than a good photo.
  • Patient testimonials. Use liberally in your New Patient Welcome Kit. Try to use the words of your existing patients to create a feeling of community. Photos of patients with the testimonials will go a long way. If possible show before and after photos.
  • A New Patient Welcome Kit is an ideal way to promote specialties and profit centers of your practice. If your practice is an expert in specific procedure or has special equipment you do not want to go overboard with technical detail. If you do, your patient’s eyes will gloss over and they will lose interest, FAST. A good way to break up technical information is by using a patient testimonial. Let your patients tell how you can help them.
  • Present practice specialties in a problem and solution format. Present a problem and demonstrate how your practice provides a solution to that problem.

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How To Make It Attractive

A New Patient Welcome Kit is an important part of your dental practice’s branding and as such it should tie in with and support every other part of your practice.

A New Patient Welcome Kit should contain a multi-page brochure, Care to Share Referral Cards, assorted novelty items like note pads, tooth brush, stickers, etc. It is up to you as to what to include. You can invest as little or as much as you feel you need to. The important part is the brochure you need it to sell your practice.

You might want to make your welcome kits brightly colored, or keep them subtle. Wilson Printing USA can help you create a custom New Patient Welcome Kit for your practice.

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