How to Save Money on Catalog Printing

‐ January 18, 2016

Save Money on Your Catalog Booklets

Catalogs and their first cousins, booklets, are an important tool for many businesses selling multiple product lines. There are usually two stumbling blocks for getting a catalog for a business printed:

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  • Time. It takes a considerable amount of time to pull together content for a catalog.
  • Money. Printing cost can be considerable depending on the quantity you buy.

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    The following is a short list of things that will help you save time and money pulling together your catalog or booklet.

    1. Define who the catalog or booklet is targeted to. This will save you a lot of time in design and money to creating an effective catalog. You may want to have a couple different catalogs based on the markets you are trying to reach. Printing fewer pages and smaller print runs will save you money and make your catalog more appealing to the reader.
    2. Write a brief outline on what you want to promote. This will act as a sort of action plan and will help you keep focused. This will also save you hours of time in designing your catalog or booklet.
    3. Take photos of the products. This step, depending on what you are promoting to, may make sense to hire a professional photographer. Your photos will look sharper and work better for the overall printed piece. You may have an eye for it, in which case you can take your own photos.
    4. Hire a graphic designer or work with a company like Wilson Printing USA that can take your project from design to print, saving you time, money and a headache.
    5. Proof read thoroughly the catalog of booklet before you print it. This will avoid costly errors.

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    A catalog is an invaluable marketing tool for your business. The best designs are often the simplest being that they are easier to read. Even business like Chiropractors, or HVAC companies could use catalogs or booklet to promote and cross sell services. Today with digital full color printing, the prices for printing have come way down and the quality has gone way up. No longer do you need to order thousands of catalogs or booklets to get a great price.

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