Vital Post Purchase Promotion

‐ January 28, 2014

How many customers did you service last week? How many of these people will be back for more service or will refer a friend to you?


There are some old school tools you can use to boost customer retention and referrals.

Sending out a “thank you” note to everyone you service is a powerful way to further increase sales and a way to do post-purchase promotion. The fact is few businesses send out thank you notes to their customers today and if they do it often is an impersonal email that may or may not find its way through spam filters.

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Here are a few tips on how to offer a successful follow-up with a “thank you” note card that your customers will not only appreciate, but will help your business grow:

  • Offer a coupon or discount as a thank you for making a purchase. A great way to entice repeat business is with a free shipping voucher.
  • Send a free sample or a free voucher for something your customer may be interested in. They will be more likely to purchase again if they have a pleasant experience buying from your business.
  • Send a personalized, handwritten thank you with a surprise gift for large purchases and ask how the customer is enjoying their new XYZ.
  • Consider providing exclusive discounts on items that complement the original purchase (such as 20 percent off a wireless printer to complement a new laptop purchase).
  • Create a referral program and generously reward customers who do the selling for you. Word of mouth recommendations about personal experiences can be far more powerful than traditional advertising!
  • Create urgency by including an expiration date. Give customers ample breathing time to recover from their initial purchase if it was a considerable amount invested in your product or service.
  • Encourage customers to fill out a survey about their experience and offer an exclusive discount or promotion upon survey completion.
  • A handwritten card will have a greater impact than an email thank you. People still like getting mail in the mailbox.

If you’d like help creating an attention grabbing postcard, a self-mailer with tear away coupons or other creative ways to stay in touch with your customers, give us a call. We are here to help.

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