Go Stuff It To Increase Your Sales – Coupon Marketing

‐ December 30, 2013

Are you looking for a very low-cost, yet highly effective way to generate sales and promote your company?


Try including statement stuffers and coupons in with your billing statements.

A statement stuffer can be a coupon or special offer for another product or service. By using a stuffer you are putting directly in their hands a “reason” for the customer to do more business with you. This easy to apply marketing concept will generate thousands of dollars in sales for your business as well as increasing customer loyalty.

The idea is simple, you want to get your existing customers buying more from you. Many businesses miss this opportunity to increase their sales. They spend thousands of dollars promoting, get a new customer and then don’t do anything to get more business.

Example, have you ever bought anything from Home Shopping Network or Amazon? If you did you see the amount of effort these businesses use to get a repeat purchase from you. The package you receive from them is stuffed with coupons and flyers for other products they offer.

You save money using statement stuffers because they can be conveniently slipped into an existing mailing, such as monthly invoices, and do not require additional postage or the hassle of a separate mailing. Because statement stuffers are small they are inexpensive to produce in full four-color printing. Your statements do get opened by your customers so you have somewhat of a captured audience. The return rate tends to be higher than with regular direct mail.

Statement stuffers are a very popular and effective way to market products and services, promote upcoming events, introduce new personnel and offer exclusive coupons and savings. To easily track offers, design them as a coupon that must be turned in to redeem the discount.

Want to ensure your important message gets opened? Another idea is to customize the envelope for your statements. The back of the envelope can provide a great opportunity to communicate with your customers. For example, promote a new or updated website by printing the web address in large letters on the back of the envelope. It always helps to put a special of some sort along with the web address to give them a reason to go to your web site.

The money invested in printing statement stuffers and the message on the back of the envelope is quickly returned. Almost any business that sends out invoices or statements can benefit from this inexpensive form of guerilla marketing.

Wilson Printing can help create statement stuffers, coupons and envelopes that will get noticed and increase your sales!

Mark Hale


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