QR Codes For Direct Mail

‐ December 27, 2013

A QR code is short for Quick Response code and is a matrix barcode. It’s similar to the retail barcodes printed on everything you buy these days that tells the cash register what to charge, only different.


The difference is that it is “read” with a smartphone (you do have one don’t you?). Actually, you take a picture through a smartphone app (application program) that processes it, fires up your web browser and takes you to the website encoded in the QR code (yeah, I know it can do other things but this is the biggest use).

How can I Use a QR Code to make my direct mail more effective?

The QR code is not the only type of code but it’s the most popular. You may have also heard of Microsoft Tags, which are a similar but essentially a competing product. Everything that relates to QR Codes also relates to Microsoft Tags. The base QR Code was created by a Toyota subsidiary in 1994 to help them track inventory.

So how would you use it?

  • A QR Code is an easy way to direct customers to your web site, or to a YouTube video.
  • Have your business cards designed with a QR Code and your customers only need to scan the code to load your contact information into their smart phone.
  • QR Codes are also a good tool to help you get more results from your direct mail program.
  • Put it on a flyer and direct people back to your web site.
  • Use it to gather contact information of interested prospects.
  • A QR Code on a real estate brochure could take a reader directly to a 360-degree video tour of that specific house on the web.
  • A QR Code on a piece of equipment could take the reader to the equipment’s parts manual, which could be downloaded in PDF format.
  • A QR Code on a restaurant ad could take the reader to a detailed menu and perhaps allow them to make reservations.
  • A QR Code could give a pop-up map with directions to your business.

So, the function of a QR Code is to conveniently direct users to more detailed and complete information.

We have the software to generate the QR Codes and can design your direct mail piece or other materials with a custom QR Code.

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