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‐ November 17, 2017

Booklet printing and brochure printing is a vitally important tool for growing a small business.

Many small business owners have a feeling that they should have better marketing materials, booklets and brochures. The biggest stop I have found for most businesses is getting started! What do I make my brochure or booklet about? What would I put into it?

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These questions in the face of running your business day-to-day can be more than enough to slow the progress on getting a brochure made for your business.

What Is The Purpose Of The Booklet Or Brochure?

Purpose is a very important starting point. Do you want your brochure to educate, add value to your pricing or present on overview of your services and make you look professional?

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    Brochure Topic?

    The next step is the brochure topic. The following are a list of booklet or brochure topics to help you get started:

    The How-To Brochure:  This could be an instructional piece for a customer who bought your product or the uses of the product. The “use of the product” booklet is a great tool to help you close a prospect on your product or service. It also adds value.

    The Buyers Guide Brochure:  This is a good tool to help guide your prospect through the decision-making process. Include a list of what to watch out for to help you beat low balling competitors. Or it can simply guide them through the choices they have.

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    The Product Brochure: A product brochure is, by design, narrowly focused on a specific product or service you sell. It is designed to help convince your prospect to buy from you and also help you to validate your quality, price and service.

    The Gift Guide Brochure:  This is an especially good tool for retail businesses. You give your prospects ideas for the holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, Valentines and other special events. People are always looking for easy solutions and giving them ideas can be a big boost for your sales.

    Booklet And Brochure Do’s & Don’ts

    1) Your brand’s logo should be somewhere on every page of your booklet.

    2) Balance written copy with graphics. A booklet or brochure that has too much written word usually does not get read. Including lots of photos helps balance and makes for a brochure or booklet that gets read.

    3) Do not load your brochure up with industry jargon and words that your reader might not understand. I have seen many brochures and booklets that are loaded up with industry specific jargon, assuming that the reader “will know what that means”. Big mistake. You should always err on the side of simplicity. Using big words or industry jargon doesn’t make you sound important; it loses your reader in a fog of misunderstanding. If you are going to include jargon, define what is it somewhere in the text. Most readers when they come to a word they don’t understand yawn and discard the brochure.

    4) Use headlines and subsections that are bold and use a benefit of the product or service. Headlines, by design, catch attention. Take it to the next level by making your headline include a benefit, not a feature.

    5) Include coupons. Including a coupon is a way to build urgency and value. A coupon page will create more sales for you.

    6) Include testimonials. You can use testimonials to help overcome prospect objections, to validate you and your service and help justify your pricing. If you keep up with your Google reviews, you can pull reviews from there and use it in your brochure.

    7) Don’t forget the call-to-action. Tell them what you want them to do, like “Order Now”. Tell them how to respond: phone number, web page, email or in a booklet response card. Make sure the phone number is on every page. I wish I had a quarter for every brochure or booklet I have seen where you have to hunt for a phone number in order to actually place an order. Make it easy for your prospects.

    8) Resist the urge to design yourself; a) You do not have the time, b) you don’t have the design tools and b) I am sorry to tell you that if you were a good graphic artist you would be doing that for a living. The money you spend on hiring a graphic designer will be well spent. My company even offers discount design prices if you are buying the printing from us.

    9) And finally get your brochure or booklet professionally printed: We can print your booklets and brochures in quantities from 50 to 50,000 for a very reasonable price. The finished booklet or brochure is a reflection of your business; so do not skimp on design or printing. Your goal is to sell more of your services.

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