Should I Hire a Copywriter For My Brochure?

‐ March 13, 2015

Should I Hire a Copywriter For My Brochure?Should I Hire a Copywriter For My Brochure?

This is a good question and the answer is one of two; one, expertise and know-how and two, the time.

Copywriting is a different skill set from graphic design. Copywriters use words to create interest and invoke action. A graphic designer takes the words a copywriter writes and arranges them with art and graphic elements so that the materials attracts attentions and is pleasing to the eye.

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You may very well be able to write your own copy and save the expense of hiring a copywriter, but unless you know what you are doing and have the time to do it you would be advised to hire someone to help.

The copywriting always comes before the graphic design. The simplicity of copywriting is being able to look at a product or service and identify the benefits of owning it, and then describing those benefits using a combination of words that make a person want the product or service. The words you use in your brochure are every bit as important as the photos and other graphic elements.

There is such a thing as “word pictures”. The phrases used should create mental images in the mind of the prospect. If the copy you write invokes the imagination, your piece will be very effective.

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    Common errors in copywriting are as follows:

    1. Writing over the head of the reader using nomenclature that the layman cannot easily understand. This is particularly a trap if your industry has buzzwords. Just because you know what if means does not mean the reader will.
    2. Using too many words. If your copy is too long, too detailed, and/or too descriptive your reader will not read it.
    3. Trying to sell too many ideas in one brochure. Often in an effort to save money, business owners will try to include everything they do or sell in one brochure. The end effect is that the brochure is confusing to the reader or has too much data and as a result, the reader loses interest in the brochure.

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