ABC’s of Increasing Your Sales

‐ August 5, 2014

Wooden Abc BlocksWhether you are a retail automotive store selling your wares to the general public, a real estate agent, pest control company or selling business to business there is a basic technology to increasing sales during a recession.

The following are the basics for increasing sales.


Decide you are going to do something about your sales. I guarantee that your sales will not increase if you sit back and wait for the “economy” to turn around. You really only have two options:

One, you can sit back and wait or two, you can get going and do something to improve your situation. The facts of life in a recession are: those who promote themselves grow and prosper. Those who take a wait-and-see attitude go out of business (die). No matter how slow things may seem, there are always people buying what you sell, always! If they do not know about you they will buy from your competition. It starts with the decision that you are going to do something and then doing it.


The basics of good marketing are: listen to what your customers need and want, provide that service or product better and faster than the competition, then let people know what you are doing by promotion. Notice I did not say sell it cheaper. The cheaper game is not one most businesses can win because no matter how low you go on price, there will always be someone who is lower. Quality of product, speed of service and quality of service are more important than the lowest price for most people. There is an old adage that says ” the sting of poor quality last long after the joy of low price has faded.” Offer a product or service that is needed and wanted for a fair price and promote regularly and as often as you can.


The secret to increasing sales is marketing and promotion. The fuel that makes your marketing pay off is consistency. Staying in front of your prospects and customers regularly will pay off. The reason this is true is that the first time a prospect was exposed to your advertising they did not even notice it. The second time, they were not in the market to buy yet and did not pay attention to your ad. The third time they were exposed to your ad, they saw it for the first time. The prospect started thinking “someday this might be a good idea to buy”. By the fifth time the prospect is exposed to your message, he is in the market and is shopping and calls you. You now have a shot to earn his business. You have created awareness about your business and built credibility with that prospect. People buy from companies they are familiar with. Being consistent and regular with your marketing is the only way to build familiarity and credibility with a prospect before they buy.

If you need any help please feel free to give me a call. We offer several solutions that are inexpensive and effective.

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