10 Rules to Increase Direct Mail Marketing Results and Sales

‐ October 24, 2013

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Would you like to generate more response and sales for your business?

Below are 10 rules you can use to boost the response of your direct mail and other advertising. The first thing you have to remember is the purpose of Direct Mail Marketing. The best use of direct mail is to generate leads.
The second thing to consider is how the media is consumed by the end user. Any direct mail piece is generally opened over the trash can. You have about two seconds to grab the reader’s attention before your postcard goes into the trash. This is not a good thing or a bad thing it’s just the way it is. The nice thing about direct mail is that the prospect has your piece in their hands. With other mediums the prospect may never see or hear your message.

The following is a list of things to keep in mind when you are working with one of our designers on your direct mail piece. This will help you give the designer the information needed to create an effective postcard:

  • A clear, bold headline
    This is the most important part of the postcard or direct mail piece. It should grab the attention of the reader instantly. The best headlines are ones that convey a benefit to the reader. On a letter mailer, on the envelope or front of the postcard there should be one central message. The best way to achieve that is with a bold, clear headline that’s not cluttered up with other text. A good headline should take up at least 15 percent of the front of the mailer.
  •  A graphic that supports the message
    The photo or graphic should support and reinforce the message the headline is trying to convey. For instance, if you are trying to get people to list their home you would want to show a home with a SOLD sign clearly visible on the front. That graphic reinforces the message more than a simple picture of a home.
  •  Color that pops
    Make the headline and other text stand out by using a color that stands out from the background color. When you look at the card, ask yourself, “What do I see first?” If your answer isn’t the headline, you might want to tweak the colors.

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  •  Subheads that lead into text
    The rule of thumb here is to be brief. In today’s over worked society your prospects will seldom read long passages of text. They want to know what is in it for them (the benefit). And, they want to be able to see “what’s in it for them” without a lot of work. Remember, you want to give them enough information to entice them to call you for more information, but not so much that they make a value judgment or get a headache trying to figure out what it is you are selling.
  • Benefits, sell
    One of the biggest errors people make in advertising is stating features rather than benefits. For example, never assume recipients know what benefit can be derived from a lower interest rate on their mortgage. Let them know how their monthly payments will go down. How much money they will be saving.
  • The offer
    An offer is always a good idea and should represent a specific reason to call now, such as “limited supply” or “interest rates are climbing” or a special price point or other urgent reason to call now.
  • Your company name and logo
    Although this needs to be on the mailer, it shouldn’t overshadow the offer. Customers care most about what you can do for them.
  • Call to action
    Tell prospects exactly what you want them to do. “Call today for more information” or “See us online at” are two of the most common desired actions.
  • Contact information
    Provide your name, phone number, and Web address directly following the call to action. Whatever you ask prospects to do, give them the means to do it easily.
  • Return address

A return address ensures you’ll get returned mail from the post office and sends a message that you’re an established professional. People feel better knowing the company they’re dealing with has an actual location.

This is by no means a complete list. There are design points along with the above data that will boost your responses. Remember, when it comes to marketing, there is no magic medium that you can use where people will beat your doors down.

The war of marketing is fought on the battlefield of consistency, employing several different weapons. Direct mail is one of the marketing weapons that has with stood the test of time. When used properly and consistently it will generate a lot of business for you.

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