How to Get Past Attila the Hun’s Sister Sitting At The Front Desk of Your Best Prospect.

‐ June 23, 2015

A good gatekeeper is vital for most businesses to keep unwanted salespeople off the lines of the decision makers of a business. There is a bit of a game between salespeople and gatekeepers. A salesperson job is to get to the decision maker. The gatekeepers job is to run defense for the company allowing only necessary traffic to get through.

The best gatekeepers have the attitude that is two parts direct descendants of Attila the Hun and one part NFL defensive line. They inspire fear in intruders and confidence for the company quarterback, your decision maker. They can be brutally direct and allow no BS to pass by them. Yet, you as a salesperson have to get through to the decision maker some how, so game on!

Cold call kits are one of the simplest tools you can use to warm even the coldest of heart gatekeepers. Basically, a cold call kit is two notepads, shrink-wrapped together with your business card and a pen. Walk in the front door with your business card and brochure and be sent packing or you can hand the gatekeeper a cold call pack and instantly win her over or at least get the name of the decision maker and the best time to call him.

The custom-printed notepads in the cold call kits provide a branding opportunity for your business on every page, and they are also a very useful giveaway item that will be used again and again.

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Notepads are available in an endless variety of shapes and sizes. Here are a few examples of customized notepads your customers will love:

  • Consider adding a sticky backing to your notepad to increase convenience and your giveaway’s sticking power.
  • Create a useful notepad for shopping, to-do lists, or grocery lists.
  • Choose a die-cut shape for added impact, ranging from simple rounded edges to distinctive shapes that relate to your business. For example, a dentist office could distribute notepads in the shape of a tooth.
  • Phone notepads cause your company name to end up in front of every person in the company.
  • Full-sized or legal memo notepads are a useful tool to distribute in business meetings, conferences, and seminars. Consider adding distinctive details, such as 3-hole drilling, for easy organization.
  • For an extra marketing touch and lasting impact, consider distributing notepads with a matching-logo pen or customized note dispenser.
  • Add a professional photo of yourself to your notepad. This will not only add a personalized touch, but will also help people put a face with your name and remember who you are.
  • Cold call kits can also be used as a new customer welcome kit. Give them to new customers.

Cold call kits are inexpensive and will help your sales team make a good impression. When making a sales call, do not go in the door unprepared—go in armed and ready with a custom design cold call pack.

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