Butts In Chairs: The Purpose Of Dental Practice Advertising

‐ July 7, 2016

Smiling dentist leaning against dentists chair in dental clinicWhy would you want to advertise your dental practice? The answer is to put butts in your dental chair – period. With all the high tech mumbo jumbo advertising today, it is easy to get caught up in things that will cost you a lot of money and not put butts in your dental chair.

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Advertising a dental practice is the same as any other business. You identify who your best prospect is. You list out the services they would buy. You list out the benefits of the services they buy. You come up with an offer that the prospect (your ideal patient) will find compelling and then you pull it all together and put a targeted message in their hands.

There are four basic marketing tools you need to expand your dental practice:

  1. An attractive website that captures the spirit of your practice and its location and phone number.
  2. A targeted and consistently done new patient direct mail program for a dental practice.
  3. A care to share patient referral program. Your existing patients are a good source of new patients. You can turn each new lead from that comes in from your direct mailer and website into 3 or 4 other new patients from referrals.
  4. A newsletter that is mailed to your existing patients at least once per quarter. Staying in front of your existing patients helps with patient retention.

The above is easily understandable. Easy to do. Easy to keep on track. Once you have the four basic marketing tools in, your time and attention can be on treating patients.

Where dental marketing gets complicated is when you start running pay per click ads. If you want to throw marketing money down a black hole, start buying Google ads and not know what you are doing or worse hire someone you think knows what they are doing, but really does not have a clue either. Internet marketing is okay if you have the know-how, time and money to do it, but should not be the only thing you do. Usually a well-designed website is the extent of what you need on the web.

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Any form of marketing that does not put butts in your dental practice should be avoided. Direct mail marketing for dental practice is affordable, trackable and has a proven track record of putting butts in seats.

Do you want to create a steady flow of new patients into your practice, the above four things will achieve that for a relatively low cost per new patient.

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