12 Days of Christmas Marketing Ideas for Your Business

12 Days of Christmas

The holidays are here and with it brings opportunities for you to attract more sales for your business. Maximize your profits this holiday season with the following 12 Days of Christmas Marketing Tips & Ideas:


  1. Make your plan and start now. Repetition does sell—plan to promote early and often. Send out emails, direct mailers, or holiday cards announcing your sales and specials.
  2. Create time-limited offers to encourage your customers to buy now.
  3. Use the “12 Days of Christmas” theme and offer increasing price specials and incentives.
  4. Business-to-business marketing follows the same rules as retail sales during the holidays; you need to give prospects a reason to buy now! We had a heating & air company generate $300,000 in sales simply by sending out 3500 holiday cards with a special insert card.
  5. In store support. Use posters and flyers to support your marketing campaign, especially in targeted high-traffic and shopping areas of your business.
  6. Use direct mail and postcard marketing to target customers and be sure to use QR codes to direct them to your website to download coupons. Introduce add-ons and buy now incentives to give customers’ a reason to buy now and not shop around.
  7. Encourage repeat sales by offering customer punch loyalty cards or referral cards for discounts.
  8. Host a holiday season kick-off event to bring customers in. such as a tree-lighting ceremony with hot chocolate and a visit from Santa, and make sure customers leave with your holiday catalog.
  9. Take full advantage of email, social media and your website to promote your upcoming deals.
  10. If you have a catalog, it is a good idea to print and mail out pre-catalog release postcards with a special offer. Send this out several weeks before you launch your main catalog. The idea is to tease and promote the release of your upcoming catalog.
  11. Statement stuffers with holiday specials. If you send out invoices or statements, this is a golden opportunity to cross promote other services and products.
  12. Keep your business top of mind every day of the New Year. Give 2014 calendars away before your competitors do, so you can ensure you’re the brand customers see day in and day out. We have several styles of calendars to choose from. Make sure to print special daily, weekly or monthly offers on your calendars to encourage direct sales

This time of the year presents a unique time for promotion. Sure there are a lot more distraction, but the important thing to remember is people are in a buying frame of mind. Whether you have a retail store, sell services or are business-to-business you can use the holidays to sell more.

Mark Hale © 2014

Direct Mail With a Very High Open Rate


What type of direct mail gets a 99.9% open rate? Christmas and holiday cards do.  The fact is that 99.9% of Holiday cards get opened and looked at. These cards present a tremendous opportunity for you to influence your business’s sales, especially with the twist to it that I am proposing to you.

How? What I am proposing that you look at is this.  Including a 3 x 5 promotional insert card with a special offer that is inserted inside of the Holiday Card. I can hear some of you. You are saying to yourself, ” Mark, that is a totally tacky idea. You are just trying to hock direct mail to me again.” Well you might be right! One thing is for sure, the idea is out-of-the-box of traditional thinking. (And direct mail still offers the best bang for your advertising buck.) Besides it fits, can you think of a more tacky time of the year than right after Thanksgiving to December 31st ? Besides, if the insert card is designed properly with taste, it won’t be tacky and it will drive sales to your business. This idea puts an incentive in your client or prospects hands that gives them a reason to do business with you. It is kind of like killing two birds with one stone. You get the public relations benefit of sending out a holiday card and a sales bump by including a promotional offer.

Click Here To See Holiday Card Samples

Christmas and holiday cards are the perfect form of marketing because they get noticed, they do get opened and they hang  around for several weeks (usually stuck to a door frame). Most companies do not take full advantage of the marketing opportunity that sending Christmas and holiday cards presents. They only send cards to existing customers but forget that sending out the cards does present an opportunity to create new customers too. This promotion is inexpensive to do and now is the time to do it. You should plan on mailing your card around the 2nd week of November so that it gets there right after Thanksgiving, just in time to affect your December (and January) sales. The fact is for most businesses, the holiday season brings the biggest sales opportunity of the year to increase sales and the biggest opportunity as a catapult for kicking off January’s sales.

If you are thinking things have been too slow to send out Christmas and holiday cards and you are going to cut back to save money, I urge you to re-look at that consideration because it will put you in a box that is very hard to get out of. The box is called “the waiting to see what happens” box. This attitude of “waiting to see” will kill any chance your business has to grow and will eventually kill your business. Why, because when you wait you are not doing anything that will help handle your situation. You make your own destiny and can create your own success. In this economy you cannot afford to take a wait and see attitude about your sales.

We have several stock designs you can use or we can design something totally custom and personalized for you. I would be happy to brain storm some ideas for statement stuffers you can use with your Christmas and holiday card.

If we can help you, please give me a call.

Mark Hale



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