Kudos For You

‐ November 12, 2013

Great Job ImageWhen is the last time you received recognition for a job well done?

Considering that a little recognition can go a long ways, it’s surprising that people don’t give it out more often.

Here are five popular excuses for not giving recognition:

  1. I don’t know how. You don’t need formal training to recognize a job well done. Just make an honest effort to offer a sincere compliment or show your appreciation.
  2. I don’t have time. How much time does it really take to say, “You did a great job” or “thank you”?
  3. He’s just doing his job. When saved for a special occasion, individuals strive to do better when their effort is acknowledged.
  4. It’s not my responsibility. Recognition is appreciated from any level and doesn’t have to be given from the top-down. Surely you know how disappointing it feels to have your achievements be overlooked or feel taken for granted.
  5. She will quit working hard if she thinks she’s “made it.” Recognition for a job well done does just the opposite. In fact, it is proven to make people work harder and take greater pride in their work.

Here’s the way I see it: Recognition is just as important away from work.

Perhaps your spouse cooked a delicious meal, your child did great on a test, your neighbor planted beautiful flowers in his yard… the list goes on. A little recognition won’t cost you a dime but can have amazing results.

If you are the chief executive of your company, a custom designed “kudos card” can go a long way to raise morale and create loyalty in your business. It only really takes two things; one, for you to observe when your people are doing their best and two, taking the time to jot down a note that you noticed what they did and that you appreciate it.

If you decide to make Kudos a part of your day, we hope you will call us for your custom design.

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