How to Increase Response Rate for Direct Mail For Business

‐ February 27, 2017

Direct mail has several advantages over other forms of advertising; the main advantage being it goes directly to the intended recipient. There are no spam filters, prospects don’t have to happen to hear or see it, or you don’t have to buy key words or optimize the mailbox. Direct mail works.

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There are only three reasons why direct mail for small business does not work, briefly they are: 1) bad list, 2) poor offer or design, 3) poor frequency of mailings. Three…that’s it! And all three are in your control. You can purchase a good list. You can do research on your prospects and come up with an offer that they will respond to. You can mail the list at least three times.

The following are simple ideas you can use to increase your open rates and response rates for direct mail:

  1. Make It Bumpy

Nothing gets people more interested in opening a package than lumps and bumps. It builds a mystery… “ what is in this envelope?” The idea is to get the prospect to open it. Mail a sales letter with one of your company pens in the envelope. Or mail a larger envelope and include a grocery list in the envelope. There are a lot of things you can do.

  1. Make a Proposition They Cannot Refuse

Many marketers feel you have to build the interest before you give the prospect an offer he cannot refuse. Why not open with the offer. People today have short attention spans and little patience. Tell them what’s in it for them boldly and early. You will find your returns will improve.

  1. Got Samples – Include Them

This is akin to #1 above, samples make the package lumpy and bumpy but more importantly it puts the product you are selling in the prospects hands.

  1. When Possible, Choose Quality Over Quantity

Special cards die cut with themed shapes. Gate folded note card with a mirror on the inside. Mailing a small bottle with a message in it. Or, mailing a key with a note asking the prospect to come in a try the key to win a prize. These types of mailers are more expensive to do but will produce a higher return.

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  1. Usefulness Adds Life and Response to Mailers

Many businesses buy promotional products by the carload. Stress balls, pens and magnets are the most common items. You can have your logo put on almost anything. If the item you send can be useful to the prospect, your item will hang around along with your logo.

  1. Use Variable Data to Tailor Content to Your Prospect

Variable data printing allows you to send your message to each and every consumer. Each postcard is tailored to each prospect. Variable data will cost a little more to do, but the returns are a lot higher because of the personalization.

  1. The More Personalized You Make It, The Better Your Response

Handwritten content adds a personalization to the mailer. Combine a handwritten message with variable data and watch your returns zoom. Handwritten works well for postcards, sales letters and note card mailers.

  1. Stamp it Baby

You want to use mass mail and take advantage of bulk postage rates, but want your mailer to not look like bulk mail – stamp it. A stamp makes your mailer stand out as personal not bulk mail.

All of the above ideas will work, but will only work in conjunction with your message, offer and the quality of the mailing list you use. We can help you develop your message.

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