Final Check List for Having a Successful Home Show Booth

Checklist For Trade ShowsNow it is the day of the home show, are you ready? The following is a final checklist for your home show booth:

1. Neatness counts. Make sure your display is organized and tidy; customers will be turned off by messiness or by having to do too much searching to find what they want. Have all your prices clearly marked.

2) Have a stock of promotion items that you can use as giveaways at your booth. Small items that people can take away and use (while being reminded about your business) are best. Wilson Printing has catalogs with thousands of give away trinkets everything from coffee mugs, pens and note pads to even golf balls, you name it we can get it printed with your logo on it. Be sure you place these items in a location where people will have to walk into or through your trade show display to get them.

3) A prize draw or contest is a great way to collect contact information from booth visitors. You can give away promotion items to encourage people to participate.

4) Plenty of full color product brochures, pamphlets and booklets to hand out. Custom designed sales materials are better than factory supplied materials because you want to brand your company not necessarily the manufacture. Wilson Printing USA can design professional brochures and pamphlets for your business that will help you sell more products and services.

Need Help with Your Trade Show Brochure?

5) Make it easy for booth visitors to get information. Use signs in your trade show display to give information about prices, minimum orders, shipping costs, or any other basic information they might need to know in order to save them the trouble of having to wait to ask when you’re not busy with another potential customer. Wilson Printing USA can help you with any size banners and signs you will need for your booth.

6) Be ready to do business. Be sure you have a good supply of order forms, pens, credit card slips, or anything else you need to conduct sales and keep track of people’s orders.

7) Have your trade show booth manned at all times. Work out the schedule and make sure all employees have a copy. Someone has to be there to greet browsers, engage them in conversation, and take their questions. If you can’t be there every minute the trade show is open, you’ll need to have at least one other person help man your booth.

8) Follow up promptly. Who is responsible for following up with leads from the show? Put all leads from show on an excel spreadsheet so they are in one place. The faster you follow up, the more your business will stand out from the rest and the more business you will get. Wilson printing USA can help you with turn key, follow up direct mail pieces. Some trade shows will give you a list of attendees. If you can get the list, then get it. Sending a follow up mailer is extremely effective.

9) Incentivize your employees. Often they will be on their feet all day, sometimes working overtime. What incentive will motive them? Is it a bonus, time off, a night on the town? It is important to tie the incentive to a specific sales or production target. The idea is to make it fun and reward them for their production at the show.

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