How To Save Money on Professionally Designed & Printed Booklets for Your Business

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Why would you need or want a professionally designed and printed booklet for your business? One the biggest missed marketing opportunities by most businesses are booklets. For one, the price for printing booklets for a business has come way, way down. There was a time when one needed to buy several thousand copies of a booklet to get the price per booklet down. Now, with our full color digital presses it is very affordable to get 50, 500 or 1000+ booklets printed.

Many people look at booklets for a business as simply just for selling products, yet in service industries there is a huge opportunity to use a booklet. Still, why would  you need a booklet for your small business?

Well, one of the biggest reasons is in the way your customers make buying decisions. When considering to buy or use a product or service, consumers will tend to compare your business to something that is already familiar to them.

  • How is it similar to something already known to them?
  • How is it different to something already known to them?

The similarities and differences your prospects and customers compare you to are almost always your competition’s products and services. There are few marketing materials that allow you to fully demonstrate and position your products and services better than a brochure or booklet. A professionally designed and printed booklet gives you a tool to control and direct the natural thinking process of your customers.

To create an effective booklet you have to interest, educate, and sell, but you should do so with a marketing point of view. It is very similar to a pyramid with three separate, but equally important sides. If too much emphasis is put on the sell side, the booklet will be quickly scanned and trashed. If you put too much emphasis on interest it will be a nice piece that does not sell anything. And the same with too much emphasis on the educate side, the piece will be boring and not sell anything. So it is a balance act.

Creating an Effective Booklet

The secret to creating an effective booklet is giving your customers something valuable in exchange for their time. You want the reader to find your professionally printed booklet to be relevant, interesting, informative and most importantly, useful to them.

If you’re not sure where to start and what to write about, browse the following booklet topic ideas for inspiration:

The How-To Booklet

Booklets that detail how to do something are popular with many customers, no matter what industry you’re in. How-to booklets are a great way to position your company as the experts in a field and above or better than a competitive product or service.

Look at what knowledge gaps exist for your customers. For example and automotive repair shop distributes a booklet titled, “20 Simple Ways To Keep Your Car Running For 200,000+ Miles.”

A veterinary might create a booklet titled “How To Train Your Dog In One Hour.”

The Avoid Pain – Why You Should Booklet

Studies have shown that people will do more to avoid pain than to gain pleasure. The “why you should” booklet does not stop at telling your prospects how to do something, but why they should do it in the first place.Insurance Recruiting Booklet Brochure Sample

For example a heating & air conditioning company might want to distribute a booklet titled “Why You Should Get Regular A/C Tune-Ups.” It would highlight the cost of breakdown and replacement and how seasonal tune-ups will keep your A/C unit running for years. To really drive the point home you would include horror stories of customers who did not sign up for regular maintenance and how their A/C unit failed on a 100-degree day, and cost them $1800 to fix. This could have been avoided with regular maintenance and why you should invest $100 now for a maintenance contract.

Secrets You Should Know Booklet

This type of booklet is a great way to position yourself against competitors. It especially is useful in industries that have a lot of competition, some of whom are unsavory characters. The construction and building trades would use this type of booklet to highlight traps, costs, and quality degrades unethical competitors use, and how to spot and avoid them. This is also a great tool for explaining why your service cost more than your competition and could help you sell your quality and workmanship.

The I-Made-The-Right-Decision Booklet

This type of booklet is the second part of the avoid pain and gain pleasure formula above. You show how owning or having your product or service creates pleasure for the buyer. This booklet is an extremely valuable tool to validate the customer’s buying decision. Include as many customer success stories as you can. Ideally you would present a common objection or fear in buying your type product or service then explain using customer testimonials what they found and how buying your product or service was the right decision.

This type of booklet is extremely effective with big-ticket items or with products with a long contract period that has a potential for buyers remorse.

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The Problem-and-Solution Booklet

You present a problem your customers are trying to solve, demonstrate how you solved the problem and validate the decision they customer is about to make. The demonstration is easily done by using customer success stories explaining the problem, customer considerations and how they solved the problem by using your company. This type of booklet can be very effective.

It could be as simple as why mold grows in basements and what you can do to get rid of it. You promote your product or service and explain how your customers can use it to solve their problems.

The Tips-To-Improve-Your-Life Booklet

This type of booklet can be used to position you as the authority in your industry and is a great tool. A HVAC company would create a booklet titled, “7 Ways To Save $1000 a Year On Your Energy Bill,” or a chiropractor can create a booklet titled, “3 Tips To Avoid Back Pain.” This is a type of booklet that is a 2nd cousin to the problem-and solution-booklet.Slide05


I think you can see that there are many types of booklets that you can utilize for your company. Are any of them suited to your industry? Do you really need a booklet? To answer that question look at what problems you are having in your sales cycle. Are you experiencing:

  • Creditability issues.
  • Quality concerns.
  • Price issues.
  • Competitive issues.

If you are having any of the above problems, a booklet can certainly help you. Wilson Printing’s designers can help you create the perfect booklet to help you close more business. If you would like some examples of booklets click here and we will send you samples along with a $100 coupon you can use toward graphic design.

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Why Your Business Needs a Printed Booklet Brochure or a Printed Catalog

Printed booklet brochures and printed catalogs have always been a good way to market goods and services. When the internet came along in the mid 1990s businesses large and small thought they could save printing and mailing costs by publishing their booklet brochures and catalogs online as part of their website. Great idea, right!

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Why Your Business Needs a Booklet Brochure

What most businesses found is that the web brochures and catalogs may have seemed like a good idea—consumers ended up using them as an ordering mechanism. The only way an online brochure or catalog can generate new business is if you spend thousands of dollars on SEO to keep your website at the top of the searches. With all your competition on the web, that is more difficult than it sounds.

As technology progressed, along came full color digital printing and with that you no longer need to tie up thousands of dollars printing large quantities of brochures, booklet and catalogs. Digital full color printing makes on demand printing and short run printing of brochures, booklet brochures and catalogs extremely affordable.

Not only are printed full color booklet brochures or catalog are effective, but also they are a proven way to sell products and services and it is now very affordable to do so.

Full color printed booklet brochures or printed catalogs will drive traffic sales. The reason for this is that they cut through all the marketing clutter and put your company in the hands of your prospects or customers. Think about it, there are no spam filters in your customer’s mailbox and they will 100% of the time see your material. Plus, in the mailbox there are no popup ads from your competition.

Here are a Few Types of Brochure Booklets & Catalogs

Full Color Brochure. A brochure is usually one large flat sheet that is folded in half making 4 pages for copy. A brochure can also be a trifold. Printed in full color in quantities ranging from 100 to 50,000 brochures. They are a very effective promotional tool for any business.

Printed Booklet Brochure. A booklet brochure is multiple pages and can go as many as 80 pages per booklet. It is similar to a catalog except a catalog usually has more and different products. A printed booklet brochure is usually narrow in focus to a particular product category. Booklet brochures are used to market services where as a catalog usually promotes products. Printed booklet brochures are effective handouts for home shows and trade shows. Booklet brochures are also one of the most versatile commercially printed materials available to you. You have more space and pages to work with, so you can put as much content as you want without worrying too much about crowding the pages.

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Printed Catalogs. There is nothing more effective for product advertisement than compiling them into a beautiful and easy-to-read printed catalog. Catalog printing offers your customers a more convenient way to learn about your products and services. You can display customer’s choices and cross promote other products and services. Printed catalogs are also a good tool for your sales team, giving them something to educate the client and help guide the client through their purchase. With digital full color printing you can print lower quantities of your catalogs at a very reasonable price.

Printed Training Manuals. I am slipping this one in, but it is a cousin to booklets and catalogs. Training your people is an easier affair when you have a manual at hand. And when it comes to printing training manuals, you need something with enough space to handle all of the crucial information without being bulky at the same time. Booklets are the cheapest and most effective alternative for training manuals. We can produce to order from 1 to 1,000 quickly and very affordably. No more ugly copies stuffed into plastic sheet protectors. Bring your training manuals up to the new century by having our designers professionally layout and design your training manual as a booklet brochure.

So to sum it up as to why your business needs booklet and catalogs:

  1. Booklet printing establishes expertise and trust.

You can engage your target customer with relevant and target information. Design you booklets to solve Optometry/Ophthalmology Brochure Sampleproblems for your customers and you will become a resource for them. When customers trust your advice, they’ll want to buy from you. When you hand a customer a nice printed brochure, booklet or catalog it represents an investment and communicates that you are an established and reputable company. Anyone can put up a website, but it does not mean they are established, reputable and that they will be in business six months from now.

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10 Common Mistakes and Pitfalls Made On Brochures!

    1. Connect with your customers.

    Because printed booklet brochures and catalogs are intrusive, your customers are seeing just you and not 20 of your competitors. This takes some of the confusion out of your customer’s buying decision.

    1. Add value and motivate more sales

    At the end of the day, it’s about selling your products and services. When you put a well-designed brochure or catalog in the hands of your prospect and customers you will sell more. The Internet and marketing on the Internet are good, but to really drive sales and increase your market you should put information about what you sell and do in as many hands as possible. Nothing to date has proven to replace printed promotional materials. Printed booklets and catalogs can be everything that you need them to be. Partnering with a full service marketing and commercial printing company like Wilson Printing USA can save you time, money and headaches in creating and printing brochures and catalogs for your small business.

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