How Every Door Direct Mail Changed The Way Direct Marketers Market

‐ September 28, 2015

What is Every Door Direct Mail?

If you want more customers for your business it’s time to go old school marketing, but with a twist. Sure, you have many ways you can advertise your business today. The Internet is obviously one way you can advertise, but as for effectiveness, direct mail is the best because you put your message directly into the hands of a prospect.

The United States Postal Service has made it incredibly easy to reach every mailbox without having to buy a mailing list or address every single piece. The service is called Every Door Direct Mail (or EDDM for short).

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The Every Door Direct Mail process is as basic as it can get

  1. Have your EDDM postcards, brochures or booklets designed and printed following the USPS size guidelines. We can send you the EDDM Size Specs – just click here.
  2. Bundle your EDDM pieces per postal regulations.
  3. Deliver the EDDM paperwork, bundles and postage check to the post office of the town where the mailing is to be delivered in.

What is the postage rate for EDDM?

The postage rate for EDDM will average between .15 – .21 cents per piece. This postage rate makes it affordable for many service businesses to market to entire neighborhoods or zipcodes. Using the tool on the USPS website you simply enter the address or zip code you would like to target. A map will pop up showing you how many routes there are in that area and how many homes are in each route and what the postage cost will be to mail to that route.

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Create An Offline – Online Connection

Today everyone has a smartphone and every smartphone has the ability to scan a QR code. By including a QR code on your EDDM postcard you provide the recipient a way to go directly to your website or a landing page on your website.

The QR code leads to a mobile-friendly website where potential customers can view a gallery of pictures, videos or to download a coupon. Adding a QR code to your EDDM piece will improve responses.

Do I need to buy a mailing list for an Every Door Direct Mail campaign?

No list is needed for this program. You are mailing to carrier routes in a particular areas. This program saves you money and allows you to market to more people effectively.

Every Door Direct Mail gives you a way to reach customers and put an offer in their hands for pennies. You can mail postcards, booklets and large brochures with EDDM. If you would like some samples or ideas for EDDM mailers for you business, send us an email. We would be happy to send you some ideas.

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